Burn the Witches Thread

Utter futility. Glad I'm on vacation tomorrow cause I will be able to forget this mess.

Feel free to place insightful comments or incoherent rage here.

Why do the cats struggle year after year to have a winning record? There’s only 9 teams for f*** sakes.

Media and coach relations are through the roof, be positive.

Masoli playing like the old Masoli with 4 turnovers 4 different ways - TO on downs, poorly-executed quick kick, fumble, interception. Is that a CFL record?
Four boneheaded play calls.
Zero sense of urgency for this game - seems to be a common thing coming off bye weeks. You can probably add two more losses because we have tow more bye weeks.
Utter inability to string plays together to maintain a drive.

Matthew Scianitti?Verified account
2m2 minutes ago
June Jones says he will not be contemplating a change at quarterback

Yep. Sounds about right eh tu Brute?

Coming up ......Ottawa, Montreal, Winnipeg and Edmonton. Where do you see a win? Montreal maybe.



Why would Jones contemplate a QB change, he lost the game and only him. Here is a coach who said all week it's not about Masoli's passing record and developed a running game plan that never worked and he continued to use it. He did what he set out to do thwart Masoli's passing record. The quick kick WTH was that? Not throwing the challenge flag on the invisible PI on Toliver. Now add to all this a defense that had a nap at half time and was still asleep when they came out for the second half. All coaching nothing to do with the QB except instill a sense of futility at the plays being called by the coach. I was never a big Masoli fan but I felt for him tonight his own coach threw him under the bus. As for Manziel if we are lucky he never will touch a football in a game for us. What is it with coaches in Hamilton? Jones loses his #1 QB plays stupid quick change QB and wins two games. We need some of that luck.

It was a blatant offensive PI call on Tolliver. Would have been a wasted challenge. Refs got it right.

Thwart Masolis passing record? Seriously? You really think Jones was out to thwart a stupid passing record that nobody other than Masoli stans cared about?

A team should NEVER lose the second game of a back-to-back with another team, especially if the second game is played AT HOME AFTER A BYE WEEK WHICH GIVES THE TEAM MORE THAN ENOUGH TIME TO GAME PLAN.

Less blatant than the push by the Calgary receiver in week one. Why do all the close calls seem to go against the Ticats?


Are you kidding? Beat Montreal? How are we going to do that when Montreal basically dominated Saskatchewan 23 -17 in Saskatchewan. The only thing that made the score close was 11 fourth quarter points by Saskatchewan when the Montreal D was playing bend but don't break. We can't beat Saskatchewan when they play their 2nd and 3rd string quarterbacks against us how are we going to beat Montreal.

How do we do that?

The same way we beat Winnipeg and Edmonton. Or do those not count anymore because we lost to Sask twice?

Yesterday was a horrible game. Offence sucked. ST sucked aside from the return. and don't get me started on the 2nd half defense.

But most importantly, this game falls at June Jones' feet. He called a horrible game. He managed a horrible game. I hope he's smart enough to learn from that. I am not ready to give up the season yet, but the clock is ticking.

There were references in the post-game interviews to sideline confrontations. Can anyone shed some light on what happened? I guess I missed it.

Saw Banks losing it and throw his helmet. Also saw him throw a couple fits when the ball wasn't thrown to him.
Nothing surprising there.

Really? You actually believe that Masoli had nothing to do with this loss? It wasn't June Jones missing wide open receivers or fumbling or throwing interceptions it was Masoli. He didn't execute, he was frazzled. He is not a QB I want leading my team at crunch time because he doesn't get it done. The proof is in the pudding.