Burn the Witches Thread, Volume 9

Kudos to Pat Fleming for the remarkable rouge offence yet again.

The worst I have felt as a Ticat fan for close to 35 years. The worst-coached team -- no adjustments by the coordinators, no clue as to how to correct things week to week.

When the players are sloppy, this house of cards hasn't got a chance to collapse. Pathetic.

The undermanned defence gets a medal of valour, IMHO. The effort has been there even if the methodology in trying to compete from a systems view has been lacking.

The dirt hitting the lid was from a shovel pass.

I think it would be fitting and funny… if EVERY fan in the stands tonight said FUCK this and left… let them finish with an empty stadium… sort of a salute to the way FANS feel right now


Burn baby burn...

I hear there is a movement afoot in the league office to raffle off Hamilton's 2 bye weeks in October: the other 7 teams each want a chance to pad their wins and stats.


The Hamilton Tiger-Cats of 2006...The cure for what ails you. Just ask any team that continually stomps them.

Feeling down? Just slap around the Cats for a game and you'll feel much better in the morning.

Yeah, I think Ottawa's having a better year than Hamilton.

You know, I left the game tonight shortly after half-time. I think this is the first time I had done this in many, many years. I had had enough of this. It was fairly obvious the team wasn't winning, and the game was beyond reach. When that happens, there's no point in sticking it out, yet i have every game for the past 3 years. Tonight, however, I became affirmed of what's wrong with this team. I believe I can highlight the major problems:

  1. Coaching. Terrible, terrible coaching. Terrible playcalling. Terrible Playbook. Terrible everything. Paopao might be the most lamed football mind I have ever seen. The man has no idea how to run an offense. I question whether he has survived this long based off the fact that he has photos, or maybe he has been living off the lore of his playing days. The point is, he isn't very good.

This guy doesnt know how to run the ball. He makes it obvious he's going to run the ball the instant he sends the unit into the I formation. I liked the fact that he used a little play action tonight, but that isnt going to win you too many football games. This offense needs more lead blocking so they can open up the running game and make play action more effective. They also need better run-blocking schemes and they need to use more TE sets, if only for blocking purposes.

Also, they need to stretch the defense more. This swing pass bullshit while safe is so predictable that it hurts. We never try anything deep, and when we do, it's never on the money. I figure this is probably because 90% of the passes Maas throws are to the sideline. Fine, throw to the sideline, but send that ball deep. Jeez.

And on that note, how 'bout some intermediate passes on the outside to take advantage of some of our threats like DJ flick. I think intermediate is where he does his best work, and where he picks up most of his yards.

  1. Quarterbacking. Maas cannot throw the ball. He underthrows, overthrows, misses throws. I don't know if it's injury, coaching, or just mentality. I'm guessing it's a mix of all three. He needs to fix this, or he needs to get the heck out of here.

3.Players not caring. It seems that a lot of the players are giving up on the team. That really bothers me. Everyone just looked like they were going through the motions out there. The only part of the team that played with any soul was the defense. I think Sandy Beveridge is a huge improvement over Shaw, he can actually tackle.

Theyve won more games then then 2003 tiger cats :thup:

i don't get or can even invision how in the hell ranek ran for 1000 yards last season in ottawa with joe