Burn The Witches Thread, Volume 8

Funny thing, in a bit over three quarters, the O-line could only manage 6 first downs for Zach, yet they managed 6 for Jeremiah in less than a quarter. Plus opened up running lanes for CJ. I know Matt Dunnigan dismisses these types of gains as "yards after beat down" or "points after beat down". But don't you think that our golden boy is starting to tarnish a wee bit, and that not all of the problem is with the line? I do, and I am a Zach fan.

When that guy is on my side in all honesty I love him. The media asks the dumbest questions and IMO a football coach should answer the way he does (and some others). Does he come across as arrogant? sometimes absolutely, but his job isn't to be a politician its to be a football coach. (one can argue he isn't doing that well right now either) On the flip side im tired of Drew Edwards and the questions he asks, he's trying to be that know-it-all reporter and he's turning into the new Marty York. He baits Kent into questions knowinghe'lllash out, making him look bad.I 100% feel sorry for Kent and staff because he works his tail off and he's trying to win a Grey Cup for his team and this city. Running him out of town makes no sense. But that's just my way of looking at it.

slomojo2005: When players lose their usefulness, their good days in the past mean nothing. They'll be gone.
The same approach should be used for coaches.
Austin's play-calling, game prep and game management has been questioned many times since he arrived. Now,added to that, the team is just not competitive any longer.
I'd say the chances that Austin can reverse this team's direction are slim to none.
We have some good players ...we all know who they are. But I don't think Austin makes the best use of them. Never has. He seems to think he can show the opposition a new team every week but the opposition knows that the play calling is predictable. They usually have us figured out by the end of the first quarter. But we carry on doing the same things.
If our record was a mixture of wins and losses there might be hope. But 0-8 after a 7-11 season last year speaks for itself. That record says it's time for a major shake-up and some new coaching approaches.
Might as well start now and get a head start on the inevitable.

Wehaven't been able to "Pound it up the middle " for a very long time.

What if Masoli is the Cavillo comparison -- not Collaros? What if Masoli leaves and excels elsewhere?
Heck, he's only started about 10 games in his career and looks like he has a lot more potential than Collaros right now. Give him a chance.

If you trully believe what you are saying, you know not what you say.

How do you know?

I know that Collaros has been terrible and lost 12 straight. That, I know.

Masoli has a better record in the last year and a half. That, I know.

Masoli's celing? That, no one knows.

I consider myself a Zach supporter, but, alas, the team comes first. Why not give Jeremiah a start? How can the outcome be any worse?

If it sparks the team, great, if not, it is just one more loss on the record books. Might give Zach a chance to make some input into play calls, get him re-energized. Right now, he seems to be in a deep pouty funk, and in need of some sort of change in his point of view.

They did that last game, and as Steve Milton pointed out, the result was not much better.
I think now Zach could benefit from some time on the sidelines with June Jones to see things from another perspective, especially with the season pretty much out of reach.

I don't think Zach has been the same since that big hit he took against Stamps. He has taken a lot of big hits over the past few years. With a line even weaker than last year he playing scared and panicked. Until he gets some relief through a run game, decent receivers and better protection can he really be blamed for being worried about getting pounded every week

I think someone should get a hold of Trump and have him start the wall-build at THF but on wheels so O-Line can move it around. That would definitely be worth the big $$$$$.