Burn The Witches Thread, Volume 8

Too many breakdowns. Big fumble return TD against that was a backbreaker. Despite Banks finally showing signs of life in the return game and a spark from Masoli's sub of Collaros, it was more of the same. We're effectively done.

Oski Wee Wee,


I'm still scratching my head over Austin using his only challenge of the game on a stupid two point issue when we are behind late in the game by 13 points.

I didn't have a problem with the challenge, which could have resulted directly in 2 points. Every point counts.

I do have a problem with the fact that we can no longer pound it up the middle for a yard.

The defence held Ottawa to field goals for the first half of the game. Our D gave up way too many first downs on easy slant routes in the second half (where was the man on man coverage?), but all in all, Lolley kept us in this one.

The offence under Collaros stinks. His stupid fumble to Gable, and Banks' TD drop, cost us any chance at winning.

We should use the rest of the season to audition NFL cuts, and rebuild for next year.

I would also try to give Masoli and Golson lots of playing time, as I think Collaros is done in Hamilton. Unless he restructures his contract, expect him to be cut before next year.

Over the bye week, I would try to trade Banks and Chick for high draft picks next year, as they are invisible in Hamilton, and overpaid for what they are contributing.

Participation trophy. Congrats gentlemen.


...Said the fans about Calvillo too and he went on to have a HoF career with our division rivals in La Belle Province! Sure enough if the Ticats coaches-management follow your suggestion, you'll be bemoaning the success of former Ticats on other teams by this time next season and wondering why they *let them walk!

I agree... Collaros is done in Hamilton. So why would we want him, even with a restructured contract? He is horrible, no matter what the compensation. And nobody of sane mind is going to trade a high draft pick for the invisible pair of Banks and Chick either.

I think Collaros will regain his swagger eventually, and when he does, I'd rather he be wearing Black and Gold than Double Blue.

Duplicate thread Russ. Your about a day late.

Bring on Manziel, what do we have to lose now!

Everyone can see it...Collaros & Banks are gone for sure...they cost us that game..talk about a momentum breaker...I hope they are not making more than minimum salary as bad as they are..."JOKE" is the word....goodbye boys!!!

Aha ... but who jumped the gun. ?

I was so excited to be able to afford season seats 10 years ago. What a decade.

I really don't want to use them anymore. My son doesn't want. Right now Labour Day stirs zero interest in me. Sad.

Even under Ronnie when they were 1 & 17 I at least cared. I felt bad for the coach! Austin? No way.

The ONLY way this team is doing well is in advertising endorsements. If one half that effort went into the actual football team we would be unstoppable, I believe.

Austin puts on a persona for the media... do you think New England fans hate Belichick?
If still rather have Austin over anyone else we have employed in the Bob Young era.

Double Blue?
I doubt it. Trestman's offense centres around a quick read, quick release pocket passer (Ray, Calvillo) and Collaros ain't that guy.

Actually Crash, there are a lot of Pats fans that don't like Belichek although they do like the wins.

The point I was making is that this whole team...as a team
.. is unlikeable.

I understand fully the need to max revenues from ancillary sources but the team is not entertaining, is not winning, and its key spokespeople are not likeable. So to the fan like me it 'seems' like they don't care.

Emotional? Sure. But being a fan for most of us is first an emotionally based experience. I don't have the football knowledge that you do so it is harder to be analytical. Sigh....

gasp! you mean even Greg Marshall?? ??

Have you seen our O-line at work? Can't block for running game, can't protect QBs. Pound up the middle???

There is a lot of short sighted negativity in this forum and itz natural after a very poor season thus far. However can't sell the farm and bail!!!! Painful process starting over especially when there are some decent pieces here.