Burn the Witches Thread, Volume 8

In the final analysis, Ottawa made more plays than Hamilton did tonight. The second-half fumbles in particular were killers and completely switched the game's momentum. We also had some costly penalties as well that were totally unnecessary. The zebras did make some stupid calls, but they can't be held to blame for us losing the halftime lead and not making enough plays.

All in all, there was a lot of fight in the club tonight. Now the second season begins...and we all going to need complete team efforts to overcome this situation.

Your thoughts?

Oski Wee Wee,


Silver lining..

No Rod Black

I think the Silver Lining is Masoli!
Now we have a chance,a bit of improvement or a lot actually with handling the ball and Masoli looks like he can do it!
Discipline, shaking my head ,Grant!

Im so footballed out from this game i cant watch BC vs CGY.

Masoli gives us hope. The refs, on the other hand.....well......disgusting again.

I have to agree, after last week’s mistakes and the CFL acknowledging the refs errors, you’d think the refs would be on their best behaviour and only call conclusive penalties.

Agreed - this game felt so long! I did notice that Lulay was starting for BC this week though. Any chance they'll do like Toronto did and start Lulay over Jennings in the playoffs?

Masoli definitely looked much improved from last year. I was one of the few who thought he had potential, but he had a tendency to over-play and try to do too much. I was a little disappointed when he was put on the PR and then both Mathews and Harris got the start ahead of him. He looked more accurate tonight than he did last year, too. Most of his incompletions were throws that, though maybe not always directly on target, could have been caught. The bad hand-offs weren't really his fault, probably due to not enough reps or experience and miscommunication. On the fumble, OL Lewis let Lemon right by him and he got Masoli from behind. I've seen many QBs drop the ball in that situation.

Anyway, despite losing... I feel okay with our chances in the playoffs. Even though I can't help but pick Hamilton to win every game, I knew our chances weren't good for this game starting a 3rd or 4th string QB on the road against a pretty good (and more importantly healthy!) Ottawa team. I think we showed enough today that we can still be a threat post-season.

And... we lost by more than 6, so the bad calls last game wouldn't have mattered anyway, which makes me less upset about them. Although, the reffing wasn't fantastic this game either... looking at you, "OPI" (need to make this challengable next year).

Masoli isn't the answer. He likes to thumble. Think back to last year and you can see why Austin put him on the PR and
not the active list.

stop blaming the officials...we were beat by a better team.... a team that was prepared to play ...they played to win ..we looked like we were playing not to lose...no urgency no meanness..... this team ha lost its focus which was to win the grey cup,,,,, injuries are part of the game to be a good team you overcome them ..... next man up and keep going.... its obvious that without Zac we aren't that good..... How many swing passes to the back coming out of the backfield did we try or screen passes...... our game planning stinks to be frank...... seem its the same thing every week...... 0-4 in last games tell you something?

once again - no pass plays that let the QB get the ball away in 2 - 3 seconds. we take a lot of time then, if we don't get sacked, try a low percentage, long bomb. Ottawa made several plays - pass in a couple of seconds for 8 or 9 yards. we need to do that with our weakened O-line

Sorry gang but I'm not holding on to any hope for next week, this team will not win a Grey Cup without Zach. The D was pretty bad tonight. I don't want this team to lose a 3rd straight Grey Cup. If by some miracle they get there they will be blown out and that's not a good thing

Ottawa is just a flat out better team, especially with our starting QB out.

They are the class of the east, firing on all cylinders with a healthy starting QB, who could easily win the league MOP, and a defense that leads the CFL in sacks by a significant margin..

As has been said many times, it's not how you start your season, but how you finish it.


Pretty much what I expected, perhaps a little better. But we're not going to win anything. Without Zach, were about on the same level as Saskatchewan. On the plus side, I have full confidence that it will be Toronto and not Ottawa that will be representing the East this year...

They're not a better team, they just happen to have a 1st string QB and we're stuck with a fourth string QB. Take out Burris and they have a team probably worse than us...

A gutsy effort.
Very proud of this team.

As long as we can beat the blue team next week, I think the extra game of experience will prepare Masoli for a rematch with Ottawa better than a bye week would. No matter what Mathews' prognosis is, I think Masoli needs to be the guy for the rest of this season. Mathews is a sitting duck against a strong passrush.

Our team played their guts out, taking the lead at the half, But, we needed some breaks to be able beat OTT
which we did not get.
Horrible leadership shown by Bakari along with some drops
The Defense gave up too many plays, and some turnovers as usual killed us
Masoli was a nice surprise, This team won't give up, there will be another rematch in Ottawa.

Agree with you there ED. They also have had a healthy OL ALL season long! How many teams can say that? Certainly not the Ticats or the Stamps and probably a few other teams. In fact Ottawa has probably been the healthiest team in the league this season and that has no doubt contributed to their success. Not sure how well they might have done if they had been saddled with the kind and number of injuries that the Ticats have dealt with. Doubt that they have the depth.

I know Austin was out of challenges, but why didn't TSN show us a replay of the "early whistle" play that might have been a Fantuz touchdown?

Probably because they are all on PED’s, “O” Line with no injuries the whole season, just good luck? ya right.
Come to think of it, you wonder how a QB 40 years old plays so long, hasn’t missed a game in 5 years, more good luck :roll:

Maybe they should be called the PEDBlacks! :wink: