Burn The Witches Thread, Volume 7

Ridiculous. Pass me a marshmallow. That is all.

Oski Wee Wee,


For the love of god can we please fire austin and stop using this "noooo we'll lose the season!" Excuse. The season is gone, this team is absolute pathetic digsutingly crap garbage under Austin

Austin. Head coach, GM and VP of football operations through the 2019 season.

It's gonna be a long ride.

Finally, in the 7th game, he seems to have noticed:
Drew Edwards?Verified account[ltr]@scratchingpost[/ltr]14m14 minutes ago

#Ticats HC Kent Austin on @ZCollaros7 “We need better play out of that position & I think June can help bring that.? #CFL

Austin has ruined a lot of very good players on this team. His horse*&$% offence does not allow players to flourish and take advantage of their talent. Gable was once a very good runner and now can barely make a first down because he never touches the ball. Zach has a arm but has to keep throwing the ball sideways.

No O-line, no protection, the D sucks balls and play way too much zone and way too far back and allow receivers to run to space and catch the ball.

Austin cannot evaluate talent to save his life. But hey we have a fancy steam whistle and all kinds of flash and fluff at the stadium so who cares if we win games. I had some Ticat staff come in to my work yesterday with a bunch of ticket to give to my customers. I said why would they want to go they cant win a game? They said new fans don't care about that as long as they heave a good time at the stadium. Really WTF?

It will cost too much money to get rid of Austin now. So make him an assistant at the Tiger-Cats store at 1 Jarvis St and forget about him until his contract ends. In the meantime hire a new combined GM/VP-Football Operations. And a new HC. Look to the future. We have no future right now.

  1. There is no more TiCat store at 1 Jarvis St. The store has been at THF for the past 3 years now.

Maybe he meant to say that. ?

Wow, judging by the lack of ire on this thread, apathy has clearly set in.

Too funny! They can re-open it and Austin can be the store manager or just sign autographs there like Pete Rose does at the card store in Caesar's Palace until his contract runs out.

That's about the time I was last there. So OK.....make him an assistant at the Tiger-Cats store at THF!

O-line was the problem last night.

D played well enough for the O to win the game. D backfield showed something all game. Leonard is a keeper. Ellis is doing pretty good at LB but got lit up early by Denmark. D line was okay. More pressure/push is needed. They were the beneficiaries of some great coverage sacks.

Zack (when he had time) looked good. The receivers are coming along. There were 2 or 3 nice mid-range completions to Tasker that reminded me of 2015.

But, that o-line. Part of the blame is scheme. They are not fooling anyone. Part is new guys being plugged in week after week. However, the new RT was good. Filer is a keeper; Bomben is probably a keeper as well. All other positions should be reviewed with an eye to replacement.

Every single time one of our passes gets batted down, or intercepted, I say to myself "why can't we have that". Our DBs are 5+ yards away EVERY SINGLE TIME, and that gives plenty of space to catch, turn and make a quick move for extra yards. We had great coverage over the past couple years, a couple ball hawks, and now all we have is guys standing around waiting for a completion before they spring into action. Its embarrassing.

The Winnipeg O seemed to consistently get to the line with about 10 or 11 seconds on the play clock allowing for their guys to pick up their reads or change plays. We seemed to always be getting to the line with about 5 seconds. No time to change or pick up d changes. That's coaching. Every team knows what our weaknesses are and what our plays are. It's t off time every play. Insanity.

And why do we not play more hurry up. Other than a few plays Zach has to sort thru the abacus on his are to figure what the play call is. The QB calling the plays at the line cannot do any worse than who is calling them in now. Do we even know who is calling plays.

Scianitti reported last night that Ptaszek was calling the plays, but Jones will be taking that over starting next week. Zamperin on the 5th quarter speculated that means that Ptaszek is next out of the door.

Again, I have to point out to the... comprehension-challenged... group on this site that Eric Tillman is the team's General Manager. Please stop perpetuating the myth that KA is GM. He is the Vice President - Football Operations and Head Coach. General Manager is no longer in his profile.
Of course, the willfully blind and/or ignorant will ignore this, as it makes FAR too much sense...

I think this is a very salient point. It also impacts what protections don't get called to properly adjust.