Burn The Witches Thread, Volume 7

This was another winnable game that went by the boards for the Cats. Some points:

  • Key turnovers -- the two INTs deep in Ottawa territory were killers.
  • Lack of a running game hurt us again.
  • We gave up too many sacks and pressures against our QBs. Not having a running attack to set the physical tone hurt against their pass rush, which was usually the front four.
  • Costly major fouls did not help.

I have no doubt that the team can make up the six-point deficit in game two, but all these points I've listed need addressed. Mathews needs to make better decisions in the red zone. I hope he is not out for next week because he is our best hope at pivot right now.

Your thoughts?


  1. The turnovers in the End Zone are inexcusable..But,part of the deal with a rookie B,unfortunately...

  2. This is the thing that drives me crazy about the Austin/Condell philosophy..They seem to have no use for the run at all...Gable is back and he ran for just over 20 yards...Incredible in it's blatant stupidity...

3.The O-Line is a MASH unit...

Officiating was brutal. An incomplete pass knocked down ruled a fumble recovered by Ottawa that cost us 3 points (thankfully no more) and I have since heard comments that there were NO infractions by Butler (in particular) and Lawrence on the Stewart pick 6. That's a 10 point swing and Ottawa won by 6.

Credit to the D. I thought they were giving up way too much yardage early on but they hunkered in in spite of spending much time on the field. They kept Ottawa to one FG in the second half and got them off the field on more than one occasion.

oski oui oui wrote:

"I have no doubt that the team can make up the six-point deficit in game two......"

I DO doubt we can win next week. Very much so. This team is getting worse by the week...especially the offence. Mathews ineffectiveness drains this whole team. He was not helped much by the O line either.
Harris needs to start next week. He showed more in the last 30 secs of the game than Mathews did in the whole game. He looks confident, moves quicker and can pass accurately. I'll bet HE can get the ball more often to Tasker, Fantuz and Gable. There were also too many stupid penalties and missed tackles. A heck of a lot of work will be needed this coming week.

totally agree with you Mr CAT

You do realize... Harris had NO wind for his short time on the field right?
Burris was No better than Mathews tonight... in spite of the lovefest from TSN

NEITHER QB were instrumental in this game

OK we can blame McMaster for losing yesterday to Laurier - That's a bad omen for the Ticats who lost the Grey Cup last year the day after Mac lost the Vanier Cup. No Mac playing next week - we should win! :wink: :smiley:

Half: You cannot blame the wind. Or the refs. Mathews had more bad passes than Burris. Also more bad reads than Burris…who had a bad leg. If you think Mathews is the right choice for a crucial game next week against Ottawa … I predict you will be sorely disappointed. Harris needs to start. This team needs a shot in the arm and we have not had it from Mathews.

Jesus christ. What a brutal performance from mathews.

The interceptions were just the tip of the iceberg. Poor decision making. Slow decision making. At least5 times he overthrew wide open receivers. Also threw some short passes into the ground giving receivers no chance. Held onto the ball in the pocket for over 5 seconds before taking a sack. You cant expect the o line to hold the pocket for 10 seconds. He never scrambles to keep plays alive. Telegraphs passes by staring down the receiver. Slow reading the defence.

He is not the guy.

Well before complaining too much about Mathews and his picks, please note that Glann has tossed two picks in the Edmonton game and even "darling" Hank had a pick - which should have given us 7 points if not for the phantom calls!

Could care less what glenn did. Redzone picks mean a lot more too than midfield picks. Thats taking points off the board.

Regardless. Like i said. It was his decision making. Lack of scrambling ability. Holding onto the ball in the pocket for 10 seconds and getting sacked. Overthrowing wide open receivers.

Thats not encouraging.

I really miss having pvr. I desperately want to see those "penalties"

I am surprised that no one has commented on Grant chewing out Matthews on the bench after the second INT. Two of the undressed players had to keep him away from Matthews. On the first INT Grant was wide open in the end zone on the other side when Matthews threw into double coverage, and the second INT would not have occurred if Matthews did not throw the ball into the ground at the feet of an open Grant on the goal line. The O line is showing the affects of missing 4 guards, it is a patch work line and it showed. It will be no different next week because there is no one left to draw from. Matthews is our Tebow, great in college but a flop as a pro.

Lawrence was called for a low hit on the interception return. The rules say no hits below the waist after an interception (after any pass reception, actually). I just watched it, and it looked to me like the hit was above the waist, just below the ribcage. It was close, but I think they got the call wrong.

I still have no idea what the second penalty was for.

They said the other penalty on the INT return was against Gascon-Nadon, but I couldn't see him on any replay they showed. So it's pretty hard for us to say unequivocally that it was a garbage call.

The game log has the penalty against Butler for Unnecessary Roughness. I'll have to watch the play again to see if I can spot it.

In the 4th quarter the wind was swirling so badly that the indicator flags on the goalposts were blowing in opposite directions. I'm not sure the wind was Harris' friend, nor an excuse for Mathews.

Burris played better than Mathews, IMO. Officially,(according to TSN radio) he completed 17 out of 34 passes. No so good, right? However, many of those incompletions were due to his receiving corps dropping well thrown passes. Case in point, dropped passes stopped their TD attempts and they settled for field goals early on. It could have easily been 21-0 against us in the first quarter.

I think others have catalogued Mathews weaknesses above so I won't repeat them. In the post game interview Austin was asked if he would consider Harris as a starter for next game. He answered that he would consider it. Make of that what you will.

Butler nailed a trailing Redblack player from behind. The player had given up trying to catch Stewart, so was no longer "in the play". Good call.

Thanks CFiO.

Sure woulda been nice to score SOME points in the third with the wind!!