Burn The Witches Thread, Volume 7

I am pretty much out of it after having to go to the clinic this morning with a bad chest cold. I started to watch the game midway through the second quarter...only to see the second-half implosion that unfolded. I have some bullet points for folks to consider/amplify upon:

  1. BAD ball security -- key turnovers that allowed the Als back into the game.

  2. Masoli has really played his way off the team, IMHO. If you can't execute a third-down conversion by following your linemen using gravity as your guide, it's really a dealbreaker.

  3. Abandoning the screen game and not using the rush beyond the bare minimum of third-down gambles really sets us up for failure. We have ZERO verticality in the offense, so even if Zach entends the play on a scramble, there isn't a viable way to stop the pass rush.

  4. The last PI that wasn't called was UTTERLY B.S. You cannot have a challenge rule against DPI and NOT call something that blatant. Jake Ireland Syndrome is alive and well.

  5. Not enough pass rush from the Hamilton front seven. We didn't put enough pressure on Crompton in key stretches of the second half.

  6. The Rodgers punt return was a 1970s flashback...not the Ordinary Superstar, but painful to watch nonetheless. Big special team coverage breakdown!

The first half showed a Cat team in control but with a lack of killer instinct. The second half? We played like a 2-7 team. No excuses.

Oski Wee Wee,


A defense in control.

The offense was not good in the red zone, and turnovers were costly.

The second half....pathetically embarrassing. :oops:

This is simply a bad football team from top to bottom...

11 years of this is pretty much evidence of that...

People blame the referees but this team cannot block and blow people off the ball to get yardage it requires in the Red Zone...

It gets very little pressure from it's defensive line to put pressure on the opposing QB...

It cannot get good field position on special teams on kick returns...

It takes far too many stupid penalties...

It's brain trust as essentially eschewed the running game...

It doesn't tackle well and can't execute on Offence consistently...

The front office is simply incapable of proper talent evaluation and has been for over a decade...

The results are not shocking...

The team folded like a cheap tent. :cowboy:

Troll strikes again

Same old song and dance! Why ?

at least we're 1 win ahead of the rEDBLACKS.

Another loss on the coaching staff. Up 24-10 on the road with 8 minutes left in the third quarter. Two hand-offs to Madu the rest of the game. Brutal, but that's been Austin's MO his whole coaching career.

now we are now out of a playoff spot again with the crossover....... :oops:

FYI.. there is NO crossover until then END of the season!!

Just putting that out there!

:lol: :thup: :rockin: :roll: :cowboy:

Thanks captain obvious :thup:

Then why the asinine comment, Captain Less Aubvious?????

This was game that they could have/should have won - if they had kept playing in the second half the way they did in the first. Now all we are going to hear about all week is how great the Als are!!! :x IMO they aren't!

8) Exactly !!!
 Not only outplayed, but out coached completely !!!   This team is a complete train wreck !!    <!-- s:thdn: -->:thdn:<!-- s:thdn: -->

Wow....... at half time I put on my Belton Johnson away game jersey with a though deep in the back of my mind these clowns will find a way to give the game way. And sure as shooting they did as usual. Listed are my pet peeves with this team.

1/ Why is Masoli on this team? Only Austin can answer that and it all equates to talent and evaluation.

2/ There is NO pass rush or any sustained pressure from any of the D Line. Obviously Austin thinks his
current player selection is ok otherwise he would have found someone who can create havoc on most plays.

3/ Tim O'Neil - why is he playing guard? Played like a human turnstile the second half.

4/ There is NO deep pass threat.

5/ A wide out and a slot back are NOT kick returners. Just like kickers are not linebackers.

6/ Killer step on their throat smash mouth football is the only way to play.

7/ This loss is on Austin and his augmentative behaviour and failure to find the talent like other teams
have no problem doing.....game after game........

8/ Roughriders will have a field day with these clowns.

OK,everybody is avoiding the real issue in this game:they had TWO CF-18s, and we only had one on labour Day! So it's not the coaching, the execution, or the officials, its the RCAF!!


And they were Alouettes from 425 squadron in Bagotville! :x

How is this guy a troll?

Teams don't become consistently dreadful like Hamilton is without some serious deficiencies in the front office.

A chat room is pointless if you expect everyone to engage in varying degrees of turd-polishing.

  1. O'Neil was no the only one who played bad, both tackles were horrible also

  2. How can you say their are no deep pass threats, the Cats hardly ever throw deep.