Burn The Witches Thread, Volume 6

Hi folks -- dealing with a leaky ceiling here, so I am teeing this up for now. Burn away!

Oski Wee Wee,


Pretty much the same old/same old.....O-line is horrible. This is the beginning of all the issues on offence...Collaros has not been good this year BUT he has no time to set up an throw...Gable DID run the ball well when given the chance. Impressed with Autmann (I think that's how you spell it?)....On D???...No consistent pressure from the front four. This is exacerbating the issues of an already woeful secondary...Tackling and coverage issues galore...HUGE Time of possession issues!!!!!...I guess, considering all the issues on this team tonight is a huge improvement???...But, we are 0-6 and simply put, not very good...

Same as always. Terrible coaching. Run game works, so lets stop using it.

Defense is just plain terrible.

Austin is lost.

We are a disorganized team on offence and defence. Aultman looks good. Gable did well running the ball a few times but the running game is still not a priority. We are lucky Collaros can throw on the run.
It's difficult to see where June Jones can make an impact. There are just so many areas that are lacking. We play Winnipeg and Ottawa in the next two weeks and then have a bye week. I don't see any wins in sight yet. What a mess.

Austin is completely lost. Why does Edmonton roll their QB out, when they have ALL day to throw, and the Cat insist on trying to throw from the pocket when they cannot protect the QB?

Because our coach is an idiot.

Start planning for next year now, plllllleeeeasssse.

Ten random thoughts on the game:

  1. We did WAYYY better than I expected after last week's debacle. Other than the "All is Lost" crowd, I think a lot of people can take encouragement from that. The team is fighting back. Hey, we covered the spread!

  2. Seems like we may have missed Adrian Tracy out there. The D-line usually gets more of a pass rush than we saw tonight. I wonder if it was worth it just to get Hill in at Safety? I didn't think Stephen had been our problem among the DBs.

  3. Smart use of the single challenge flag by Maas. An early TD had a good chance of knocking the wind out of our sails.

  4. I think our defence was playing a rope-a-dope strategy. By the fourth quarter EDM's offence was so tired from having played all game that they could barely string a few plays together.

  5. This Aultman kid looks good. He looked good in pre-season too. May have another keeper on our hands, along with Saunders, whose TD catch was pretty impressive. Tyms also started playing like many of us expected.

  6. I think Banks played with more fire in his belly than he has all year. May still be able to salvage his season/career. Not just the TD catch, but some decent returns, and even a bit of downfield blocking.

  7. I'm thinking it was Zach's best game of the year so far as well. He showed flashes of the old swagger: some big plays, some scrambling (actually lots of scrambling), largely accurate throws, willingness to run with the ball. Four receivers with catches of 20+ yards. (EDM had one.) Maybe he's working through his issues.

  1. As for the O-line, I can offer the following encouraging words: .... [crickets]
  1. Odell Willis demonstrated how much class he has when he tried to take Collaros out on what should have been the last play of the game (except for the Willis RTP). Really Odell? You're not even playing us again this year, but you just want to see if you can injure Zach yet again, just for the fun of it?

  2. Game thread is tough to get through when it is increasingly dominated by the All-is-Lost'ers. We get it. You hate the coaches, the QB, the O-line, the DBs, the receivers, the RB, the punt returner, the play calling, the owner, the GM, the concessions, the refs. You hate it all. We got it the first 100 times you posted it, and the next 100, etc. Any chance of discussing the game next time instead of the impending doom? (No, I didn't think so.)

Jason Riley is available. Great O-Line coach.

Well said, ExPat.

O line is one of our bigger problems. If we're not going to fix the defence that can't stop anyone, we have to be able to score more points than the other guy, so I say bring him in. Plus, he's an ex-Cat.

  1. Our 2 tackles , Eatmon and Holmes are like pylons out there !!

    Zach is running for his life on almost every play, as guys blow by these 2 jokers :-[ :-[

    Pathetic that we can't find 2 stud, decent Import Tackles ::slight_smile:

An example of a player we had brought back had let go
Brian Simmons ! Oh if he was Canadian he would be here and could really help the TERRIBLE O LINE .

Absolutely right. I spent the entire game screaming at these two!!! Obviously they didn't hear me coaching them up! >:(

ExPat, I hear you and agree with you.

I think the Oline has to improve. Let's keep in mind that the outside of it has new people. It takes experience with each other to meld. When Collaros had time, I thought he threw some great passes and made some impressive plays with his feet, buying himself, and his recievers, time.

Gable looked good out there. I give the same Oline credit for making some holes for him.

Willis has always been a dirty player. He's the one who took out Zach in his first season here. His character hasn't changed a bit since then.

Our front seven HAS to get more pressure to help out our disadvantaged secondary. Reilly, and others are having too much time to find their catchers. Justin Capicciotti went down at one point, and it looked to me like he was having a good outing.

Some will ALWAYS complain. That is why perfection is just not possible. I get it, this is not a trophy season, SO FAR. I have learned over the 40 some seasons watching and cheering for my team, that SOMETIMES it may not be our year.

But, I have patience . Some have called it "defeatist". But these are the same ones who are looking to replace the coach after ONE bad seasons worth of games. However, throwing out after such a short period of difficulty sounds like giving up to me. And yes, impatience.

I support my team through the long haul and NOT just to the next game.

Simple and to the point , maybe instead of burning the witches may I suggest perhaps burning the playbooks instead ??? .............. Both Offensive and Defensive , so does anybody got a match ? :frowning:

Since when does being unhappy with the Coach mean non-support for the team?
One more thing...if you have been a fan for 40 years ( it's been 57 years for me) you should have learned by now when a Coach 's time is up. Looking back three years to find a reason to keep Austin is not persuasive. He has now lost 17 regular season games and won 7 in since September 2016.
The team handed all football responsibilities over to Austin when Scott Mitchell moved over to other management duties for Bob Young. I think in retrospect that was not a good idea. Having different people for the V-P Football Operations job and the HC job provides two separate perspectives on the team's performance. That makes more sense to me.

A coach that knows his stuff would know you need a timeout left in order to make a challenge.

My main beef with the coaching staff is the inability of the defence to stop either the run or the pass. I'm not a Suitor fan by any stretch, but those replays of our DBs playing 15-20 yards off the receivers while Reilly consistently threw 10 yarders was telling.

Three consecutive 80+ yard drives, the huge difference in time of possession, another 100 yard running game, huge difference in number of plays, success rate on third down sneaks (although I think the line judge gets half of those himself), wide open receivers, and on and on. I hated Steinhauer's bend don't break, I can't abide Reinebold's bend, bend and then break.

You fans who deride the O-line, take a hard look at the D-line. Chick and Laurent are on cruise control. What did they have, maybe 3-4 tackles between them? On over 30 rushing attempts?

Our Montreal posters were right, we will rue the day Reinebold was named DC.

It means impatience and panic to me. Nothing good EVER comes from that state of mind.

The time is only about a single season, a criteria that does NOT make a sound decision.

Tiger cats made the playoffs EVERY SINGLE year that Austin has coached this team. I'm only going back to last season. But you read what you will.

You want to get rid of Austin based on that slim slice of time, that's your mind, and once again, you're trying to tell me how to think. With your arguments, not persuasive in the least.

Wally Buono is the general manager, vice president of football operations, alternate governor and the head coach of the BC Lions. You think because of all his titles he's incompetent too??


You have lots of complaints...but NO solutions or answers...

It was once said:

"that if you listen to the fans, you'll find yourself sitting with them"

Wally Buono apparently delegates very well, Kent seemingly does not. I don't question Kent's football knowledge, record, and especially his passion for the game and drive to win. I do wonder about his management style and his ability to delegate and demand performance from others rather than falling into the trap of trying to do too much himself.

We DON’T know how or when Kent Austin delegates.

This is based on assumptions.

The fact that he is bringing in June Jones suggests to me that he is not afraid to recruit help. Especially since Condell walked out on this team at the worst time.