Burn The Witches Thread, Volume 6

An epic game by Erik Harris goes POOF.

Our QB play was inconsistent. We had triple-coverage throwing decisions. We had a lot of coulda-woulda-shoulda going on again. The loss of LeFevour is a big one because, regardless of the record, he has shown he can play in this league.

Defensively, you do not give up second-and-fifteens on a weekly basis and seal deals. Without consistent pressure put on Mitchell, we let him make enough big conversions. It is frustrating to watch.

We need to find our next Montford. EOS.

Oski Wee Wee,


Our defense is poor to say the least!
It has been for a couple of games now
Everyone is going to blame this loss on Masoli,
but this one is on the Defense!

  • As I've said before, Erik Harris needs to be on the field. Start him anywhere.

  • LeFevour grows on me every week. I'm impressed.

  • Can we end the Masoli experiment now? My grandfather has better accuracy.

  • Who takes the ball instead of deferring and taking the wind in the 4th quarter of a windy ball game? Well, I guess the Ticats do.

  • 8 hand-offs? Almost a season high! :roll:

Not only that, Ticats gave up the wind in the 4th quarter, and kicked off to start the 2nd half. How do both of those things happen?

Imbalanced offense...

Poor personnel decisions...

Injured players...

The inability to score...

Hey!..Other than the 2nd half of last year,this is the MO of this team for most of the past decade...

Year 11 of the 5 Year Plan continues...

More of the same when you blow up a team and forgo continuity.

Indicative of too many newcomers, too young, too much inexperience.

The old Ti-Cat recipe. :frowning:

Not a huge fan of OC Condell. Pass protection schemes are poor. Total lack of a run game which is wasting the talents of Gable. Does not call plays that stretch the field. You got guys like Fantuz and Ellingson that can find the open soft spots 15 yards down the field, yet they’re lucky to see a couple of passes per game. Very predictable play calls.

The problem is that Austin and Condell are buds so nothing will change.

Maybe it is time for Austin to relinquish some of his titles, and concentrate 100% on coaching? Isnt he also GM and Director of Playing personnel? Not sayin' this is the answer, but maybe some fresh eyes to take some of the burden off Kent. Can anyone remember a recent successful team where the HC wore so many hats?


The really sad thing for me... I just don't seem to care anymore.

My Dad started taking me to Ti-Cat games in 1972. I was 7 at that time. I have loved and stuck by the Cats ever since then. But I just can't seem to muster up any care, anymore.

why wouldn't we resign henry burris(or low ball him). he got us to the grey cup. if we wanted collaros so bad just wait another year or 2. also he only started like 8 games in his entire cfl career. really betting the house on that??




And a totally frustrating,crazy season rolls along.....UNBELIEVABLE !!!!!! :oops: :thdn:

That's just because you're getting old! :lol:

They did low-ball him...the rumour was $325k, and based on his statements the week of the Ottawa game, he took it as a personal insult.

Henry WAS a great QB and will be a HOF'er...but he makes poor decisions, and we needed to move on...having said that, MAYBE if Austin knew how well Lefevour would be when not just in a running package, he might have thought more about bringing Burris back and then giving Lefevour time with the full offence...but then, you're paying BIG starting QB money (Ottawa Sun says he's making $475k) for a guy that isn't a full-time player...economics of the league say you can't afford to do that.


I understand what you are saying. I have been a fan since 1961 when I was in high school in Hamilton. There have been many lean years for this team since then. I have always been optimistic about the future but I find it more difficult to feel that way these days. Maybe it's because I am a geezer...and maybe it's because this 15 year stretch without a Grey Cup win is grinding me down.
Our Grey Cup appearance last year made me think that we would be a strong team this year. Obviously I was wrong but there are still lots of games left this season. Unfortunately 1 and 6 is a big hole to climb out of even though we are tied with Ottawa. At least the RedBlacks have an excuse this season.
But one thing I have learned is that things can change quickly in sports. I hope that is still true.
In the meantime, we have to limp along without our starting QB and also maybe without Dan Lefevour. I have no confidence in Masoli. I can't believe they kept him and traded Brian Brohm to Winnipeg. He had bounced around a bit but looked to me like he had potential because of his pro experience in the NFL. I don't quibble about trading Burris because he would have been gone after this, or next season.
Maybe the move to the new stadium will coincide with the return of Collaros and a resurgence for the team. But in the meantime the small crowd at Mac for this game and the dismal season record, make it tough to believe we are improving.
There always next season though! :smiley:


I'm throwing a flag on this post.

No hashtags allowed except Twitter and Instagram.

10 yards.

I will not challenge this penalty.


I say, “Challenge!” :slight_smile: (We have the option this year even if the zebras won’t.)

Re: Burn The Witches Because It's Dry Enough, vol. 2

Postby Oskie09 » Sat Jul 05, 2014 11:10 am
So we start the season 0-2... By the time Labour Day rolls around, 1-6.

And people told me I didn't know what I was talking about back then.