Burn The Witches Thread, Volume 5

This was a winnable game despite a raft of turnovers and a general ineffectiveness by the offense, particularly when the Cats had the wind in the third quarter. The defence held up its end of the bargain and big special teams plays (a FG block and the Banks TD return) had the Cats in it until the last minute. Medlock is money in placekicking but he is not a long term answer at punter...and it showed. A tough loss.

Oski Wee Wee,


OK, Mathews pre-season games are over. Time for him to step up and lead this team to the title.

That offensive game plan showed no confidence in Mathews IMO.

I understand that Medlock's contact will expire at the end of this season. He got that 57 yard FG with the wind at his back. But he didn't make it any easier to negotiate a new deal with the team after that last punt. And I'm sure that Maver was relieved to see that his shanked punt (at a very bad time for a shanked punt) would be forgotten. Interestingly, I recall a bad punt by Medlock in Calgary leading to the Stamps defeating us in week one. And that led to the Hugh O'Neill signing. O'Neill's job is safer now. When will he be back, anyway?

I suppose I could bring up Mathews, as it's inevitable that he'll be talked about anyway. I didn't see most of this one, but I understand that Mathews was responsible for only two turnovers this time. He may have struggled with the wind being between 40-60 km/h. But I suppose he made some rookie mistakes, and he'll need to keep improving. Being a starting QB in this league is not an entry-level job.

Jeff Mathews: He's just not ready?

And to think if we had a good QB, we would have won this game....

Still Mathews had significant improvement in the second half over the first, so there is a tiny little glimmer of hope, but we're not winning any Grey Cups with this guy.

You have the ball with 48 seconds left and you run? You need to get in FG range you throw the ball. Bad play call and its on the coach. use your head man and go for the win.

I could look up and re-run my post EDM game comments here -- a lot of sloppy tackling again, turnovers again although they cut it back, I believe, from 5 to 4 this game, and we can add into the mix, this week, about 130 yds. less offence, than the 360 or so vs. EDM. After taking the lead, by 3 points, with less than 7 minutes left, they came up with 3 straight 2-and-outs, the final one with with a loss of down time-count penalty, and then a 10 yd. punt with a No Yards flag on top of it. I could just scream! Again!!

Matthews still showing an inability to read defenses and get the ball out quickly. Too big and slow to be a factor in running the ball and does not take care of the ball. Should have taken a time out rather than losing a down, does not seem familiar with CFL rules. I don't think he has it to be a QB in this league. He had two weeks to get ready for this game.

Lol. Oh he had two weeks, should be enough time :roll:

Matthews should have been yanked.
Too tentative. Looking for Tasker too much.
We need a guy to grab the bull by the horns.
Harris is that kind of QB.
This was a winnable game that was lost because of Matthews in at QB.
Saw nothing to make me think this guy handle pro football.

I take it you agree. Two weeks and the rest of the season.

And you formed this opinion on the 40 or 50 plays he’s been in? You sir/ma’am have a special ability!

I dont remember this many retarded posts in previous losses? Full moon tonight?

The two plays that rubbed me the wrong way were Mathews forfeiting second down due to a time count violation (and his reaction, which suggested that he didn't know that rule existed), as well as Condell calling a very conservative run play on first down, when there was still time left on the clock, we were deep in our own end, the score was tied, Calgary still had a time out, and Medlock would eventually be punting into the wind. These were both bad decisions.

With all of the turnovers, we had no business being in it near the end. Hopefully ball security is a priority going forward.

And, like other fans have commented, I would like to see the offensive playbook opened up to let Mathews air it out more. He was handcuffed by the play calling tonight. Too conservative.

Michael Ford played well. He is a good back.

Not at all.. Smh

And Harris got his first start after spending almost THREE years learning behind Ricky Ray. Mathews has been in the CFL for four MONTHS!!

Right you are Ryan and look at all of the "meaningful" game time reps he got in that two weeks too! :wink: :roll:

Or maybe it was the 50 mph winds.

Not "airing it out" with a strong wind blowing which played havoc with both teams at times ( that interception e.g. was intended for Tasker and there's no way he'd be that far off on a pass to Luke if the wind didn't interfere and make the ball sail significantly left

I swear Tabbie, these posts are giving me nose bleeds. Good luck sir, im going to bed. i cant take anymore lol

Haven't had to put up with too many "negative Nellies" with the way the Ticats have been winning but one close loss against a top team with a first time starter @ QB and almost half the team on the sidelines injured means that all of a sudden the team is terrible. :roll: Yup Mathews was supposed to look like the second coming of Collaros for some reason and they were supposed to throw caution to the "wind" (as if there wasn't enough of it around anyway) and throw the ball all up and down the field. Sheesh!!! Sleep well. Bed sounds like a good idea to me too!

I'm guessing most of the people being critical of Mathews were not at THF tonight. That was the windiest game I've been at in years. Were you there you would have known at times when the wind was REALLY gusting - I would guess upwards of 60-70 km/h at times - throwing it either direction was at times pretty much impossible. Heck at one point when trying to reply to a text message my phone literally got blown right out of my hand landing a couple of feet away - fortunately in a lady's lap so no damage.

Heck the wind was moving the ball so much that the last two punts of the ball game - one by each punter were mishits because of the ball being blown and moved on the drop. I was in line with a few attempted passes by Mitchell and the wind just completely sailed them away from where he was throwing.

I cut Mathews some slack on this one. As for the blown time count violation - that is not only on Mathews. There was clearly confusion and one of the other players or coaches should have called a timeout.