Burn The Witches Thread, Volume 4

I did not watch most of the second half, but I have to say that a winning effort in evidence throughout was flushed down the can in the last drive by a prevent defence that prevented the Cats from winning. Zero and six staring us in the face. Very frustrating!

Oski Wee Wee,


Offence did next to nothing in the second half.

Sick of seeing that stupid zone defence that allows teams to drive the entire field at will.

This team makes me long for some of the crappy teams from the late 70s, ffs. :roll:

More like screw the witches!

Same old Tiger-Cats since I started going to games in 1977 except for a few blips here and there

More like 0 and 16 is staring us in the face.

I agree with you completely with you. I am equally fed up with how this fragile defense folds like a cheap suitcase when the going gets tough.

Since Labour Day 2015 we are 9-20. Enough said.

Big mistake for the Cats not to push for first downs on their last drive to kill the clock. Way too conservative for a team desperate for a win, with key injuries in the Hamilton secondary.

Again, this team battled, and is getting better every week. But a shame a sure win was given away by poor coaching decisions.

I got more than I expected from the Cats tonight, enjoying some improvement and hope, in some areas, and losing by just 3, when 20 or more wouldn't have been a surprise.
Hats off to:
Castillo with 4/4 FGs, longest 46 yds., punting avg. 47.8 yds. and kickoff avg. 70 yds. 2017's most consistently well-performing TiCat.
The D-Line -- Laurent, Coleman, Chick, Cappiciotti
Leonard & Lyn most often following the ball, not just the receiver.
T.Davis for the blocked kick.
Scheuerman, giving us more than Gable has for some time. Too bad they don't get the ball into his hands in more varied ways. Also too bad Primé never gets to touch the ball once in awhile.
Receivers Collins, Saunders & Jones. Also Tasker looking more like his old self.
The top 3 performing receivers in the game were all Eskimos.
This game, we're back to way too many missed tackles (I lost count) and way too many penalties (16 for 138 yds.)
Biggest issue for me:
The Collaros "Over-Under" -- Over throws. Under throws. Over paid. Under performing. QB Efficiency Ratings tonight -- Reilly 129.34 / Collaros 67.94
Very sad to see Lyn carted off. -- A versatile DB who impressed me, playing different positions in his first 2 CFL games. -- Yet another Ti-Cat knee torn-up, without any contact, by the THF turf monster -- despite the yoga and soft practices.

Rushing 3 linemen with under a minute left with Reilly at the helm.

The prevent defence...only prevents winnings.

Shame on Jeff "Sudsy" Reinebold.

In my opinion Masoli should start next game different game plan approach, chance for a W :?
Options ?

Yet, all the armchair quarterbacks have been screaming for the team to run the ball. The howling mobs would have LITERALLY burned down THF if there was an incomplete pass attempt in that situation... :roll:


No , as in NO chance for a "W"period , full stop. Let's face it playing the Stamps in Calgary regardless of who starts at quarterback we have exactly two chances here for a victory.......Slim and none and slim left town a long , long time ago .
The last time the Cats actually won a game in Calgary was way back some thirteen years ago in the 2004 season . For the record our quarterback that day in 2004 was Danny Mac , maybe we can coax him out of retirement and he can start for us in this game ? Now how's that for an option ? :lol: :rockin:

I'm late to the conversations and have not read all the "Burn the Witches" posts, but just a few personal observations:

I believe we are making progress, small and incremental, but positive. Newer guys fitting in, some good plays, but way, way too many bad and stupid choices. Zach still not able to pick spots and throw receivers open for YACs. Too many low, high, behind or batted down. He claims he is physically and mentally fit, so either he doesn't fit the schemes, or he lacks to ability to execute. Sounds like he is struggling with something in his interviews, and looks like it in his play. Not an elite, deserving of top earnings QB by any definition in my books. Needs some sort of QB coach or guru to turn his career around.

Some of the head scratchers for me:

The TD in the second quarter, first and goal from the 4, and Tasker runs a three yard route taking the ball out at the half yard line. Absolutely the stupidest execution that I have seen since high school. He can't seem to find the first down marker (or in this case the goal-line) to save his soul. Decent hands, absolutely nothing whistling through those ear holes? Redeemed himself two plays later with the TD, but come on Luke, you could have fallen to your left and scored the first time. Dumb!

Subsequent drive, defence bottles up Eskies, about their own 50 and Hill comes in to smuck the ball carrier after he was tackled and was starting to stand up! Unnecessary roughness, 15 yards, and Austin leaves him in the game. Eskies go on to score a TD and come back to within 2. Dumber than dumb, definitely using his brain to protect the inside of his helmet.

Last drive of the first half. About half a minute, lots of time to air it out, maybe get a long gainer, DPI, move into scoring range. Nope, two hand-offs to Schuerman, and then with enough time to a least try to get within field goal range, Zach takes a time count violation. Loss of yards and loss of down. Do ya think anyone on this staff or on the field has every heard of the "hurry-up" offence concept? Brutally dumb, ust brutal.

Third quarter, Eskies 2nd and long, 22 yards needed for a first down. Defence sends 3 (not a typo, that's a 3) and drops 9, count em, 9, into coverage. Reilley has so much time that he could order pizza for after the game, could hardly decide which of 3 open receivers to throw to, and makes about 25 yards. If ever you are going to blitz, it has to be 2nd and 22 deep in their end. Stupid, stupid defensive choice.

Final drives both ways. Ti-Cats need to hang onto the ball and get a TD. Instead, get stuffed and have to kick a FG just around 3 minute warning. Eskies need to drive the length of the field to score a TD. Reilley marches them down the field, little pressure, missed tackles, and Colman takes yet another offsides to negate about the only good stop. Eskies score and we heroically snatch yet another loss from the jaws of a win.

Can't disagree with Palmer...

I was at the game and from what I saw Zach did not have the time to even look for his second or third reads. O'line is not blocking well when opponents rush 4 and we have 5 blocking. We just can't do it consistently. I think the Oline has regressed from last year.
I don't understand why we don't have a package of plays for Masoli. Put him in for a few series to see if things progress . Then if need be put Zach back in. It worked in Guelph, it may work again. We have to do something different or we get the same results.

Agree with everything Palmer says...except one thing.

The Hill penalty. After the initial tackle, the receiver popped up very quickly, as if he was going to start running again, perhaps trying to sell the fact that his knee never touched the ground. Hill hit him.

Had he not...and the guy kept running to our endzone...and it went to review??? In this league you just never know and then people would be all over Hill asking why he didn't tackle him.

I'll give Hill a pass on that one.

Agreed, and mentioned it the game thread. And I just watched the play again, and I didn't hear a whistle, and the official start waving the play dear until Hill had made contact with the receiver. He also didn't hit the receiver that hard, just pushed him off his feet.

The whistle blew just as, or a part-second before, Hill hit him. IMO, there wouldn't have been time then for Hill to avoid making the hit, but I thought it was, while not terribly so, definitely an unnecessarily aggressive hit or push in the circumstance.