Burn the Witches Thread, Volume 4

Obviously the loss of Zach Collaros was huge in this defeat. As it was, five turnovers against really was the tale of this loss. The defence played great throughout, but the mistakes on offense really tilted this contest.

If there was ever a need for a bye week, this situation fills it!

Your thoughts?

Oski Wee Wee,


This game is the perfect example why Zach should have been pulled late in those blowout games. Giving the backups some game experience could have saved this game.

Our Injured List is the best team in the CFL.

With the CFLPA limitations on the length of practice/team times, our backup QBs simply cannot get enough repetitions with the starting offence. This should be something that the Owners should push for during the next round of negotiations.

I think Matthews had enough reps to know what colour we wear.

110 yards of sideline and he picked those 5. Some fault to Mathews, and a large dose to Condell and Austin for their play calling. Should have been short over the middle and lots of them. I know this because of the BIG salary I draw (with my crayolas)

My thought is that you must like sloppy tackling, oski. I saw it as the star of our defence, today, being Reilly, who was just awful throwing the ball. Other than the many missed tackles, pretty well everything, that is likely to lead to a los, came together in this one -- injuries to key starters, 5 turnovers, substitute QB's with no CFL game experience, next to no running game, questionable play calling for those sub QB's, equally questionable calls, and missed calls, by the on-field officials, hard to believe calls by the replay officials and, once again, costly penalties. I'm sad for Zach, the team, the fans, and the league over the Collaros injury but that's part of the game. I'm more bothered by all those other things that were also part of today's game.

Actually things started to fall apart when Jake Olsen went down. Jeremy Lewis could not handle the change from RT to LT and it took KA and crew too long to remedy the situation and move him back to RT. At LT he was unable to effectively block anyone and Zack was constantly under pressure from that side.

trying hard not to be upset at our back up QBs i know they are better than this! especially Mathews.

i just need to take some deep breathes till the red clears from my vision :x

This loss is on nobody except the coaches.
They are the ones who refused to play the backup QBs in garbage time.
They are the ones who refused to alter the playbook for "the next man up".
They are the ones who must fix this.
I believe they will, with a big package of weird running plays, like Montreal did to us.

Took my daughter to the game, sat in the rain, watch Zach get hurt...

im blaming the announcer for Zack's injury. he jinxed him by calling out Zacks name at begining of game. he never did that before..

Counting tonight's game in Regina, OTT plays 3 games before HAM plays again and healthy Hank could have his team alone in first place when the Cats, and their back up QBs, get back into action by hosting the CFL best team 13 days from now.

Some random thoughts:

  1. Hard to find much fault with the defence, after Edmonton’s offence earned a grand total of 3 points up until to the final minute. But I sure do miss those days when they could seemingly score TDs at will.

  2. The GM is certainly going to have to have harsh words with the Head Coach about his refusal to give backup QBs any playing time.

  3. All season I’ve been cheering for Eastern teams to beat Western teams because I wanted to see an Eastern cross-over. Now suddenly I want the East to lose to help my team’s playoff positioning.

  4. Just wanted to be the first to say this: imagine Zach coming back just in time for the playoffs, and leading Hamilton past Edmonton and Calgary to become the West’s representative in the Grey Cup!

  5. I went to the game with a friend who’s partial to the NFL. Had to admit that this was one of the crappiest CFL games one is likely to see. Not just because my team lost - mainly because of inept play at QB.

  6. Do league rules prohibit the coaches from spending some quality time with the players (for example … QBs) during the bye week? Not a “practice” - just conversations and such.

  7. Hard to believe some people think Reilly is the best QB in the league. He was absolutely brutal all night. Now if we had a one-bounce rule in the league, he would have played amazing.

8] Bo Levi Mitchell should be worried. Every other starter in the league has now gone down at some point, leaving him as the last man standing. (I’m not counting Burris. He is invulnerable. Hands down the most durable QB, if not the most durable player in the league.)

  1. If the worst case scenario comes true and Collaros is done for the year, can he still win the MOP award? He could use the “Ricky Ray Partial Season Exemption.” Compared to Ray 2013, Collaros 2015 already has about 500 more yards and 4 more TD passes, although Ray’s completion percentage was about 7 points higher. Key difference in Zach’s favour might be that the Argos were actually better when Ray was out of the line-up and their backup was playing - a guy named Collaros.

  2. Why can’t sh-- ever go right for Ticat fans? Just let us have one magic year, like every other team gets. (Well, except Winnipeg.)

As Zach goes, so goes the Ti-cats.


It is looking like the CFL schedule maker may have been psychic the way the east standings are shaping up.

Week 19 - Ottawa at Hamilton
Week 20 - Hamilton at Ottawa

Look, it's relative. The D did not play as well re tackling as in many previous games. What I saw was less a question of bad tacking as it was losing containment re Reilly a lot or standing on the sideline watching the offense giving up two pick-sixes and an end-zone pick for a 21-point swing sinking any hopes for the D. When you hold an opponent to less than 260 yards (and I haven't got the net yards here) AFTER five turnovers, what the hell else can one reasonably expect? I think the defence played pretty well under the circumstances.

I concur with everything else you stated, however. It was a debacle that this team is going to have to overcome.

Oski Wee Wee,


Without sounding negative, when the right tackle Olsen went down that was a swing point, when Lewis replaced Olsen from left tackle to right tackle along with Dyakowski looking like he was on his last legs the O Line was on shaky grounds. The O Line has not provided any run blocking for any of the running backs since Austin and his pass first offence was introduced. The poor weather is coming and pass pass pass is not going to cut it. This season was just turned upside down as a result of Zack's and numerous other players injuries. Let's hope the bye week will provide some type of relief for the walking wounded and more reps for the second string quarterbacks.

very true ?! Why run up the score ?!

With all due respect, a game plan that is tailored to your top QB and which has been developed for his abilities is not going to be so easily adapted on the fly for your inexperienced back ups. I would think that attempts to toss much that hasn't been planned could just cause greater confusion. I'm not going to pin too much of the loss on the coaches who do NOT have psychic powers to know when a player is going to go down in a game with injury. I think they've been doing well to put a competitive team on the field each week. Zach and the offense took a few games to really start "clicking" and I can understand why Austin would keep him in games when maybe he could have been pulled, just to continue to build that rapport with the receivers.

I agree that Austin will "fix this". He and Condell and everyone else involved have lots of time, fortunately, to devise a plan that will suit Mathews skill set and stage of development -something that he can manage. Masoli will pull back on to the active roster off of the PR so maybe Austin will use him for some plays like he did a couple of years ago. There was one game vs Montreal where he played LeFevour AND Masoli as well as Hank and dear old Popp wasn't sure what was coming next :smiley: Austin knows Mathews well from their previous association at Cornell. He knows that he is smart and has a high football IQ to go along with his skills. We may see more of the kind of offense that Zach ran last year as he became accustomed to his role. Guess we'll find out in a couple of weeks.