Burn The Witches Thread, Volume 3

I don't believe they showed that goal post replay at all, even though it was challenged so there was several minutes to do it.

I did, however, get to see lots of footage of other fans in the stadium.

8) Because the control center confirmed that the interference in the end zone took place before the ball was thrown and
  ending up hitting the uprights !!

   Referee Tom Velesie confirmed that with his announcement after the confirmation from the control center !!

    My question is why didn't the referee know that before he had it confirmed by CC  ???

    Credit good old Wally for spotting that and immediately challenging the call , which worked out quite good for him   <!-- s:wink: -->:wink:<!-- s:wink: -->

I noticed that as well and included it in my "post game feedback" to the Club.

Also the lack of replays on the BC plays that were big plays or controversial plays.

Told them I would prefer to see more football replays and a lot less cutesy crowd shots. But that's just me, I also hate the cutesy kid and animal emails :slight_smile: .

Very much the second.
Turns out one of the Commissioner's great skills is his enthusiasm for learning. He was genuinely interested in the "business" of running CFL teams, and how the Ticats went from bankruptcy to where we are today. It was a long story.

That DPI call - and the one on Lyn in the end zone on the Burnham TD catch seemed to me to be really ticky tack. Lyn obviously didn't have the same right to play the ball as the receiver. And there was a similar incident to the one that Buono challenged that took place in BC's end zone where the BC defender seemed to impede the Ticats receiver - might have been Tyms or Tasker - don't remember but the toss was to the left of the goal posts. Ticats took a lot of penalties last week - most of them well earned - but I thought had more disciplined play this week. Didn't seem to matter - flags seemed to be tossed on them for borderline infractions on at least a couple of occasions - not that it likely made a difference to the final outcome of the game of course.

Generally it was nice to see the offense come out and get into some rhythm for a change. Holmes at RT seemed to be HUGE improvement over Swindle in spite of the fact that he was playing in his first CFL game. NFL experience no doubt helped but he also took no offsides. Scheuerman certainly managed to gain some yards on the run. I remember a season maybe three years ago when the team seemed to go into a 3rd Q slump. If they could keep clicking for longer periods of time and avoid that it would make a HUGE difference. For a while I thought they might manage to hang in there with the leos and at least keep the score close but that slump negated any chance of that.

DBs seemed to be covering receivers a bit better early on - not so much as the game progressed. Change in scheme maybe? Certainly I'm disappointed with the loss after a promising start but there seems to be some improvement week to week and I think we're seeing some good future players (Leonard, Lyn, Wooten) who've been tossed into the fray a bit early with little veteran help but are definitely learning valuable lessons on the fly.

It must be nice to be such a pessimist. You're constantly being either proven right or pleasantly surprised.

And nowhere to go but forward and upward. Good thing about a football game is that it is like the bus, there is always another one coming along. It is only when you miss the last one that you are in trouble!

Turn the page on this one, and bring on the Esks.