Burn The Witches Thread, Volume 3

Too much inconsistency on both sides of the ball, bad scheming on defence that allowed the defence to be gashed when the pass rush did not get home, an ill-advised shift away from a successful running attack...I could go on but I will leave it to you to vent as well. It is a very discouraging start to the season. An 0-6 start is guaranteed if current trends continue.

Oski Wee Wee,


I going the glass half-full type of guy here. The played much better, finally got off to a good start and it was Zach's best game of the year. Ultimately it was a very poor third quarter that did us in, but there are signs that it's not completely hopeless...

I agree with you.

We are officialy starting our " 5 Year Plan " :thdn:

Tough to support this regime , Wally schooled us , just like Trestman schooled us a three weeks ago .....we just do not have the talent coaching wise to compete against the other 8 teams .

With Austin running things its hopeless

This team is a mess from top to bottom. This was the Lions BACK-UP Quarterback. Jennings would’ve destroyed them tonight had he been healthy. Lets face it this was a free space on the bingo card in which BC was able to rest the starter and still get a convincing win while Lulay had a career best game. Who doesn’t have one?

Dumpster fire comes to mind!

Austin has to take responsibility for our no win season. There is no way team can compete with what saw tonight.
Fire the coach now and start the rebuilding

Seen enough, time for Kent to go. Eric Tillman maybe can stay

Back-Up QB are ya kidding me??? Lulay is no avg. b/u QB. IMO better than Glenn. Defensive scheme is what's starting to kill us(IS) 1500 yds. against!!!!No need for the if so and so was injured....2-3 players do not make up the entire D. Need an accomplished DC 1st and foremost.......

Every year we start poorly but we see hope but personally I do not see any hope here at all this year. Yes they had there moments but not for lack of trying, this is not a good group of players. They try hard that I can see but they do not have the talent to compete properly, there are a few good players but not enough. There is no excuse to have a team this bad who are obviously not prepared to play professional football. Every year its the same, with the same excuses.Since Condell jumped ship last year things have gone downhill. Something is wrong internally when I believe the heir apparent leaves to go to the US college system this year. He has spent his whole plying career and coaching careeer here in Canada. Collaros is not confident and it shows. Penalties are made by players who cannot keep up and try the wrong way to get by. Personally I am tired of rebuilding when we already had the team a couple of years ago all we had to do was nuture it and we demolished it. No more rebuilding that is why I am glad I let my tickets go this year. Lastly if that is what a sellout crowd looks like then they better find a way to get those people to show up for the games. What they currently have will make that stadium a ghost town very soon on game days.

I'm well aware of who Travis Lulay is and what his abilities are. He hasn't been a regular starter in 3 years and still a back up behind one of the premier QBs in the league who if healthy would've really destroyed this team was my point.

Lulay was great in his personal best game.

Would have loved to have been a fly on the wall during the discussion between the new commish and the caretaker. The caretaker seemed pretty animated about something. The commish appears to be a good listener, or he just couldn't get a word in edgewise. :cowboy:

Kent needs two new assistant coaches no matter what, ASAP. :cowboy:

I thought the turning point was after second interception which gave us an opportunity and we went 2 and out and they came back with a touch down on their next drive. Toak away any chance we had oder hangin with the Lions

I was watching the game on TV and listening to the radio broadcast. When Wally challenged the illegal contact on Simoni in the end zone, Ferguson and Coach Sal were talking about how that would be a dangerous president to set as the receiver ran into the back of Lawrence. Then this morning, I watched that play on my PVR to hear what TSN was saying about it. And the "brilliant" Ford said it was the right call. Is he a total idiot?

On every pass play the TiCats should have at least one Receiver accidentally intentionally run into a defender,so they can challenge illegal contact whenever they feel like it.

Also, if the pass hit the uprights, the ball is uncatchable. So, if the ball is uncatchable, how can a penalty be called? That seems to be a turning point in the game.

Anyone else notice the lack of replays on the screen? Especially the ones where there should have been a flag, or on questionable calls?