Burn The Witches Thread, Volume 3

I guess that arrogant SOB Popp was right after all... the Ticats are beatable. It had to end sometime. So now let's start another long win streak.

Whats with Montreal that makes us lose our composure? It seems every time we play them we always want to fight?

And the refs were a joke. That big scrum, i want to say 3rd quarter, theyre should have been atleast 2 penalty flags flying before they actually threw one.

-injuries hurt us

-two key blown calls by the officials hurt us

-dumb penalties hurt us (too many men? WTF)

-we had no answer for Montreal's special teams coverage

-Collaros played poorly (INT on last series was absolutely brutal), Condell didn't give him enough hot read outlets to avoid the pass rush, and our receivers let Collaros down at times with key drops

-we can't consistently give up 5-7 yards a carry on first downs to an opposing RB

Austin said after the game that the team is tired due to many games/short rest breaks. Kind of surprised hearing this excuse from him, but he may be right.

Its better to lose at THF now than in the post-season.

Speaking of injuries, i was watching O'Neil pratice his punting into the net (his beard hypnotizes me) after his second practice punt he starts limping. Is there any news on Beard O'Neil?

Agree with this. When a streak like that goes on long enough, and the team starts getting a lot of hype thrown their way, it can become a distraction and cause guys to play tight. Let this game mark a distraction-free fresh start.

YES like wtf we get everyone up on 3rd and 1 WAKE UP GUYS everyone on your feet during defense at times we were loud and MTL struggled a time count violation 2 or 3 procedure penalties the crowd could have had more of an impact this was not the crowd we had for our 10 straight wins at THF

Collaros is still quite young and at the beginning of his pro career. Managing a comeback with the "fire" offense at the end of the game is an art, not a science. He's got all the tools and he's right at the top of the league with Harris and BLM...

Cats are now the only team with a losing record in games within the Eastern Conference.
Now it's "Go Esks Go" to set up the perfect scenario for a Labour Day battle for first.

I think the game turned on these two points. While I do not fully agree with your assessment of Zack, I think not having Fantuz and Grant in the line-up was the Achilles heel of the offence. I thought the o-line did a great job of dealing with the als pass rush but in plays where there was one more rusher than blocker or a delayed/Stunt blitz, Zack had no hot read (as you have quite astutely noted.) He had nowhere to just chuck and duck the ball to. Perhaps having the more veteran receivers in the game to read the blitzes and get to the open areas would have helped Zack out and lead to more second and 3, 4 or 5s instead of second and 10s.

On your second point, all game the Cats were in second and longs. The Cats were able to convert on many of them, but in a long game that is not a recipe for success. Conversely, the Als were in second and short all night and made numerous (albeit never easy) conversions to first down. That to me was the general tone of the game and should have lead to an Als easy win. Kudos to the Cats for staying in the game. The als last drive for a FG was the personification of this.

All told, another slobberknocker of a game that the Cats had a chance to win late. The als are not as good as they looked last night. They sure do seem to match up against the Cats well, but take away the long screen pass for a score (the apparent penalty notwithstanding), and the turnover on the muffed punt (the egregious non-call notwithstanding) and the Cats win easy (if you can call a game between two hard hitting physically punishing teams easy.)

You try playing a road game in a hostile environment without your starting QB for most of the game and your no. 2 and 3 QBs on the 6-game, when you have a CFL rookie OC at the controls, and see how good you look. :lol:

It's hilarious to say that if you take away turnovers, the Cats win easy. You can say that about almost any game played in this league. "Take away those good football plays, and we win." Uh, okay. What exactly does that prove? That in a parallel universe where only those two plays don't happen, you would have won the game? Don't break a limb trying to take away credit from the other team, now.

Don't worry I won't. The Als are not a good football team. Full stop. Let's have this discussion at the end of the season and see who is correct.

The Als beat us with, what, their 4th or 5th string quarterback? running a conservative / limited play package. I kept my eye on Giguerre last night and I was impressed with how they used his skills or lack thereof (speed but no moves) to good effect.

Nobody said they were. But does the loss gall you so much that you can't give credit to us for being the better team last night? Nice try with the strawman, though.

Let's have this discussion at the end of the season and see who is correct.
Not interested, because I never argued that Montreal is better than Hamilton. Just interesting to note your sour grapes is all. :D

Exactly. Keep in mind that Crompton and LeFevour, the no. 1 and 2 QBs going into the season, are on the LTIR and are done for the year. Then Cato went down early and didn't return, leaving Tanner Marsh, who missed the first third of the season with a knee injury, to run the offense in a very hostile road environment. That is not easy. In the long run, Hamilton is still the better team, but I think we carried the play last night.

I kept my eye on Giguerre last night and I was impressed with how they used his skills or lack thereof (speed but no moves) to good effect.
IMO they are trying to toughen Giguere up by giving him the ball on sweeps and encouraging him to use his size and strength to push forward, rather than avoiding contact. Hopefully it pays off by improving his receiver game too.

As much as it pains me to say, D&P is right

Last night, the AL's were full value for the win,
They were better on Defense, Offence and Special teams
TiCats were full value for the loss, We had No run Game, too many penalties, gave up 6 sacks and 130 yrds rushing
Time of possession - AL's 35min / CATS 25min
We could not stop them on their last drive when they scored their winning field goal.


Last post to you.

You need to brush up on your understanding of the straw man fallacy and reading comprehension. Also, I think my post was fairly complementary of the als, other than my stating my OPINION that the Als are not as good of a team as they, and you, think they are. I simply took note of two plays that I think the Cats gave to the Als. Ergo, the better team lost. You took this discussion into the absurd by claiming that my way of thinking or observation is "hilarious" to you and somehow unworthy. Typical of your posts.

Here is the story

This game was a perfect recipe for resting on your laurels. Heck even Austin was smiling before the game. Big Ang is retiring, the Als just lost their head coach, we just dominated Edmonton, perfect home record, sold out crowd. All the pieces were there.

The point is what do we take away from this and what does the team take away from this.

As fans, we accept that it was a close game still, and that the better team that day won, not the better team. We'll be back and we are going to be FAR more angry with Toronto coming into our house next week. Week 17 can't come quick enough.

For the team, Lesson learned, you rest on your laurels for a second in this league and if you underestimate your opponent for a second, you're going to get burned. Mistakes happen, we still got your back. True fans of Tigertown support our boys through thick and thin.

again you mean. we already had a very big ( and similar) let down vs Montreal earlier this year and should have learned that lesson already imo!

Not so much then, it was still the start of the season, it was an away game, there wasn't a coaching controversy in Montreal and we were 1-1 at the time.

Marsh has more experience in the league than Cato and I suspect that had he not been on the 6-game when both Crompton and LeFevour went down, he would have been given the starting role. He did a good job managing the game when he had to which certainly helped the Als pull out the win.