Burn The Witches Thread, Volume 3

The THF win streak is over! Penalties, turnovers, and breakdowns...after an amazing streak, this team will need to get back to work to clean things up.

All three phases were outplayed tonight. I expect the effort and focus to be on cue for Labour Day.

OSki Wee Wee,


10 days to heal those injuries that occurred tonight

I knew we had lost when Banks dropped that punt, and then there wasn't a NY call when the YUL gunner, who was 3.5 yards away :o

Oh well, I'm over this one already, time to start an another 10 game win streak at THF :rockin:

Lets go beat the Argos 2 straight times and lock up the east :thup:

This did NOT look like a Kent Austin-coached team tonight. You're right Russ, too many penalties, too many sacks, too many injuries (hopefully minor), too many turnovers, too many breakdowns, etc.

The winning streak had to come to an end some time, it's just too bad that it had to happen on the night the team retired Angelo "King Kong" Mosca's #68.

Who knows, maybe the fact that the team has been on a long run of games on 6-day-weeks has caught up to them; the fatigue and minor aches & pains may be building up, and the extra time off before Labour Day may just what the doctor ordered.

I'll just leave evidence of that right here:

[url=https://twitter.com/Abmhtc/status/637062810225262592/photo/1]https://twitter.com/Abmhtc/status/63706 ... 92/photo/1[/url]

But the best teams can find ways to win despite things like bad calls or non-calls going against them, and this team could not do it tonight.

There were costly turnovers, and injuries to players like Norwood, Daly, Bomben, and H. O'Neill did not help. Maybe there would have been fewer than five sacks on the birthday boy if Bomben played the entire game.

The Montreal offence seemed to be a step ahead of our defence, as they seemed to know how to handle what situations came their way. Credit goes to Montreal for apparently doing their homework before this one.

As for the win streaks ending, here's one way to look at it: Maybe we shouldn't be disappointed that they are over. We should be glad that they happened. The team going undefeated at THF almost never happened, because as you may recall, the team came close to losing on that first game at THF on Labour Day last year.

I blame mistakes, a poor game plan ( no run game, no rolling out, just drop back after drop back) and black pants.

Some games are like this, but they will rebound. At least with the streak over, they dont have to keep answering questions about it. Look fwd to LD!

The dreaded black pants! :lol:

This is what happens when you never run the ball against a quality defence.

I had a bad feeling from just over 5 minutes into the game when the officials missed an illegal block call on the Rutley 65 yd. TD. Stangely, on this night, it was #68 -- their #68, Philip Blake, who pushed Mike Daly to the ground, from behind as Daly attempted to shift direction, from blitzing to the QB, to pursuing Rutley as he caught the screen pass. At the time, I believe Daly was the closest defender to Rutley. I didn't see when, or how, Daly was injured and lost for the night, but it may well have been on that play.

One last thought for the night. We are 6-3 half way through the season, and in our 3 losses, in a new CFL that is supposed to help O. production, we have lost by a total of 8 pts. Not going to lose any sleep over this one, glad to have been apart of that home win streak that nearly lasted a year :thup:

I was hoping I wasn't going to be using this guy this year...

Giving up 6 sacks, after giving up zero to Edmonton! Part of it probably can be blamed on the loss of Bomben but it just seemed the team came out flat and just wasn't prepared.

We simply should not have lost to this Montreal team.

I think that being at the end of 4 - 6 day weeks, especially with a trip to Edmonton last week has tired out the players - (even Austin mentioned them being tired - not as an excuse of course - and I suspect that applies to the coaches as well) Of course the Als played in BC last week too and had just one extra day to prepare.

Not sure what happened to our OL tonight which has been doing a great job of keeping Zach upright. Too many penalties at inopportune times (reminds me unfortunately of last season) and too many mistakes. Tackling seemed to be less sure at times. Players seemed to be dropping like flies tonight too which didn’t help - It was unrealistic to think that the team, which seemed to be playing lights out, wouldn’t have a loss at some point - just wish it hadn’t been to the Larks and Popp. Time to bounce back from this adversity and a few extra days off certainly won’t hurt to maybe heal a few injuries.

Cap'n: I agree.

Re: the running game.....where was Holley after the first quarter? I have never been too impressed with Grigsby. He never seems to do much with the ball once he gets it. But Holley fights and slashes his way forward every time.

 I listened to the radio play by play for most of the first half on my way back home from the Brantford area. I think Coach Sal nailed it towards the end of the 2nd quarter when it was apparent we were not playing great football. He said an 18 game season is a long season....and it's difficult for any team to be hot for 18 games.
I suspect that's part of the problem. The other part is that the other teams have now had a chance to prepare for us and have found ways to shut down Banks and also beat our O line and make life difficult for Collaros.

One other thing. Jim Popp knew what he was doing when he made his comments a couple of days ago about beating us. The comments were part mouthing off but also well-founded. His game plan was aimed directly at  our weaknesses.

Our game plan looked like it was drawn up with no particular targets in mind.....like stopping Green. He seems to be able to do what he wants every time we play Montreal. Also Giguere. Montreal has found an effective way to use him. We did not do that when he was here. I don't think we were ready for him either.

I still believe our game planning is more about being different on offence every game that it is about exploiting the other team or using our best players.

I also question our half time adjustments. Montreal came out even stronger on defence. Tanner Marsh was ready too but we were not ready for him and were unable to dominate their O line. There was also some sloppy tackling by our D. Too often, despite having two or three of our players going after a receiver, there were costly missed tackles. And we also gave Montreal some great field position because of dumb penalties.

This game was a wake up call. We have good talent and depth but we cannot take anything for granted.

God i hate the Als. Way to honour big Ang ffs!

Than i come home to the power being out.! I blame this on Montreal as well :x

Taking off my fan hat for a second, I think a game like this was bound to happen to you guys at THF eventually. No streak lasts forever. Collaros passed for a lot of yardage and you were able to move the football at times. The worrying thing, as an outsider, is the absence of the running game with Cable out. Basically, your run game tonight was as ineffective as ours was against you the last time we played.

+1 on black pants!

Yep. Calgary and Montreal both know this.

No 13th man at THF pretty lame crowd :
No #16 Speedy B on the receiver package all night?!

An unlucky 13 random thoughts:

  1. That's three losses by a combined 8 points. Compared to six wins by a combined 125 points.

  2. This could be a positive thing for the team. Knock them back down to earth a bit, deflate their egos, drive home the fact that they are not untouchable and need to work hard to keep winning. Most of us realized they could not keep blowing out teams every week, nor could they go undefeated at home forever. Hopefully they've learned their lessons - just in time for the crucial Argo series.

  3. Losing Bomben and Norwood really hurt. Our O-line tonight looked a lot like last year's often did. And let's not forget that this year's defence went from Good to Great at precisely the moment Norwood returned.

  4. I'll bet tc23 wishes he could make that thread disappear where he mocked Popp for having the audacity to think he could come to THF and compete. Wait a minute - the thread is gone - his wish came true!

  5. I took a shot at Giguere in the game thread for never breaking a tackle, and he proceeded to make me eat my words. So I will concede: he gained more yards "after first contact" in the fourth quarter than he did in his three years with the Cats. (That being about 10 yards or so.)

  6. I also said in the game thread that I liked our chances after we tied it up with about 7 minutes left. I never dreamed Montreal would put together a drive that ate up 6 minutes of the clock.

  7. On our last drive it felt like we started playing for the field goal as soon as Sinkfield got the ball into Medlock's range. The sweep to Grigsby was a puzzling call if we were actually striving for the end zone.

8] It wouldn't have made a huge difference, but if you're going to call time out before Montreal's second down play as time is running out, better to do it when there is still 28 seconds on the clock rather than 18 seconds. They may have been forced to punt on third down.

  1. Gotta give Popp credit for having guts. He never hesitated to go for it on third and 1 - despite our excellent record defending in that situation - and they made it every time.

  2. I'd be surprised if losing the season series to Montreal comes back to haunt us. I still think we will win most of our remaining games, and I can't see them winning 2 more than us. (I hope.) That said, our Oct 18 game in Montreal may prove to be crucial.

  3. For anyone playing Rod Black drinking games tonight, those who died of alcohol poisoning would be anyone who committed to drink each time he mentioned the win streak at Tim Hortons Field. In the final minutes of the game I don't think he uttered a sentence that did not include that reference.

  4. As much as I hate to say this, and as much as he's great the rest of the time, Collaros has had very little success (if any) in last minute drives when we need a comeback. I know the odds are against it happening, but they should be higher than 0%. Something else to add to our list of needed improvements.

  5. That said, I still liked the "fight" in our offence. Their fourth quarter TD drive was impressive and showed that they didn't give up. It's not that long ago that we would lose games due to poor effort or general ineptitude. This time we lost to a team who just wanted it a little bit more.