Burn The Witches Thread, Volume 3

Well said Russ, particularly your last thought regarding our coaching staff. We are going to be all right as soon as we get our O-line sorted out. I'm hoping that the coaching staff will put more emphasis on a running attack so that the young and less experienced linemen can surge ahead and become more proactive rather than reactive to the very experienced and savvy defenses they have and will continue to face. Not only will this help establish our running game but will start to build some confidence along the line (I'm sure some of them are shell-shocked).

The West has never been a very friendly place to Hamilton teams especially the 3 cities we have just played in. Even in our good years the Cats have always struggled in those places. So, keep the faith, 0-3 is not insurmountable and I would say that our toughest challenge is behind us.

I might be wrong if anyone who can watch the game again can check thatd be perfect im not against being wrong, but it looked like the first kick the laces were pointed in at Medlock. Now my knowledge of 90's Jim Carrey movies tells me that can screw things up. Again might be wrong but i try and watch that stuff close on missed kick replays and i did scream at the time that he kicked the laces.

Yes, it's early in the season, but this team stinks.

The purging of the veterans looks to have created a vacuum in the leadership department. The team looks very young, inexperienced and leaderless right now.

I saw it the same way you did, BillyDee87. Tasker let it slip on the placement but did a great job of quickly getting it back in place. Medlock should have followed through. Each player has to do his job and each player has to expect, and be confident in, his teammates to doing theirs. Tasker did his. Medlock did not.