Burn The Witches Thread, Volume 3

Snap. Hold. What The. Headplant.

Your thoughts?

Oski Wee Wee,


I'd sooner not dwell on a botched hold which can happen to any team. Instead, I think that we should be very proud of our defense. Even without Simoni Lawrence and Rico Murray the Cat's defense was equal to the task tonight. Except for one broken play, the defense might have won the game for us. Our biggest weakness continues to be our offensive line; however, let's not forget that we were missing 4 starters (Wojt, Figueroa, Dyakowski and Dile). Not too many teams could take a hit like that and be successful. Add to that, we were without our starting quarterback. Even with those massive handicaps, the number of quarterback sacks are less with each passing week. Our secial teams were the best they've been since the season started. Let's take heart, weekly improvement is evident and when our starters all get healthy we will have a very talented, young team that will not be denied. Oskee wee wee!!

We went from the one of the best offenses to the worst and from the worst defense to one of the best. Great defense, OS has done a great job with all his injured starters and made a great defensive effort against the top offense in the league. Special Teams did well but it just goes to prove without a line or a QB you can have all that offensive talent we got and get no where. Gable 8 carries for 6 yards-are you kidding me! Masoli couldn't hit the broad side of a barn let alone a receiver. Please don't make excuses about rythmn a receiver is a receiver and a play is a play. Lefevour was better but still could not get the job done. Hell I am not sure if Collaros is a good enough QB. But I am really glad to see a great defense in the making. As far as the offensive line is concerned why couldn't they play as well as the backups on the defensive side. They all came through with an excellent effort.

That is the game line right there. Justin "I don't need or want a coach" Medlock is the goat for this loss. 2/4, a 24 yard punt and the hold was shaky but the ball was there for the kick.

Even if the hold is a bit off, as a pro kicker, YOU STILL ATTEMPT THE KICK!!!!!! Hopefully it was just a brain fart in this game and he will still try to make the play if this happens again. If not....

(A scene from Coach Austin's office where the coaches are seated watching game film. Coach Austin watches a few plays, groans and rubs his face. He reaches down to the intercom on his desk...)

Austin: Gladys????

Gladys: Yes Coach Austin?

Austin: Gladys, do you still have Ozzies phone number in the file?

Gladys: I sure do Mr. Austin. Would you like me to see if I can reach him?

Austin: Yes Gladys, Yes Please.

D played one of the best games I've seen from that side of the ball in a long time. O-line was much improved, even with new guys in new spots. Running game was "meh..." but seemingly Calgary's game plan was "stuff Gable and the run and make Masoli beat us." Plesius took some heat on this forum board but played a lot and played well. I guess he's not "out because he sucks" like some on here claim. Return game was great. If that keeps getting better as the season continues there could be some great TDs. Good to see Bowman play. He played well. Stephen played well on the corner. Saw some great run stuffing play by him as well. Fantuz played well and really helped some green QBs with some tough catches. He doesn't seem nervous about the routes that go over the middle. He's right back in the groove I guess.

Tough loss in a good game that the Cats could have easily won. And, all the talking heads didn't even have them IN this game. Good job. Improvement every game. Now, if Zack can get back and be what he has been hyped as or one of the back-ups steps up and takes the reins, the Ws will start to show up.

This loss came down to the QB 's . The d played well enough to win. In experience at that position cost us the game.

OK ....Lets stop whisling in the wind. WE ARE IN TROUBLE! We have no QB. Make a trade and get back Glenn.BC owes us one.

I thought our defense show a marked improvement an frankly was more then anyone could hope for. It's not very often you see a team like Calgary held to 10 points, at home no less. As far as the offense, well...yeah. Both QBs need to be able to hit receivers (and I like to think LeFevour did enough to earn the next start if Collaros isn't back). The O.Line however remains the biggest problem. No holes to run with, little in the way of pass protection and just getting out muscled every play. I really with we had Marwan and Peter back in the lineup.

Check out the video of Brandon Stewart on Drew's blog.


Love the attitude and the line "everything they got, we gave them. We feel like we should have held them to no points." Great, just great. D will not be the problem this year.

You hold a team to 10 points, you should win the game. The D can hold their heads up high.

When the rush is already through the middle of the line, it's stupid to kick the ball late. Kicking the ball late into the teeth of the rush is a sure recipe for a blocked kick, which has a high probability of resulting in a touchdown going the other way. The angle on most field goal attempts is such that it doesn't take a whole lot of middle penetration to get the block. By not making a pointless blocked kick, there's still a chance for the holder to try for the first down as plan B.

Even as far as Medlock is concerned, I'd be more worried about the kick he missed from a good hold earlier in the game. I think he's earned a bit of leeway considering his track record, but he needs to perform.

All around, the kicking team needs to do their job better, but considering all the other problems on offense, the kicking team are not the sole goats here.

The offense looked pretty ugly for the most part. How sickening was it to see the pressure the Stamps got rushing just 3 at the end of the game?

Even the defense, which for the most part looked pretty good, had their share of gaffes: sloppy tackling and dumb penalties were the obvious things. Holding Calgary to 10 points was pretty impressive though. But if Cornish had played, this might have been a lot uglier, particularly considering some of the bad tackling from the Cats.

Bombers of 2012?

Fresh off a GC appearance in 2011 then having to start the season with 4 on the road, without their starting QB, deja vu.

Heaven forbid not the Bombers. :frowning:

I agree with you about Stephen. He looked good on the corner, except from that one miss tackle. Even veterans miss tackles though. D line finally got some pressure with just the front four.

Disagree. The rush was not anywhere near getting through the line. The bobble did nothing to disrupt the timing of the play until Medlock stopped his kicking motion. Thus continue to follow through and the kick would not have been late. Stopping the kick like he did meant absolute failure of the play. Statistically, the chance of a botched FG try turning into points or a first down is negligible. Best bet, make the attempt at the kick.

That’s actually kind of funny. So you think the placement of the ball (including keeping it in one place) has no real bearing on the success of a kick, and that kickers should be expected to swing at a moving target, in the hope that the ball will be in a certain place by the time they make contact.

No quite. The placement of the ball has everything to do with the "bearing on the success of a kick." If the ball is not in the kicking path then the result is a whiff. Yes a kicker should swing at a moving target because chances are the holder is going to get it there just in time or if not, the result is not much different than the whiff. Even if the ball is laying flat on it's side on the tee, the kicker should give it a shot. If you watch the un-kick that we are talking about, you will notice that the ball does move around prior to the foot coming through but it is there just in time that if Medlock continues to swing his leg, he hits the ball where it is supposed to be. Yet he doesn't do that and when he stops his kick it's a pretty good hold. The rhythm of the kicker may have been upset, but the timing of the kick was not affected.

I think a kicker should try to kick any placement that is even remotely close, because at least it has a chance to be a 3 or even a 1 point play. If the kicker stops his motion on every not perfect hold, the statistical chance of any points is almost nil. Now, if the hold is late that is an entirely different scenario. But in this instance it wasn't.

I don't think you're assigning enough weight to the risk of a blocked kick. A blocked kick has a very high chance of being returned the other way for a touchdown.

All I can say, wait till we get them in front of 6000 screaming fans at Ron Joyce Stadium we'll waffle them. :cowboy:

In starting the thread the way I did, I was not suggesting that either Tasker or Medlock should be boiled in oil for the attempt not working out. The way the bobble occurred, it clearly through off Medlock's step up to the ball. Had he been in proper rhythm and the ball being placed basically vertically on the tee, you have to try the kick given the game situation, IMHO. As it was, it would like likely been blocked anyway.

We should have won the game as DAP mentioned -- holding an excellent team to 10 points in good summer weather ought to give you the opportunity to pull it out. I was not impressed with Masoli's deep ball accuracy at all, so LeFevour should be the starter until Collaros is good to go. Having Fantuz and Ellingson together really helped our intermediate passing attack. Without Gable being able to run up the middle because of the O-line being stuffed there, I would have liked to see more misdirection with Banks off in-motion handoffs and some QB keepers off option looks off-tackle. Nonetheless, we did show we could move the ball in the air despite having backup QBs in with newly-reinserted receivers on the field.

The D was tremendous. Even without a great deal of sacks from the D-line, we are seeing more intense and tight secondary play. Butler looked great in dropping the hammer and we had a very physical game at all levels of the defence. Brian Bulke has the potential to become the best Canadian interior D-lineman on a Hamilton defence since Mike Philbrick. If we can ever get DE play to complement Bulke and Laurent in the middle, this defence could win a championship with the speed and athleticism I see there.

All in all, I have seen many 0-3 Ticat teams in my time. The last two games were razor-thin losses. I have no use for a panic button. The East is weaker and it is certainly still up for grabs if trends continue. I see progress at many levels and have connfidence in the coaching staff to build on it.

Oski Wee Wee,


Well said, Russ. No need for panic yet.