Burn The Witches Thread, Volume 2

Since Collaros returned from his ACL, the team is 4 and 11 including playoffs

Here here we'll said this team has regressed since last season

First of all, people blaming the offensive line have not watched Kent Austin's teams as a HC or OC, historically.

His teams have rarely run the ball. CJ...5 carries- 19 yards. Scheuerman...5 carries- 19 yards.

Our front line is under constant siege because every team in the league knows we are going to throw the vast majority of every game. Opposing defences front 7's pin their ears back and attack Zac with abandon.

This offence hasn't changed. It's Austin's offence. A cardboard cutout of Stef Ptaszek would be just as effective as the real-life OC.

Every team, every DC and every fan knows what we are doing on every play. Playing the Cats is the easiest week of preparation any team has to do. It's a bye week, without missing the game.

Fixed it for you, Russ.

I've said this since the day he was hired and say it till I'm blue in the face. He is over rated as a coach and probably the most over rated in the league currently. Game planning has been awful for a long time. Last yrs team was equally as bad except they had some good second halfs or they could've easily been cellar dwellers with the argo's.

His claim to fame here is 2 cup appearances when the east was extremely weak. They were the best of a bad bunch

Having a huge ego and being pig headed and stubborn does not guarantee grey cup wins. He has lost my confidence and most importantly he has lost the locker room.

8) Ptaszek was very foolish to give up his great gig with Mac to come to this mess !! He had it made at Mac, with a secure
  future there for as long as he wanted !!  

  All he is now is a puppet for Austin     <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: --> 

  What an embarassment for him now   <!-- s:oops: -->:oops:<!-- s:oops: -->

I agree he has lost the room. The pre game talk shown on tv seemed to me he was really asking for the team to believe in him.

The team has taken on the persona of their coach. Predictable and short fused.

And.... the way Zac was doing the happy dance before every throw made hank Burris look like a slow dancer.

Ah thank goodness for a voice of reason after another disappointing loss. About the only receiver on the field who has much chemistry with Collaros because of his length of time on the team is Tasker and I suspect that he was covered in DBs all night and had a hard time getting open. Tyms has played in exactly 3 games, first game for Saunders, second start for Scheuerman, Collins has been used as a back up at times during his time here but not regularly and Banks is not used often unless necessary so a point well made regarding the receivers. The one time I did see a ball go Tasker's way in the end zone there were 2 DBs covering him. Glenn has YEARS of experience in many systems and knew he was facing a mostly rookie secondary so knew how to take advantage of them. I did see some good plays from Chris Davis, Ethan Davis, Wooten, as well as Leonard as you mentioned. Most of these players wouldn't even be on the field aside from an occasional series or maybe on STs if our more experienced starters were playing. As it is they are gaining some valuable playing experience and learning how to work with their teammates.
I suspect that Hill is going to be given another chance but I doubt that there will be any patience if he continues to be undisciplined in his play. Too bad if he can't get his emotions under control on the field as he is a very good player but bad penalties only hurt the team and they can't afford that.
The number of penalties does concern me - especially ones like UR. Although most were well deserved, there were 2 or 3 that were questionable (like the penalty on Stephen in the end zone). That is something that can definitely be improved and needs to be.
I do think that they can and will improve given time. I'll be at the game on the 20th and am hoping for a win then. I don't get to many games but I've yet to attend a game at THF where the Ticats were on the losing end!

And it makes people like Drew relish writing stuff like this:

Austin’s had full control of the players, staff and every other aspect of football operations: whatever this is, it’s his to own.

Always nice to be edited for crystal clarity....LMAO :wink: