Burn The Witches Thread, Volume 2

You cannot win games by consistently sucking in the first half, having too many mental-error penalties, and rolling with a passing attack where the QB is unable to set his feet over 90 percent of the time. You cannot compete with no semblance of a running threat to keep the opposing defence honest. You cannot continue to not make in-game adjustments week after week that deal with the opposing pash rush re pass protections. You cannot continue to run secondary coverages that do not match up your personnel to that of your opponent.

You cannot blow your bye week and continue to serve up this crap. Enough!

Well said pretty much sums up my thoughts, I was trying to be Mr rose coloured glasses after game one but Riders are suppose to be worst team in the league, but after seeing a fair share of every other team, at this point in the season we are by far the worst. I will be going to the home opener with zero expectations for the win, and that's a sad feeling we haven't had to deal with for a long time. At least in 2012 Hank was lighting it up on offence, right now we are a tirefire in every facet of the game.

I Don't know where to begin

O line didn't look to good and when they did, Zack took too long to make a decision.

We have one of the best D lines in the league and we are hardly got to Glenn

We need Butler back at Safety and move Stephen back to Cornerback, because the secondary needs help.

More discipline from the players

I might be the minority here but I think we've seen enough of Collaros. Blame the OL, blame the WRs but almost every other team in the league can still get it done injuries or not. He's hesitant, not confident in his throws (they lack any sort of zip), inaccurate and seems to be rattled VERY easily (as can be seen when hes constantly throwing hissy fits on his way back to the huddle rather than trying to rally the troops.) Even in his "mvp" year, he was more the benefactor of one of the best defenses in ticat history and Banks giving him golden field position more often than not. I think its time to give Masoli a look, and if that doesnt pan out, I like the way this Golson kid plays whenever hes healthy again. 3 UR penalties that werent even UR were a pretty big factor in this game too as it lead to yet another SSK TD and Hill getting heated and ejected. Defense wasnt too bad, much better than it was week 1. Put up a decent fight considering the TOP and lack of offensive points. This team could be in trouble if they dont find an identity and soon

To say nothing of having Kanneh AND Emmanuel Davis returnng to their HB spots!!

I feel for the season ticket holders. I hope they can find a way to enjoy a losing season.(e.g. bring a beach ball to the

On offense, our O Line put up a great fight against a fantastic Rider pass rush, but our play calling (no QB roll outs, no running game) put them in a no win situation. Part of the problem, also, is the lack of chemistry between Collaros and some new receivers (ex. Saunders looked good, but only later in the game, when Collaros started to develop some chemistry with him). Also, Collaros needs to release the ball quicker/make quicker decisions (Glenn did much better in these two areas tonight than Collaros).

On D, our young DB's did a good job of keeping us in there for much of the game (Leonard really impressed me), but we will obviously be better when Emanuel Davis and Kanneh are back (I hope Butler returns, too...we are missing his versatility). Our pass rush/blitz packages were aggressive, but were negated by Glenn's quick release. I really like Will Hill, but after grabbing a ref by the collar (AFTER taking an UR penalty) will Austin show him the door?

I think our team features so many new, young starters, that it will take us some time to gel. TSN showed our DB's in the locker room at halftime, and there was very little conversation between them. That will improve as they grow together as a team.

I think we will be hard pressed to win the next three games, but may turn it around some time after that.

I doubt that will happen because most of these players won't even be around in the next few weeks. Austin has burned through so many DB's in the last couple of years that I don't even bother to get acquainted with their name or number anymore.

In other words , we should expect another " 5 year plan".

I use to think Condell was not a good OC but boy was I wrong!!!!! Austin has been the problem all along. Could be the first 0-18 team in CFL history. Hell that wasn't even High School football team just a bunch of guys put together to play a weekend game for beer. There is no where to start or finish but grabbing a Ref which we have all wanted to do was a major Faux Pas, goodbye Mr. Hill. That was not a professional team on that field last night or in Toronto for that matter.

Only 2 games in and plenty of time to right this ship. I think a first step in doing so may be to give Masoli the next start. Let Zach grab a clipboard and have him watch the next game from the sidelines with his coach. I know there's more work than that necessary to get things right but it may help Zach put things in perspective. Couldn't hurt!

I find it incredible that Trestman and Popp can put together a program in 3 months while Austin and Tillman have been here for 5 years and this is the crap we are forced to eat! I'm still at a loss here. Oline is one of the worst I've ever seen. The receiving corps is also one of the worst I've seen The DBs couldn't cover a team of receivers from a retirement home.

Austin has let all the good guys go players and coaches theyve either been cut or theyve run away from him. Now hes surrounded himself with yes men that will bow to him. He took a team that was built for him in Sask and won the cup in 1 season and became a legend. He took a team that was built by Obie to the Grey Cup 2 years in a row(most of those players are gone) His program in college was terrible and so is this team and these are the teams that Austin has built! He has ruined the best young QB in the CFL!

There is major cause for concern as the new and shininess of the new stadium has worn off as there was thousands of empty seats at the end of last season. Things are really bad when the team is calling some season ticket holders and offering them free tickets for regular season games.

This is pathetic and will get worse. They have lost 8 of their last 9 going back to last season

Where is Mitchell and Bob Young? We need you to make a move to improve this situation before it goes back to critical in the standings and in the stands!

In a sentence, this is the problem. I have been wondering why there has been such easy pressure on the Cats QBs the last 15 games or so (especially off the edge) and I think I figured out why last night. Football 101 - when there is a blitz on a passing play, the receiver closest to the blitzing player runs into the area vacated by the blitzer. Or if the D rolls to cover that area, the appropriate receiver runs to the open space. The Cats receivers do not do this. Glenn and the Riders did this all night and were successful. It's a big part of why Glenn was able to have such a quick release and why the Cats' D-line ( who played quite well) couldn't get home.

The Cats receivers must know how to do this as it is taught at the high school level. I have to believe that they have been instructed to stay in their route no matter what happens - man, zone, blitz. No wonder Zack has no time in the pocket. Receivers don't adjust for blitz and the o-line is outnumbered and expected to provide time. Not going to happen. Not over the course of an entire game/season. That is on Austin and MUST change.

The DBs couldn't cover a team of receivers from a retirement home.
I thought the DBs did okay this game. They had no help from the offence and by half time were at a disadvantage due to having been on the field all game. Can't win like that.

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8:32 PM - 8 Jul 2017

"Embarrassing" at best....Collaros moves like an old man and has lost his nerve & arm. ...and boy what happened to our defense? Maybe hire a running back...and use him! A total waste of time watching that sad end to a once great team.

Interesting...I wasn't a big fan of Lewis but he is somehow needed right now, which is indicative of the state of our offensive line.

The o-line is by far this team's biggest problem right now.

Austin called all the plays last night, The Ptaszek experiment only lasted 1 game.

Our best receiver Tasker, had zero catches :oops:

...ah that isn't good news. Where'd you hear that?

I am trying to hold out on the Austin flaming session right now, but I am hitting a breaking point.

[url=http://www.riderfans.com/forum/forum/main-forum/68192-is-shovelface-done-in-hamilton/page2]http://www.riderfans.com/forum/forum/ma ... lton/page2[/url]

Our friend Area-51 is still alive and kicking, and sadly made a good thread over on the Riders forum...mixed reactions but the overwhelming consensus is that this is do or die time for Austin...we are slowly becoming the laughing stock of the league again, that's how bad we've played our first two games it's crazy.

CAUTION - contents of this story could be damaging to your health

[url=http://3downnation.com/2017/07/09/edwards-loss-riders-theres-trouble-tiger-town/]http://3downnation.com/2017/07/09/edwar ... iger-town/[/url]

"And don’t just blame offensive coordinator Stefan Ptaszek for the unit’s woes: head coach Kent Austin resumed the play-calling duties against Saskatchewan after allowing Ptaszek the opportunity to do so for exactly one game."

Wow 1-9 in last 10 games...that says it all, this issue extends farther back than just 2017.