Burn the Witches Thread, Volume 2

Well, as others have stated in the game thread, this game was frustrating! Too many penalties, turnovers, and overall sloppy play. The defence played well enough to win...but the offense definitely did not do the job. I hope we get CJ Gable back soon to provide us with more balance. We can't rely on pick-sixes and Banks return TDs every game to bail us out.

P.S. After tonight, I am not going to listen to Rod Black cover a CFL game AGAIN. Ugh!

Oski Wee Wee,


Game balls

The defence. And Holley he was very impressive tonight (when they gave him the ball that is :roll: )

Burn the witches??? I have some matches.

So frustrated. They never come out of the gate hot always catching up.

Life in the basement of the CFL east


Forget the witches let's torch some refs. That was horrible Cox interfered twice

Cox is one of those guys that never gets called

I agree that the zebras did not call a fair game. If not for a flag, banks has another return and we win. HOWEVER, we did not play well enough to win with 5 turnovers. Let's hope we play better against Sask.

I agree Chewbaca. That one was a bad call on Grant.he didn't even touch him the defender dove for Banks making it look like there was contact.

Turnovers killed us, but I think we still have the top all round defensive unit in the league, by far the best run defense in the league......what wins championships? Defense.

I don't see Zach having too many more of these lame duck games for the rest of the year, once we get Tasker back, look out.....our run game though, that's still a work in progress.

Special teams, no need to worry there.

We have lost 2 tough road games by a total of 5 points, I'm not going to lose any sleep over that.

I think we'll need Austin to answer why Holley wasnt given the ball more. He was averaging 8 yards a carry!!!

Why even have a rb if you are going to give him only 5-6 carries :x

Some random thoughts:

  1. I like how our defence is making a habit of goal line stands.

  2. I hope Toliver doesn't get too dejected over the fumble. Without his previous catch we're not even in contention on that drive.

  3. We've seen that there are two ways to stop Banks, and Montreal did both successfully. Kick it away from him; and have your players draw a flag by lunging at him (with incidental contact from one of our guys) as he runs past them.

  4. Dyakowski didn't look like Canada's smartest lineman tonight. How hard can it be to remember the snap count?

  5. Great hit by Reed on Cato. I wonder if it gave him flashbacks of his bullet-ridden youth? Or at the very least, taught him the importance of sliding.

  6. In a game this close you can point at several things that were "the difference". One is the contrast between Green's diving TD catch with his toes just in-bounds, versus our guy holding out his arms so that the ball could fly right between them and bounce off his chest. We could really use one more sure-handed receiver to go along with Fantuz.

  7. Holley started to get some good traction late in the game. Too bad they waited until we were behind in the final minutes to decide to establish the run.

  1. It turns out that it's hard to win games when your defence and special teams fail to deliver TDs and your offence doesn't score many.
  1. Funny that we've got one of the worst records in the league, but the best point differential of +21. (88 for, 67 against)

  2. So, no regular season wins in Montreal since the days of Ozzie and Darren Flutie. I guess we'll just have to wait for the playoffs again.

My complaints:

-5 procedure penalties on Dyakowski = bias against the Ticats by the officiating crew

-when Figeuroa got flagged for playing without his helmet, why was the Montreal player who knocked Joel's helmet off not flagged for hands to the face?

-on one of Collaros' INT's, Sinkfield was clearly knocked down before the ball arrived

-how does Montreal get away with pass interference when the new rules state that the DB cannot TOUCH the receiver before the ball arrives, even though Montreal DB's did this consistently (and the refs STILL did not overturn rulings, even though the contact was documented on video)

-Hamilton was absolutely screwed by Kim "I hate the Ticats" Murphy tonight

Oh, and the Grant blocking penalty on Banks' return TD was a joke, too! It was clearly a dive!

Too many turnovers

Too many penalties.

Poor execution.

You just can't expect to win that way.

Perhaps, the bye week worked against them. Lost momentum after the big win in Winnipeg?

Maybe, they took the press clippings from that game too seriously?

The referees didn't help the cause. But, then again, they're not supposed to.

Perhaps, this early loss will knock out the complacency and turn on the fire in the belly.

Onto to the next one.

Cox is one of the most penalized players in the league. His style has always been the clutch and grab. I doubt he could cover otherwise.

You would think that the officials would be on the lookout for this.

Who's going tell the coach he needs a real running game before he gets the QB killed. The opposition defense are chasing the QB on every play. :cowboy:

Would have liked to have seen Ford get some playing time.

OK All good points, and some is actually true. But on the upside, the time off may have hurt them more than they realized and they can't get any worse,(hopefully), so we can only go up from here. I' m glad they got this one out of their system, I wouldn't want to see that debacle in a crucial playoff game.

I'm not sure I agree with all of the Doom and Gloomers on here. I watched a gritty, uncomfortable, slobberknocker of a defencive battle that the Cats had a very good chance of winning on that last drive, if not for most of the 4th quarter. The fact that the game was that close near the end after all of the penalties, dropped passes and turnovers is a testament to the quality of the character and overall guts of the Cats players. Late in that game the Als D had gassed out. They were physically beaten up by the Cats O and that led to them giving up plays and coverages that the Cats just couldn't exploit.

I'm shocked and amazed (but should I be, really?) at the posters on here who are saying that Collaros and Sinkfield should go. Go and watch the great plays made by both guys through last season and so far this year. Unbelievable! I guess that it just shows how passionate some Cats fans are. Love 'em if they win; cut them if they lose.

Ah, finally, an opinion that displays vision and temperance. Great post.