Burn the Witches Thread, Volume 10

Where did the 12-6 game go? Oh yeah...

I don't agree with Ron's 3rd down gamble. Too much time on the clock in a competitive game. Considering our O-line's record re gambles...uh uh...

This even though the line performed better than it has in weeks! Coach Sal, thanks for getting back to basics!

Nine turnovers will not get it done though.

I am glad we have a football man as GM on the job to evaluate.

We had a lot of effort. Without taking care of the ball, however, we are toast.

Did you notice Corey Holmes?? Nice to see the exile is over. Also notice the CLEAR MOUTHGUARD HE HAD. I figure the loyalty police can STFU for a week. :wink: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

The auditions for 2007 continue...

P.S. Congrats to Damon Allen...a class act all the way. He deserves this recognition for an outstanding accomplishment.

Oski Wee Wee,

I'm out for tonight. Enjoy the rest of your holiday weekend.


This wasn’t totally unexpected.

Funny, I’m not as disappointed this week as I have been the last couple.

Yes, and in fact it was 5-3 for the blue team at one point. And then on Damon Allen's historic shovel pass to Arland Bruce III, Bruce sure managed to elude a few Ticats defenders. It's as if they wanted Allen to make history that way by making that historic pass a touchdown pass.

After that, Corey Holmes seemed to find all the gaps to get us into field goal range. Everything just seemed to go downhill after the 3rd and 2 gamble on our 40. And of all blue team members, it was O'Shea who got that tackle. He was also in on the 2003 Labour Day turning point when he recovered a Troy Davis fumble. That hurt.

And I don't why they did not keep going with Holmes after that. I understand that Maas was calling most of his own plays tonight, so it looks like he'll be slammed like he's never been slammed before. Hope we can find the right offensive coordinator.

But it sure was good to finally the team finally let Holmes do what he can do. And as for the mouthguard, I have seen a picture of it with the Saskatchewan logo on it. But I haven't checked where it was posted, and it is very easy to make modifications like those to pictures. But still, I don't know if Holmes will want to continue to be a part of this mess.

Oh, and conrgats again to Damon Allen.

trade holmes back to saskatchewan before he leaves as a free agent for rocky butler, trade the rights to lumsden to b.c. for casey, sign casey to a big contract, keep rocky as backup, keep richie williams as a developmental QB, cut eakin, trade maas back to edmonton for a draft pick or a bag of footballs.

Holmes CANNOT be traded to Sask this season. Its in the CFL rules you cannot trade a player back to the same team the same season

Printers is NOT available. He's on an NFL practice roster

Maas can not be traded to Edmonton - see above trade back rule

Eakin has to be paid until the end of the season so cutting him isn't an option

Maybe you had better re-think your rant

The hell with "burning the witches". I think this team needs some witches help.