Burn The Witches Thread, Volume 1

Well, I wouldn't usually start a "burn them" thread this early, but the Cats have been utterly flat and show nothing tonight. Outplayed and out coached in all phases...the worst home game performance since Tim Hortons Field opened.

Your thoughts?

Oski Wee Wee,


I couldn’t agree more.

Totally out-coached.

Had my doubts about Tisdale coming back. He needs to leave. Gutless effort by the team as a whole, I cant remember the last time we played this bad.

Agreed... extremely flat game. I don't get it. After looking so sharp last week this was a total let down.

The team simply looked unmotivated.

I don't expect the same for next week. They could come back to crunch the Bombers.

Well, that's more like the early-season TiCat teams we've been accustomed to for several seasons. Only, worse. Much worse! I don't know where to start. So, I won't, other than to say I can't think of one position where a Tiger outplayed a Lion tonight. :frowning:

The D was on the field too long and too often. The Offence could not get in a rhythm at all. Even when they were in scoring range they found a way to blow it.

I could feel the let down from the opening drive :oops:

We will bounce back next week.

They'd better - they're playing the 'Peggers!

Last week the D had Ricky and friends off the field so fast that their heads were spinning and didn't have time to get tired. Tonight it seemed like they couldn't stop ANYTHING. Chick had a couple of opportune fumble recoveries but our normally ball-hawking D couldn't hang on to a couple of sure interceptions. It sure didn't help that Banks couldn't get any return yards and the team was constantly pinned deep while our coverage teams allowed big holes up the middle for Rainey to exploit putting them in great field position for practically every drive.

I'm just listening to the post game on TSN radio and Cauz has had an litany of Ticats mistakes. They were just overall completely sloppy and uninspired in their play. They couldn't even score a TD in their home opener - heck they couldn't even score a FG!!!! So disappointing after such a great game last week. :frowning:

Agreed that it was the worst performance at the new digs but I'd say the "wind bowl" vs the Stamps last fall (first game after Zach went down) might be a close second.

Absolutely. I’m quite sure that this was the first time this team really got pushed around in its own new house.

I did mention in the game thread that Tisdale would understandably get knocked. He took four penalties (two for facemasking, one for illegal contact, another for a horesecollar tackle) and he did get burned by receivers a few times. I understand he was only brought in because of injuries to other DBs. And he wasn’t impressive last week either. He needs to be replaced.

Masoli wasn’t always consistent, missing his receivers and making it hard for receivers to gain YAC by not making it easy for receivers to catch his passes. You have to remember that Masoli still doesn’t have much in-game experience. And in that EDSF game last year, you have to remember that Masoli wasn’t great, just as good as he needed to be. He did have difficulty with the wind, although I don’t think the wind was the only issue.

The defence didn’t so quite as well on the trenches as they did last week. JJ was sacked only once and often had more than enough time to throw it. Offence had too many two and outs, with Masoli’s lack of consistency, and some costly sacks were given up. And on special teams, BC got good returns, and we did not.

Well, I can’t say I saw this coming. I would say that was even more surprising than the result of that “Brexit” referendum that took place during last week’s game. Delvin Breaux was there to see the game and it’s too bad he had to sit through that.

And this tweet may say it best about how bad that game was:

Josh Smith ?@JoshSmith_82 45m45 minutes ago The cheer that just went up for fireworks was the loudest the crowd had been since the coin toss.

That was just a sad performance all around, wow. Ti-Cats are always good for a few games a season like this, we started 1-0 people, 2-0 was just to much ask lol

Austin has some coaching to do but this loss doesn't worry me, I think the Lions are a lot better than people think their front 7 is ridiculous and Jennings is on his way for sure. Full credit to the Lions, they came to play football tonight while seemed like the Cats thought everything was going to come easy.

EDIT: Oh and Tisdale, yea Tisdale needs to go...for the third time, what a horrendous performance from a veteran player, Tisdale cannot play under the new rules, he is going to need a whole lot of ice to recover from some of those burns tonight.

Tisdale was horrific. Coverage, penalties….ugh.

There is no excuse for him. He must go.

3 rouges. When was a team this bad and pulled off that incredible feat.

Just got back from the game.

The defence played good. Other then tisdale. He will be gone it's a band aid for now.
The ticats will be a great team this year. I think they should go back to running the option with Masloli like they did against Ottawa in the east final as it plays to his skill set.

Masoli has only had a few games under his belt as a starter and tonight was some growing pains. When Ricky Ray went down collaros had his ups and downs and it's a a learning experience

I don't think Austin has much faith in Matthews he looked horrible against Ottawa in the preseason and that was against there defence which none of them were starters.

The future is bright in Hamilton we have a great core of players and coaches that have resigned and also signed extensions. It wasn't too long ago the cats were a laughing stock and nobody wanted to play here and now in my opinion we are a cfl franchise that other teams wish they were in our position.

Sad (?) fact - or maybe it's comforting in a weird way but the last time the Ticats only scored 3 points in a home game was in 2004 and they only won 4 games that year. I doubt that this result is indicative of the way things are going to play out for this team this year. Hopefully we're looking back at the end of the season wondering how on earth they managed to play so badly in their home opener, the first one they've lost under Austin's tenure.

Tisdale fired.
Stephen back to CB.
Daley starts at Safety.


Certainly unfortunate -- a feature article, with this title, appears on the main page here, same day as that performance:

[url=http://ticats.ca/home-field-advantage-takes-on-a-new-meaning-at-tim-hortons-field/]http://ticats.ca/home-field-advantage-t ... ons-field/[/url]

I think a lot of this was just effort. Hamilton just didn't seem to give a s**t. The lines on both side of the ball just got man handled. Masoli was telegraphing his passes badly.... when he had time to throw. I mean it was really bad. Like eyeing the receiver the entire time and his shoulders going to the receiver... if you know what I mean? I'm wondering if Austin saw this coming a bit with that Golson signing. Sad thing is it could have been a lot worse with that BC turnover at the goal line. Let's just hope it's a hiccup... long season to go.

After that game the Peglets will kick the crape out of us. The team thought they were off for the long weekend. :cowboy: