Burn The Witches Thread, Volume 1

Well. Going prevent and using a three-man rush when Ricky Ray...I mean Glen Suitor's Teflon coated Ricky Ray 2.0 (Mitchell) is being road graded on successive plays...we let them off the hook! Unreal.

Quick positives from the game: Johnny Sears Jr. was great with his two picks, Banks was electrifying as usual with his big TD, and big stops by the D in general. Steinauer's playcalling until the final drive had been stellar.

Quick negatives: too many penalties, O-line breakdowns in spots, red zone inefficiency, the Collaros double-pumping issue on the last pick, and the inability to close the game out at the end in the last offensive drive. Medlock's punting also was inconsistent in stretches.

More later.

Oski Wee Wee,


More positives than negatives in this game which means only a few things to fix. Happy with the effort and what I saw. It is going to be a good year.

Yep, players won but were out coached again.

Very poor play call on long incomplete pass to Bakari on our last drive.
If Collaros or Holley carries the ball on that 2nd and 8, it eats up at least another 10 seconds as CGY had no time out
CGY would have been out of time, a bit of a head scratcher play call.
On the whole an outstanding effort by the team

If the offence had just run the ball one more time than trying to hit the home run calgary would not have the time they had .I wish they would make their minds up if you want to play aggressive you never take your foot off the gas pedal i agree i a third down and what 17 and they stop pressuring the qb hoping they would throw underneath looks pretty dumb

What was the final score on turnovers? I think HAM won 5-1 and yet lost the game. Crazy!

Some random thoughts:

  1. Not sure why people complain about all the praise BLM gets. What you want from your QB, more than anything, is for him to know how to win. It really doesn't matter if he throws 10 interceptions. When it was 3rd and 17 and they absolutely, positively needed a first down, Bo came through. When our guy can consistently win games for us in similar circumstances, maybe he'll be mentioned in the same breath. But when we absolutely, positively needed a first down to win the game, we didn't get it.

  2. This finish was a reminder to anyone who thinks Banks' TD at the end of the Grey Cup would have settled things had it counted. We tend to forget that Calgary would have got the ball back in similar circumstances to tonight. I think we would have seen overtime - after which it would have come down to our red zone offence against theirs.

  3. Great job by the defence tonight. I was worried after the first couple of drives but they really pulled it together after that. The goal-line stand was awesome.

  4. I think we may have ourselves a keeper in this Banks fellow.

  5. As far as I'm concerned, our offence should practice nothing but its red zone package until we get this problem solved. Nothing else really matters if we can't fix this one issue.

  6. Another year, another opening game loss. But what a difference from last year's stinker in Sask. I think we're miles ahead of where we were back then.

  7. In a 1-point game you can point to lots of things as the difference-maker in the game. But one of them was the two-point convert Calgary got in the third quarter. I think this new rule will be a big advantage for them with their running game. It certainly doesn't help us with our tendency to cramp up when we get anywhere near the goal line.

  1. I have a feeling that the addition of Tasker and Gable might have put us over the edge tonight. We had a quarter of our starting line-up injured in week one. I think TSN alluded briefly to our injuries, but before the sentence was over switched to the fact that Calgary also had one guy out.
  1. I think we called all the right plays - just not necessarily at the right time. I was aching for some deeper throws throughout most of he game. I guess I got my wish at the end with the throw to Grant, although at that particular moment I wasn't wishing for it.

  2. What a great CFL game. We saw a receiving TD, two interception TDs, a few field goals, a safety, a two-point convert, some one-point converts, some punt singles, and a kick-off single. And of course, a win on the last play of the game.

Too may penalties.

Impotent run game.

Zero offensive TDs.

In a twisted way it may be good for the team to take such a stinging loss right out of the gate. I hope they're pissed.

And (wait a sec!)....they might have gained some yards. Maybe, even a first down.
And, it would have been 20 seconds, not 10.

Cornish is going to set a single season record for 2 point converts. Hell, he'll probably be the career leader by September.

This game hurts right now. Brutal way to lose but goddamn another season, another 0-1 start just feels like itll never end. Main take away from the game is that our offence still doesnt know how to finish, plain and simple. The defence really bailed the offence out tonight with some help from Speedy B as well, but the offence stepped on their tails again and couldnt put up any points on the board. This team is right there, we have so much talent its ridiculous, but just stupid stupid penalties at the worst times killed us and in the end if our offence manages just one TD tonight wed be tied for first in the East right now. Also that bad snap that resulted in a safety and very suspect time management down the stretch is the kind of crap we cant be dealing with if we want to be considered a championship team.

Honestly thought the team played great tonight and it was a shoulda coulda woulda type of game.

But the Stampeders are who we thought they were, and we let them off the hook!


-Collaros played great, but his INT was the TSN turning point. Stupid throw.

-Holley and Underwood need to be replaced by Gable and Tasker on O (lack of production)

-I thought Gainey played well....great coverage on all of the Fuller receptions (Fuller is a stud)

-Sears is a baller

-Ticats can play with the best of them, but must close out red zone drives, and not give the opposition a chance to win it with a minute left (the same problems that plagued this team last year)

Isn't BLM "overrated" ? am I allowed to say that or is that an insult?

Nope, and everything you write is pretty much an insult.

One can't really make any definitive statements about anything the first two weeks of the regular season of what I've dubbed "The Crapshoot". Part of his problems last night might be due to it being early in the season, part of it might be due to the fact they were playing the Cats. Even though Mitchell is prorated to throw 54 picks this year, he could just as well finish with 8 again. We saw two heavyweight teams out there, the two best in the league, where every opponent for both teams is going to seem like a cakewalk in comparison.


(Yep, the Inside Out Anger gif will not get it's debut this week, and hopefully never sees the light of day.)

Your points 7 (new rules) and 8 explains why point 2 still isn't settled in some people's minds.

Banks has been a keeper in my mind long before this game and continues to prove that he is THAT GOOD.

I TOTALLY agree with point 6. Yes, they lost, but as Coach Sal pointed out on the radio broadcast, Hamilton is one of the youngest teams in the league and despite the mistakes and penalties, took a team, which many are touting as the best in the league to the final seconds and the last play of the game. To me, demonstrated they are well ahead of last season. Coach Sal also stated that this Hamilton team is one of two best. At this early stage, offers a lot of promise.

They lost the game, but will be there in the end.

Disappointed, but not worried.

slimjim: It would be an insult and...very wrong.

Last year in his starting season and had the best record for a starting quarterback in league history with 12 wins and 1 loss.
He came through for Calgary in the Grey Cup and came through for his team last night after an interception...and that game killing pass to Fuller in the final drive. And you call this "overrated"??? :roll:

The interceptions were more the result of very poor passes as to close coverages.

  1. Except that we DIDN'T need a first down to win. All we needed (at that point) was to run down the clock, and I am now starting to believe that the proper call should have been a running play.
  2. Yeah - people don't remember that there was that much time left after the (not)TD return...
  3. Agreed.
  4. Lol
  5. Unfortunately the CFLPA has negotiated themselves to the point where there is almost no time to actually practice football. While the red-zone offence is worrisome, KA has to manage the REST of the team's practice schedule so that ALL facets of the game are covered. Unfortunately, you cannot have the guys on the field 8 hours a day anymore...
  6. Yup
  7. Interesting point. That was an incredible play by a great team. I would also point out the totally preventable mishap of the snap that was 10 feet over Medlock's head that went sailing into the end zone, where a VERY alert Justin Medlock kicked the ball out-of-touch for a Safety (and two points for Calgary). What did we lose by? ONE point, was it?
  8. I agree, and the Western Division love-affair continues.
  9. Yes, and see my point #1. There was somebody complaining about Underwood's lack of production (already), but if the ball isn't thrown your direction, it's hard to make a reception. MY biggest complaint from last night was Bakari's OPI penalty. He was flagged for that in each pre-season game as well...
  10. That was a VERY exciting game.

It's basic coaching errors that in the most loses games...I see poor play calling and time clock management at the high school level allot but to watch it happen by professionals...well really!!! The players look GREAT on both sides of the ball...cheers

What he said. :wink: