Burn The Witches Thread, volume 1, 2017 edition

"Russtration" today. I am pissed at the overall lack of intensity of the team today in facing our main rival. Very little imagination in the offensive game plan, a big injury to Tolliver, no attempt to mix in the run, and a hurried Collaros translating into little sustained offense in big stretches of the game. Defensively? Three big secondary injuries set the table as Ray feasted on us all day. Not enough hits and hurries on Ray meant our guys were in chase positions. Castillo did alright as a kicker and punter in his debut.

The net result was a stinker. Now we have the bye week to get back on the beam. If we play like that in week three, I am going to be really concerned. As is, a pisser.

Oski Wee Wee,


And to think we were all worried about our kicker! :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll:

Week three they are playing the Riders in their new palace. I sure hope they can win that one!

With any luck Kanneh and Atkinson could be back - but probably not Davis and Butler :frowning:

I was, of course, hoping for a TiCat win but, with our recent years' history of slow starts in both games and seasons, I wasn't expecting one. So, I got what I expected, and less. And now, I don't know where to start and, if I did start, I wouldn't know where to stop after typing likely the longest ever post in Ticats' Fan Forum history. Let me just say that we have an exciting QB who did everything asked of him today -- 2 third down carries, for 1 and 6 yds. and 2 first downs.
Sadly more wasn't asked of him. It certainly should have been. :frowning:

pathetic display but not unexpected with this team

The O Line is actually worse than last year. Unbelievable. The worst in Austin's tenure.

What did TSN say Zach said? "I dont have time to do what I need to do". That's the bottom line.

I thought our DLine and linebackers and special teams played well.

Ptaszek just is not up to the job. He does not seem capable of compensating for the weak oline the way Condell did. No imagination or creativity. Zach won't last the season with him in charge.

Out coached, out played.

Just really disappointing. To the fans like myself who have weathered the good years and the bad for more than 50 years, we are ready for a consistently competitive team. Tired of rebuilding.

Got our asses handed to us certainly.. but I have to wonder, why did we ever stop throwing the ball to CJ out of the backfield? In the season in Guelph, that was one of our most effective options, and it even worked a few times today.. if CJ got a better ball on his catch he could have broken one for a touchdown.

It's interesting...as I recall, we all complained about Condell because he was too predictable and there was no running game...

I don't necessarily disagree guelph, but if you are remembering the "good old days" of Tommie Condell, I think what you are really remembering is the last time Zach was on fire...give him a right offensive tackle that can block and some time to build some rapport with ANOTHER new receiving corps (now that Tolliver looks like he's done for a while), and then we can judge...

I was at the game and wasted time and money on that pile of steaming garbage!

The team keeps regressing under Austin!

How can a team that had no coach or general manager 3 months ago be so well prepared and a team with the same coach and Gm for 4 years be so unprepared?

The team looked very small compared to the Argos as well especially the DBs and receivers

Imagine if they played one of the Western teams today!

  1. Have the coaching staff ever heard of a 'roll out' QB?
  2. Do the coaching staff ever teach how to 'wrap up' tackle?
  3. Last year's plays didn't work last year and won't this year either
  4. Have the coaching staff ever heard of the quick 2 sec pass to stop opposition defence from just pouring in?
  5. Are there any real coaches out there available?

When you never run the ball, the opposing D Line and Linebackers come after your QB.
CJ Gable may be a great blocker, but he is far from being a great Running Back.

No running game = no time for the QB

8) I also was at the game and agree with all your thoughts !!
  Obviously coach Trestman took  coach Austin to school today as to how to prepare a team for a game.
  A pathetic display to say the least  on our part.

  Yes, the Argo receivers are huge, and made our DB's look like children out there, so reminisant  of last year.
   Demond Washington looked pathetic out there, and he was our big free agent signing 2 yrs. ago.  Joke !!

   O line a joke also, and when are we finally going to replace CJ Gable as our feature back ??
    He sure did not provide much blocking for Zach today at all, and he has no  speed at all any more !!
    After watching this sordid, sad display today, I can see these Cats going 0-4 in the next 3 weeks !!   <!-- s:oops: -->:oops:<!-- s:oops: -->

    Just to add, Ricky Ray, hands down the best QB in the East by a country mile !!  The old man has still got it !!   <!-- s:) -->:)<!-- s:) -->

Looks like we are starting the same as we ended last year. No lines, no defensive backs, a crap load on injury reserve add up to the same results. 17.2 avg YAC yards for Toronto speaks volumes. This team has no where to go but down.

At least we're consistent.

They schooled us on the field, AND their stadium chow is way better than ours.

There is a disturbance in the force!

I gotta say I have defended Austin in the past but there is really no excuse for a performance like this. I understand your defensive backfield is down a couple of guys but the offense was probably even more pathetic, and the tackling and rest of the defense played as well as the defensive back field. If this trend continues it may be time to move on, Trestman showed Austin who knows the game better, despite being out of the league for the last 5 years.

I had been saying for years no Austin is the most over rated coach there is. I can't recall a time this team has been prepared out of the gate. The offense is boring and predictable. The qb is constantly being rushed and beaten up because of the lack of rub game. It's time to move on from Austin he is a joke and now this team looks to be a bottom feeder. Thankfully for a weak east is the only reason they have been competitive in Austin's tenure

Yeah that was a pretty big egg laid, and from what I can tell, three major factors caused this.

The first was we didn’t rush, like at all. We were in perpetual shotgun the entire game. Is it really surprising that their Defence started to key on Zach? This has been a long outstanding issue with coach Austin and has become more common since Ptaszek took over. It just seemed we were in perpetual shotgun, which needs to stop.

The second was our Offensive line was simply out classed. 27-28 tends to be where O-Linemen start to come into their own. We started a 23 year old, a 25 year old. I’m sorry, but a lot of this falls on Tillman. While we do have a decent core of non-import linemen, there isn’t really a good reason I can see why we should be left starting a 23 year old, International lineman (the spot which used to belong to Peter Dyakowski). Sadly, making a trade at this point seems unlikely. As unimpressed as I was with Zach commenting about his line, he is right and I can understand his frustration. He’s just come back from his second injury and the other team is being allowed to tee-off on him.

The third was our secondary. We did a good job of squelching the run, and getting pressure on Ray, but to have use run man coverage that much with Kaneh and Butler out of commission. It was a recipe for disaster, and would have much rather seen more zone.

Just my take on it. Two of these items fall on the coaching staff, and one of these items falls on the GM. If we don’t shore up that Offensive Line moving forward, we are in for a long season.

At the end of last year Austin said he would look at everything to improve the team. From what the fans witnessed today I am not sure what he and the other coaches were actually looking at. It all breaks down to talent and having a solid plan. While the other teams have loaded up, Austin and Tillman appear to be somewhat behind the times. Here we go again the ship is taking on water and we are rearranging the deck chairs. I for one is sick and tired of this injury crap without having the depth to replace the fallen. Other teams plug and play and all we hear is excuses.