Burn The Witches Thread, Vol. 9

Burn the tape! Ugh...another three hours of my life gone!

:D :D :D

Seriously, a poorly coached and executed game. Absolutely unacceptable!

Oski More Than Wee Peeved,


That was a rough ride.



Consistently inconsistent.

8) A real joke for sure !!
 I seriously can't see this team winning a playoff game on the road at all.

 No excuse for this embarrassment at all !!!   <!-- s:oops: -->:oops:<!-- s:oops: -->

I think since we already have 3rd place locked up at best, this was a meaningless game.. maybe we can only slightly char the Witches today!

LMAO at "Semi-Incineration..."

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

I predict the ‘good’ TiCats will go to Mosquitoville and smack them to the wall. The next week ‘bad TiCats’ will fail to show up in Montreal.

Boltus should have got some snaps today.

What an embarassing display!!!

This is an abyssmal football team that,in any other league,would not deserve a playoff appearance!!!

It’s pretty clear to me that we are getting close to a total rebuilding effort because the front office has allowed this team to become so talent deficient at key positions.

It’s clear that we don’t have a #1 QB…Quinton Porter proved,yet again this afternoon,he is not a starting QB.At best,he’s a 2nd stringer that might keep you in a game.Kevin Glenn is clearly at the end of the line.Inaccurate passing,poor reads,Danny McManuslike immobility…Glenn is now,at best,a serviceable journeyman QB.

As I said,once this team is jettisoned from the playoffs in the first round,it’s probably time to blow this team up.Three years of mediocrity is evidence enough that just about evrything is’nt really working…

aaagghhh go easy on the Cats.. I't's not like the Riders were missing their starting QB, best receiver and middle line backer..

It's the coach folks. It's the coach. We will be 500 at best with this guy leading the way. We have solid players who can beat the best in the east and west. We have a coach who has difficulty putting together a solid game plan more than once a month, who chooses to trade away one of the best receiving corps in the cfl for a bunch of rookies. This is the result.

And it's not like the Riders had the CFL's worst record either.

How does this team go from blowing out a team on an eight game win streak to blowing it against what was a 4-12 team that was missing those players?

That's about all I can say now.


It would be nice to have coaches that plan for 18 games, not just 9. Or at least make some adjustments in the other 9 games.

Only two more disappointments left in this year. Looking at today's effort (?) I can see only we are not going past the semi again this year.

Such potential in the players. such poor coaching.

In any sport, if a team has this level of inconsistency of effort there's usually one reason why - Head Coach.

I just want to know what kind of coach calls a timeout down 19-3 with 34 seconds left? That was down right pathetic. What message exactly was he sending to his team with that one?

Today’s ‘effort’ (and I use the term very loosely) is IMO 100% on the coaching. Whatever the issues at quarterback, the fact that it took Bellefeuille and Khari Jones until the fourth quarter to effectively use Cobourne is flat-out unacceptable. Stala also had a very tough day at the office dropping that sure TD from Glenn in the 4th. Run-blocking was also very poor today, particularly in short yardage. It’s not like the Riders have Winnipeg’s front four or anything. No reason for you to come up consistently short on second and short. Even the Cobourne scamper was mainly due to Avon’s patience and ability to bounce the play to the outside; by rights, he should have been stopped for a loss, because the Riders got off the ball really fast (were they keying on Glenn’s snap cadence?) and Hamilton’s run-blocking was just brutal.

I still had to watch it...

Yes, that's one reason.

Another is inexperience. The Tiger-Cats are a very young team with two rookie co-ordinators. Replacing the HC wouldn't change that.

If you can identify the problem as inexperience, then you'd have to stay the course, gain experience, learn and hopefully improve during the process. If not, then significant changes are needed.

Don't ask me what the problem or solution, is. I just don't know.