Burn The Witches Thread, Vol. 6

Glad I missed the first half. As for the second half, terrible line play on defence was the critical factor here. Quinton Porter has regressed to the point as a passer that Jason Boltus should be given the opportunity to become the backup.

This team is exasperating. The coaching staff is not giving me a lot of confidence.

Kudos to the Eskimos for their effort tonight.

Oski Wee Wee,


Anyone care to predict the rest of the season? The way I see it...the only games we stand half a chance at winning are the two with the Argos. And based on the play of the entire Tigercats team from the last two games.....I'm not sure if they could actually win those games.

To me it seemed appropriate that this team was at .500, as they were a middle of the road team. Now, it's appropriate that there are below .500. After tonight's performance, they deserve this.

It does not seem to me like this team learned any lessons from last week's blowout loss or the loss in Edmonton. One would think they would not let another one-sided defeat happen, especially not at home, where the Ticats have not lost since week one. But they did.

And how did the EDM O line have that easy I time against our D? This did seem to be lost in the trenches.

That's all I'm going to say for now as I don't know what else to say...

I'll still go with 9-9

This is crunch time for Marcel. Any sense of momentum we had after the 0-2 start has evaporated.

Are there any decent coaches available out there I think we've run the table with MB the team is rarely prepared and mostly outcoached.

if this team chooses not to show up for home games, can the management of this football team at least have the courtesy of letting the ticket buyers know so they can also have the option of staying home too....

It's worse than that: since the Cats are the home team next week, they will embarrass another Canadian city in the same season!

And you know, it's as if the organization knows that fans in Hamilton wouldn't want to pay to see their performance against the Stamps, hence next week's game being in Moncton.

I do not like the look of how the front four rushes the passer. We do not see enough leveraging in gaps to allow for LB penetration at the LOS to rush the QB or to stop the run. We see too much walling out of Rey Williams at MLB because the guards and centre are getting downfield to wall him out on key plays. The scheme is not putting guys in a position to get to the QB, particularly Stevie Baggs. Right now there simply enough sizzle in the steak and we are left to appreciate Bo Smith's screening skills only when he miraculously blocks the ball with an arm and doesn't get called.

Oski Wee Wee,


Oh well at least I can remember that 86 team....D-line of Skilman, Sauve, Covington and Price...have not had as good a line since. :rockin:


That was seven hours of my life that could have been spent in more productive endeavors - like watching the leaves turn.

Those on the awful list tonight.

Rey Williams. His name is Jerome Messam. Try to tackle him.

Khari Jones. His name is Avon Cobourne. Use him.

Cory Chamblin. Ugh!

Marcel Bellefeuille. We punted from Edmonton's 40 in the 3rd quarter to pin The Eskies' offence deep???? Are you kidding me? That's an easy three points in that game when we had trouble scoring any. I'll also refer to the complete lack of discipline and your use of Porter.

The front seven. See Coach Chamblin above. Double ugh!

Quinton Porter. Airlines. They fly cheap out of Toronto. See ya.

I am now even dreading the thought of sitting in Mosaic Stadium in late October as the Riders and Ticats play to decide the crossover.

Two Hamilton trades that aren't looking so good right now.

Arland Bruce for futures. As good as young receivers are, they can also be woefully inconsistent. Flipping a perennial 1000-yard guy like Bruce in a year when you're supposed to be contending for the Cup is not a great move, and now we're seeing why.

Chris Thompson for Mo Mann. I hated this trade at the time, and I still hate it now. Mann is highly overrated. Thompson was one of your best cover DBs. Today, he's still a great cover DB, the Cats' secondary is hurting, and Mo Mann isn't having much of an impact.

That is hilarious. :lol: Yeah we should feel sorry for Moncton but at least they don't have to cheer for the Argos like last year.

Edmonton did not have to double team anyone on the Cats d-line. They were not afraid to go one-on-one even in 2nd and long. The only double teaming I saw by the Ed. O-line was when Matt Kirk was in at tackle.

If the opponent does not see fit to double team at least one guy consistently, there is a problem with the pass rush. I don't know if it is the scheme or the personelle that is the issue but it is the main issue that should be addressed with the Defence.