Burn The Witches thread, Vol. 3

Underwhelming offense and predictable defence could not beat a Calgary club that made far less mistakes in the second half!

Spinning in neutral AGAIN! When will this team get on the camel FFS to get over the hump? LMAO

Oski Wee Wee,


Very good first half. 20 points.

Sucked second half. 0 points.

One team learned from the first half....one team didn't...

Looked to me like Calgary was daring Glenn to beat them on those deep corners and he just wasn't able to connect. Mann's absence hurt the offense tonight, I think, and I'm still not entirely convinced that the receiving corps as a whole is strong enough to withstand Bruce being traded. But I guess we'll see how the next third of the season plays out.

And that's the complete game summary!
4 straight 2 and outs -- that was it in the 3rd.QTR. And, it would have been 5 straight if not for a Roughing the Passer call on HAM's first offensive play of the 4th. After hints of maybe some things actually being adjusted during the half in recent games, it looked tonight like they went back to their long-standing tradition of just napping through the dressing room break.

#Marcel needs to GO he a 500 Football coach go back to the OTTAWA GG's

That's one good way to summarize what happened.

And the Stamps got 19 points that half. How did this team get outscored 19-0 in the second half? And after outscoring their opponents 20-13 in the first? Coaching has to be a reason for that.

There were some missed tackles by the D, the coverage did not seem to be as good as it was before. But it how many consecutive two and outs were there in the second half? But coaching again was an issue. How did this team keep getting burned by screen passes?

Penalties were also costly. Jimenez may have cost us four points. The way the offence was playing in the first half, they likely would have got the TD rather than just the FG.

The rematch between these teams will be in Moncton rather than Hamilton. And some Ticat fans might be fine with that. I'm not sure if many Ticat fans will want to see the rematch if it's anything like the second half of this one.

Sub 500 with the Cats.....I'll throw out 2008 for him, but 9-10 in 2009 and 2010.....and 500 now....

What worries me is he seems satisfied with it......before the game, we heard how the Cats are on a roll, and the Stamps are struggling, yet both are 3-2.....Trestmann, Hufnagel....seem to want MORE......MB....seems to be happy with 500...

Dickinson really went to the lateral game in the second half -- lots of swing passes and flares to Reynolds and Cornish to take the edge off Hamilton's blitzes. Lewis had some monster completions on second down as well. All that said, the big problem was that the defense was on the field too long. Hamilton's offense needed to attack Calgary on the ground creatively to open up the passing field, and they didn't do it.

Hopefully none of the other teams were watching. If they all decide to play us the same way, meaning we only win if Glenn can throw accurate medium-to-long range passes, we could be in trouble.

Should be a barn burner next week when the Argos are in town if Hamilton plays like they did tonight. :?

Glenn was making those passes fine in the first half... second half the defense covered those deep routes well (or so it seemed) and our playcalling consisted of forcing it into guys hands for 5 yard gains.

One team made adjustments, one team didnt.

Glenn just doesn't lose his talent in the second half.... the calgary defense made big adjustments and our coaching staff couldnt adapt to it...

Just like our defense couldnt adapt to an offense that made big adjustments to our predictable defense. If theyre going to keep running this pressure defense they HAVE to get sacks.

If Hamilton puts up another effort against Toronto like they did in the playoffs last year... the frustration will be unbearable!

Yes and no. Glenn was making those passes in the first half because he had all day in the pocket to throw. Calgary wasn't getting any sustained pressure on him. In the second half, Calgary's line started to push the pocket, forcing Glenn to throw low-percentage deep passes on corner routes. It's a young receiving corps that is still finding its feet and learning how to be consistent through 60 minutes.

Having said that, I wasn't a fan of Jones's second-half strategy. If an opponent is taking away the underneath stuff, you have to activate your running backs as receivers to create mismatches in coverage and give your QB more options. You also have to run the ball more effectively. Hamilton did neither.

Glenn does not seem to have the arm strength to throw a hard, accurate pass when he is not "set". When he has the time to step into a throw - he is very good. The minute he gets happy feet or is throwing on his off foot - he can't get a spiral and the ball floats.

I don't know if I agree with keeping with Glenn in the 4th quarter. He was not able to get the ball moving, and at least Porter is a threat to run (which would counter the blanket coverage on our receivers).

Here's a thought - Porter, Deuces, and Thiggy all in at the same time...

We'll be the first CFL team ever to run the wishbone.

You all drinking from the same jug of Kool-Aid? It's these type of knee-jerk reactions that make all Tiger-Cat fans look like raving lunatics. Yeah, why don't we fire the coach, that's a fabulous idea. :roll:

You know why we heard the Cats were on a roll? Because they had won three straight! You know why we heard that the Stamps were struggling? Because they were struggling! Do you watch the games or just read the recaps? If you watched the games (and I mean all of them, not just Hamilton's) you'd know that the Stamps did not look good in their five previous contests. It has nothing to do with the coach being happy, but it has everything to do with the context with which it was said. If a team on a three-game winning streak isn't on a roll, then what team is?

As for tonight's game, I think the turning point was the selfish, idiotic penalty that Jason Jimenez took. After a nice play by Cobourne to get a first down deep in Calgary territory, Jimenez decides to go into business for himself and take a completely unnecessary shot at a Calgary linemen already on the turf. So instead of it being first down inside Calgary's 25 yard line (if not closer), it's first and 25 from around the 35. Without that penalty, it's entirely possible that the Cats score another TD. Going into the locker room up 24-13 makes this a totally different game. Jimenez was a buffoon for that.

Actually I think Cobourne made it down to about the 12 yard line, and the way we were rolling we probably would have punched it in for major. That Jiminez penalty was incredibly stupid, especially how late and dirty it was. Reminded me of last years debacle when Jiminez took out the BC player with that late, below the knees hit. This penalty I believe started the momentum shift and we were never the same after it.

I don't that will work in CFL Cause of size of the field.
The wish bone is Option offense
it not spread the field enough to work on large field
Now we are use some Pistol

we could do Version of Pistol with 2 Backs like so



This gives a Back Deep Back field and one right beside the QB
Gives some protection via pass and give ton option in runs

"And what do you burn apart from witches?"

"More witches!!!" :lol: So many of our fans are so lame, lol.

Totally agree with your assessment re the Jiminez penalty, that was the start of the slide. Khari for some reason went away from what worked when we started the second half. By the time we went back to it, it was too late. By that time, D had been on the field way too long;.