Burn The Witches Thread, Vol. 10

This team lost in alll three phases tonight. Ordinarily I would wait longer to start this thread, but this game was effectively over at halftime. The offense was flat most of the game, the defence was picked apart by Lulay and co., and the coverage teams had big breakdowns. It is harder and harder to watch the wheels fall off this campaign.

Oski Wee Wee,


I don't know...

It's kinda like a car wreck that you don't want to watch but can't keep your eyes off of...

My My Russ, you have started the "burn" thread and the game is not yet over! What if the Cats have a 25 -point comeback in 7 minutes????

(couldnt resist)

On a day when there was much talk about the new stadium, I think we would now like to know if there will be an actual professional team that will be playing in it, rather than this team that did not look so professional.

Good one! Thanks, I needed some laughs. :slight_smile:

'"Save Ivor Wynne: Tear Down the Tiger-Cats Instead"

Fire Creeham ASAP please!

I just figured out why the Coach keeps playing Burris even when he is ineffective. He is hoping he will get injured and them he won't have to make any tough decisions.

Wheels fall off??? Good Lord Russ...the wheels fell off weeks ago. At this point...I think we're looking at nothing but the rusting shell of a Rambler.

Avon was right


Don't think I'll go to any games next year, where ever they play.

There is nothing left to burn, all there is now is pile of ash.
The Three Little Pigs had more success building houses than the Tiger Cats do in building a football team.

Mea culpa at me being nice. LMAO

Oski Wee Wee,


It was obvious when we took the first offside penalty that allowed the Lions to keep the ball and continue the drive that this game was over. Loose coverages and total lack of effort. These guys cannot wait for the season to end so they can get back with family.

After the lost to the ESKIES, I think that the CATS do not deserve to be in the play offs period. So this lose
meant nothing to me. I didn't even watch the game. I knew the outcome. :thdn:

It looks to me like the players have quit. Why they've quit is yet to be determined. It's not good when an experienced veteran and proven champion like Avon Cobourne seems at odds with the head coach. A couple games back it was reported he was visibly upset with Cortez for not going for it on a 3&1. Then on Thursday he gets quoted as saying the team wasn't prepared for the upcoming game during the walk-through - a must win game at that.

Cortez punted on another 3&1 last night. It was a long 1 but near mid-field and I believe we were down 14-3 at the time. I can't remember exactly because by that point I had tuned out and was more interested in following the baseball game on my phone. Someone on the 5th Quarter last night mentioned how Cortez has been coaching for nearly forty years and this is his first head coaching gig - meaning he's been passed by for such responsibility many times. Perhaps we're finding out why.

The reality is Cortez is probably not going anywhere. I doubt Bob is willing to buy-out his contract now especially given the decreased revenues of next year's gypsy season. We have to hope he learns from his mistakes and turns into at least a competent head coach. Hiring an experienced OC next year would be an improvement.

During training camp it was reported Creehan was very vocal in dressing down players in profanity laced tirades. That might work in high school or university, but when I read about this style I questioned whether professional athletes - grown men - would respond positively to such treatment. I suspect Creehan's style matched with his inept schemes has created a credibility gap with his players which results in a lackluster performance on game day.

For reasons that still baffle me there remain those who blame Bob or Scott Mitchell for this litany of failure. Neither man is a football professional; they admit this freely. Bob is a self-made millionaire and if you think that's easy why haven't you done it, critics? If not for him we wouldn't be having this conversation right now because the Tiger Cats would be history. Bob and Scott entrusted football operations to Obie - the buck stops there. The Tiger Cats as a business are successful - as a football team are a failure. Bob and Scott need to take responsibility for their top ops guy and find someone new to fix this mess on the field.

Are you saying a GM with no proven track record as a successful GM hired a coach with no proven track record as a Head Coach. Maybe I see a pattern here?

I think a lot of us have to take blame for Cortez, when we were looking for a coach remember the cry for Cortez from a lot of us and how we were excited when he was signed. One of the reasons the team went after him is because the fans were so in favor of signing him. We're very lucky to have Bob (Mr Young) and we better not forget it good fans.

I feel just the same way as Ockham, on all the points he makes.

Only difference is, I turned off the game completely and switched to the baseball once we were down 14-3 and it was clear the Lions could more or less score at will and we were helpless to stop them. It isn't fun watching your team get dismantled.

The baseball games were both pretty good.

I sincerely hope that the team management did not hire George Cortez because some fans on the forum wanted them to. If they were dumb enough to do that, they really do deserve to be fired.

8) I agree wholeheartedly with you Captain !!
 This team as it is doesn't, doesn't even warrant support from Hamilton fans.

  These players obviously have given up at this point......and I have given up on them !!


"Some Fans" A lot of fans some well known fans right on this board. Convenient how scarce these fans are right now.