Burn The Witches Thread, Vol. 10

It may only be half-time but the 'Cats look like they've all been neutered. Down 10-6, with an offense that's MIA, to a team that's playing a Pop Warner QB and sitting their best player. I've switched over to the Leafs game because my hope is nil.

After our playoff game we'll be 8-11 and hopefully next year we come out with a QB that can throw a spiral and a HC, OC and DC with some experience and a winning pedigree.

I am so glad that I stuck to my guns this season and did not attend a game or buy any merchandise. Usually I spent hundreds of dollars a year... F it... HELLOOOOOOOOOOO new hockey gear! :stuck_out_tongue:


:D :D :D ;)

Cory Boyd is playing.


Chad Owens is not playing.

Regardless, we're playing a last place team that is starting a QB that would be 3rd string for the Sacramento Mountain Lions but our offense is so stale and weak that we're losing.

On the plus side...

Ben Scrivens is playing awesome for the Leafs and Kessel has at least 1 more point to add to his NHL lead.

Fire from Obie down try to lure Wally Buono form BC and start fresh. This team stinks!

What a terrible display of football.
Other than Medlock and a few seconds of spark when Porter threw the TD to Kelly there was nothing to provide much hope for the future. It was good to see Boltus but he should have played more.
I am still scratching my head about Stala getting shaken up in the last few seconds of the game. Why on earth was he, the best receiver on the team, on the field at the end of a game where we were down 33-16 with the most important game of the season just 9 days away? Dumb. Dumb. Dumb. :thdn:

8) So typical, comments coming from someone who didn't even buy one ticket for a game this year, or any merchandise !!
 Doesn't matter what you have spent in the past, this year your contribution was nothing to the team !! 

 Go watch your leafs .  Right, ...gotta love those laffs, but hate those Argos !!    <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->  <!-- s:thdn: -->:thdn:<!-- s:thdn: -->

Really what did anyone expect in a meaningl;ess game, with switching QBs and a ton of missing starters

Hage, Dyakowski, Cobourne, Thigpen, Rey Williams, Jamal Johnson... who else?

and a Missing GM and Coach But they Been MIA Most of the season
I said they lose to The Riders and Argos I was Right 8-10
to quote the Ticket Staff when I Went to Renew last year
Will be better next year is 8 and 10 Better NO it's not
I got tired of Empty Promises I got for the past 10 Seasons ..

FIRE OBIE AND Bellefeuille!! If Scott Mitchel Won't do it he has to go too..

This Team needs an Enema..

White pants.

Perhaps to a lesser extent, Collins and Turenne might have made some difference. And Hinds would have been good to have.

Aside from Hage and Hinds, we may have all of those players in the lineup in the EDSF game. We're going to need them.

Cap'n: So why was Stala in the game.....especially at the end? Someone on the coaching staff needs their head examined.

Probably should have stuck with Kelley and Mahoney as the NI receivers by the end. The risk of injury by that point FAR outweighed the benefits of having him in there. And that horrible throw to him with four seconds left? OMFG!!! If he isn't able to play in the EDSF because of the hit he took on that play, MB, KJ, and JB should all be turfed right after our last game this year. Even if we win that game.

couldn't miss them all night.. :o

Except that Kelley is an import. The problem was we only had 2 NI receivers in the lineup last night.
The only other option would have been to put Darcy Brown in instead of Stala. Which they probably should have done.

*or to put the new backup NI O-lineman (Rogers?) dressing for his first game in for one of the import tackle, and going with 4 import receivers. Also not ideal.

My bad. No idea how I missed that.

I was wondering why they seemed to be playing Darcy so much. Didn't play too badly, but definitely not a top-tier receiver. They could have even thrown Auggie in as well, although I'd hate for him to ruin his perfect season as a receiver. Best average yards per catch on the team too. :lol:

But the way our O-line was playing (or not playing?) last night, no way we put Rogers in and make it even worse.

It's too bad we didn't have an experienced, big time receiver like ummmmmm let's see, someone like Arland Bruce. Oh wait a minute, we had him and traded him.
Beginning of the end for Hamilton.
Beginning of a rebirth for BC.

Good move boys.

They looked like a bunch of individuals out there in stead of a team, a bunch of individuals that what to go home. :oops: :frowning:

Cap'n: Even with all these talented players in the line-up there are no guarantees. My problem with this team is not so much the players ...but the way they are being used. The game planning ( or lack of) is where this team falls short in my opinion.
It's my biggest concern about Marcel and I have not seen an improvement in his time as HC.

Yeah, because I'm going to drive 5 hours with a 3 year old, pay $1.25 for gas, stay in a hotel, pay for food and drinks, tickets and other expenses all to see a mediocre team that will only end up letting me down...


Fans should not accept this. The product on the field has been horrendous for the past 10 years... enough is enough for me.