Burn the Witches Thread, EDF Edition

Second-and-25, we rush three. The margin of error opened up and they capitalized.

Second down against them, they send at least four.

Tough way to lose a great game. We didn't do enough on defence and special teams IMO to tilt it our way in the end, but that is why they play the game.

Masoli? Unreal from where he was only a month ago!

Hard way to end the season...but for those who said we were done right after Zach went down, well...

Oski Wee Wee,


So sad that the offense played well and it was the defense and special teals are the ones to let us down.

Tough fought game a trying season with injuries and they toughed it out!

I wanted Gainey gone all year...he certainly didn't endear himself to me today.

Go either team from the west! I will not cheer for that team from Ottawa!

On to next year. We must stay healthy. When healthy I don't think any team in the league touches us!

Totally agree. Congratulations Ottawa. You barely beat a team with massive injuries to several starters & a 4th string QB. :roll:

Several individual brain farts today. KA was shaking his head and glaring a few times. Underwood catch on the sidelines, Banks catches a punt and has the no yards penalty then retreats 10 yards to cancel out the yardage gained on the penalty, Tucker off side on touchdown pass, Gainey falling down on the last touchdown. It seemed KA was out coached for periods of the game

Player mistakes on the field are not poor coaching. I really do not see how Austin was out-coached.

You really let us down today defence, especially you Arnaud Gascon-Nadon, I now hate you more than Tayor Reed...

The Cats deserve a better fate.... they bested Ottawa in pretty much EVERY stat.....

[url=http://www.tsn.ca/cfl/game/hamilton-tiger-cats-ottawa-redblacks-20151122/Stats]http://www.tsn.ca/cfl/game/hamilton-tig ... 1122/Stats[/url]

Pretty bad when the League TV sponsor is well behind their rival...


Nope. No matches or fuel from me. They played well, almost well enough to win. Nothing to hang your heads about.

(Still not convinced on tasker being offside. I'll be looking at that one again.)

Admire the team for the way that they fought through so much adversity all season. Lots of little errors in this game that if corrected might have led to the outcome that we all were wanting. They were in this game right until the end and will come back with Zach better and stronger than ever in 2016.

Well the league will be wearing PLENTY of egg on their face if it turns out that ANY of the calls like that against the Ticats (or potentially missed calls on Ottawa) had an impact on the outcome of the game.

I wonder if Buris will condemn Deane for his dirty chop block... and let all the sporting world there is NO room in the league for players like that??

Coaching is what kept this team going today...KA prepared this team VERY well and the RB TD kinda summed up the year...if something could go wrong, it would...

I rewound the play as it happened on my PVR just to see. He was offside unfortunately (unless you are Ray Elgaard of course).

But seriously, there was no doubt on that call.

8) Yep, Tasker was a good 3 or 4 yards offside !!!

He was atleast a yard offside.

Tough loss. Though a couple of big plays will get talked about a lot, I thought Ottawa's special teams play throughout the game was huge.

There should be No bitching and whining on this thread two back to back grey cups and a EF loss because of a team decimated by players losses to injury , very proud of this GREAT TEAM , BOB And Kent sign our core group and we will win next season at BMO field with Zachary as MVP :thup: :rockin: no bitching and crying folks shut up!

X2. Feel real bad for Gascon-Nadon. You could see the pain/emotion in his eyes after he dropped what people call an easy INT.

A foot over at the initial movement of the ball; definitely not a full yard. (Just watched it off the PVR.) And his foot hadn't yet landed. Not that that should matter, as the rules say only the centre's head is allowed to be in front of the ball. So a good call, but very close.

But the officials also missed a procedure call on the play. O'Neill moved just ahead of the snap. So even if the offside had been let go, there should have been a penalty against us no matter what.

yes I feel bad for him but what about Money Medlock today ,it's clear he can't handle punting and place kicking , otherwise I was disappointed that Speedy didn't have better returns????why blocking ....