Burn the Witches Thread 3: Own Your Feelings

No offense , but IMO , Evans holds onto the ball too long. If any quarterback holds onto a ball for 4 -5 seconds in a pocket, hes gonna get tagged. I ts like he doesn't have any options open to him , when there's pressure or he doesn't want to use it . I have said it before and I ll say it again, that they need to practice some short plays , for time management, and screen passes , and maybe more play action.


@olemancatsfan Well IMO, it's Masoli who holds onto the ball too long, but you're right. The Cats will move the ball more effectively with more short passes. And that requires quick releases by either QB. And that will cut down on the sacks. And with more runs on 1st down, so that the yardage needed on 2nd down can be achieved with a short pass.
And since I'm making myself Condell's consultant right now, Don Jackson should start getting starts. That would mean moving back to having one American on the line, but is Yarbrough a must-play-guy?

Yarbrough , Yarbrough ? Hmmm...isn't he the guy pretending to be a pylon that plays in Ciraco's old spot ?

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It's all one big mess. The long plays take too long to develop. The short options usually go nowhere because they are covered and there is no blockng. The run game is not even in the playbook.

It always looks like the opposing defence has 15 men on the field.

Someone wrote that CAL got all seven of their sacks last week with just the 4 D-linemen. If they can pressure us like that and drop everyone else into coverage ... yes, we will look outnumbered.

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Yes and that was against Trevor Harris who is somewhat of a dink-and-dunk specialist. If even he couldn't get rid of the ball fast enough then what chance do we have? Calgary's front seven are licking their chops right now.

That's true. And his letters are always marked postage paid!

It should be a very interesting "Burn the Witches Thread 4 : The Streak has Ended" on Friday night after the game .


I'm not going to lie to you but I will be totally shocked if it's a "Kiss the Witches " thread after this next game .

No Evans
No Banks
No Addison
No Posey
No punter
No O-Line
No depth at D-Tackle
Possibly No Masoli
Rookie fgk/p

I mean what could possibly go wrong ? :upside_down_face: :woozy_face:


cheer leaders forget to show up? :slight_smile:

Only if they can play on the O-Line .

Biggest thing they need to do is keep running the ball. After getting stopped for a one or two yard gain we sometimes throw in the towel on using the run and just use the odd fly sweep with one of the receivers. Keep pounding the ball with the backs, gives the lineman and linebackers something to think about then play action and passing game will
open up.

I rewatched the final 6 minutes of the last game (aka the Start of the Watford Era). Some thoughts:

  • Tim White had a decent case for DPI in that pass near the goal line. The defender pretended to reach for the ball, but he wasn't looking at the ball and only grabbed White's arm to prevent the catch. STE ended up scoring anyway, but after 50 more seconds had run down.

  • When we were called for contacting the kicker in the final 30 seconds, Bede had to deviate significantly from his normal routine to ensure that contact would be made. I watched a couple of his other punts and his left foot barely leaves the ground before landing again. On this punt, after his (right) kicking leg went all the way up and back down, he brought his left knee up like he was marching in the public square for Kim Jong Un. Our guy missed the kicking leg but ran into the goose stepping left leg.

Conclusion: Argos are cheaters.

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Agree on the pass interference, white’s right arm got tugged away just enough as he was adjusting back to the ball. Had he been able to get a second hand under it he may have caught it. We lost our earlier challenge though and Watford burned a time out as well when he came in. Could have really used that interference call or the time out in the final minute.

Yea but other than that the TiCats look GREAT! :+1:

is it me or is tommy condells play calling as predictable as watching grass grow?

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I am sure they would be an improvement over some lines.