Burn the Witches Thread 3: Own Your Feelings

Where to begin? The score sure flattered us. The end was a killer by giving us some underserved hope and then crushing us.

I doubt we would have won in OT anyway.

Past years I’ve seen Dunnigan’s career ended and Cavillo run out out of town because the O-line didn’t do their jobs. Two good quarterbacks taken down this season because of the same crap.


Id like to say if Evans is down long term we're in serious trouble, but we were either way.

This OLine is flag football calibre and not getting better.

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The Argos were consistently getting to Evans by just rushing 4. Either Gibson has to go, or some new O Linemen have to replace the pylons playing for us there now.

As for the kicker who missed the extra point, if I were HC, he would be on the first Go bus out of town.


In the future don’t go for the extra point after a TD. Go for two.


What year are we in for the 5 year plan?

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This doesn't fall on Bob Young. He's done everything an owner can do to set the team up for success.


Third string quarterback and most receivers hurt.
You can’t miss a convert.

There has to be a new kicker next game. You can’t choke when you’re the kicker.


I'm giving him a bit of a pass, since he had to handle Punting duties with no warning. PATs are no longer automatic since they moved it back. Who knows, there could have been an issue with the new holder (Dane is the usual one).

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The offensive line has been terrible all year. They were good for the run the last couple of games.

I don’t know how they were today because our OC eliminated the run game voluntarily.

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Ozzie actually missed a lot of kicks. We love him because he never missed when it mattered.

He just can’t miss that kick.

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You know for a team that had well over a year to prepare to host a GC they dont seem to have enough even average players in place.
Why ?


Where to begin ; Roar you Lions Roar or the cats maybe in an all out scrap with ottawa , for the rest of the season .
i think the ice-peoples are very busy right now in the hamilton clubhouse with all the ear-holing and de-cleating the boatmen dished out .
We have to grudgingly admire the showmanship shown by the arogs(spit) at 02:32 left in the game eh .

Yup absolutely

Two big questions for me

  1. Why didn't we go for 2 (and the win) rather than 1 (for the tie)? We go for 2 VERY often, if not in for preparation for times like this then why?

  2. Why didn't we try to kick for a single at the end to scrape out the tie?

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Has Watford practiced the 2 point conversion?

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Not sure you have an 75 yard leg out there. And I'd hate to see the hatred on here if you went for 2 and it was unsuccessful.


I thought Condels play calling was very bad tonight as was Danes overall ability to find the second option and scramble. I don't think Evans is the man capable of leading us to a Grey Cup. His play in the 2019 Grey Cup is an example and tonight was more of the same against a much lesser defence than Wpg's .I still think we need an upgrade at rb from STE like an import rb . Don Jackson would have been very helpful tonight .

I was shocked to see Arbuckle pick apart our defense in the first half and we could not stop retread John white and their run game.

Our defense improved in the 2knd half but still not much of a pass rush. I think our receivers have talent but too many rookies . It seemed that none of our dbs stood up and made a pass knockdown. I am not sure what the cause of this entire defensive flop was ? Were we playing zone.

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On both counts, I'd rather die trying