Burn the Witches... Again

They gave a a bit of hope near the end... just enough to make the loss worse. Get close.... and finally get decent field position to start a drive... with 1:13 left on the clock.

But we do nothing with it... no dice on the subsequent attempt at a drive.

Yes we lost Jalen... but we have a stockpile of receivers.
Breaux's loss explains some of the problems.... but we can't tackle and we somehow see to have forgotten that the game involves running the ball too (both on offense AND defence).

Grab some kindling, someone get a torch, find someone who won't float... and let's get to work gang.

No complaints here. Good game guys.


The D did OK. They gave up some long yardage plays but held us in it in the 2nd half. one thing, we are not getting consistent pressure on opposing QB's which is accentuating any issues we may be having in the secondary.

Too many undisciplined penalties.

Special team coverage and return blocking is pathetic. This must be addressed ASAP!!

O-Line was barely adequate to awful tonight. Masoli was under a lot of pressure and our running game was stymied for most of the game because the O-Line cannot seem to get off the ball and open holes for our RB's.

So many penalties

O line looked bad

Masoli was off on a couple of throws

Winnipeg has one of the best O line in the leagues. They opened up holes for Harris and gave Nichols time to throw.

Our offense has has 4 chances to win games this year on the final drive of the game.... 4 of our 5 losses.

Why do they let time run down to the point where it's do or die in the last minute? If this team has shown anything, it's that they're unable to engineer a last minute drive for a win, so run the hurry up offence when you have the chance, ffs.

Who cares if the team is any good. I mean we have all those great social spaces to hang out in at the stadium. Who really wants to watch this crappy team play anyway.

Nichols was terrible.
Penalties and Andrew Harris were the difference in this game
Oh and our Oline was bad,
Tony Washington and Bomben are greatly missed

I don't think we miss Bomben at all, Ciraco has played really well. Avery Jordan is struggling though.

Wrote about field position in another thread - average start for us in 1st half was our 25...for them, their 50...25 yards a possession...had some at the end, but once again, we kill ourselves on special teams on this factor...we had 4 ST penalties, including huge no-yards at the end that gave them the FG, and they had one...

This team is not good enough to be able to overcome 25 yards of field position on each possession...

Need a left tackle that can play NOW...and instead of using an O-lineman as a TE, why not get a TE?

I don't write much anymore but the comment Masoli was off a couple of passes PMO. We had 390 yards of offense he was responsible for 331 of those yards 251 passing and 80 running and the beating he took because the great saviour coach and Tillman traded away one of our best OL. Westerman should be cut 3 15 yard penalties this game two the last, Larry Dean cannot stop a run up the middle could go on forever but we need a new coach because this guy is obviously lost and you could see it in his face. I do not know if Steinhauer is the answer but the sooner the better if we want to salvage this season. It is time to kick ass on this team a lot of ass!

Were we watching the same game?????

Yup. They didn't quit. Bring on Edmonton.

Point was made by Duane Forde during the game that Girard being placed at TE when he's used to playing inside is compromising the OL. Easier solution is to move Mathews out to the TE spot and keep Girard on the inside where he's used to playing. It's certainly worth a try.

Well turn the tv off and radio, dont go to the games and whine and cry about it and see you maybe next year. And btw, dont post on this page if your that unhappy about this team.

We wont miss you :wink:

When Banks scored his TD at the end of the third quarter, I'm not sure I would have believed anyone if they predicted we would only complete one more pass for the rest of the game.

That's … one completed pass in the entire fourth quarter. You won't win many games that way, at least not when you enter the fourth quarter down by 10.

Well if our defensive backs could catch our average starting field position would be a lot better. 3 interceptions dropped tonight and it's not the first game like that.

It's a combination of these types of mistakes that cause the Cats to lose these close games. Death by a thousand cuts. Mostly self-inflicted. Good disciplinedteams don't beat themselves.

If defensive backs could catch, they’d be receivers.

Back in the day, Less Browne and Felix Wright had no problem with that.