Burn the Witches 2: Post Game Spleen Venting Thread

Couldn't be on the Board tonight. Looks like it was a good thing.

Here's the chance to diagnose the issues:


  • weak replacements
  • injuries
  • aging out


Bad schedule?

It would be nice to include some more measured analysis with the anger this week.

We stunk!

:skunk: :poop:

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June Jones, line 1…

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Unfortunately there is not much we can do player wise to improve from what we have. National talent is hard to come by and all the American players worth having are in a NFL training camp.
The o-line needs to be improved This may have to wait until NFL training camp cuts start. We could try max protection but numbers weren't the problem tonight.
We need a possession receiver in the middle. If Addison is out for the year they need to find a possession type receiver even if he is slower to work the short middle of the field.
We need some size and physicality at MLB to stop the run even if it hurts the pass D a little.

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Looks like you covered all bases.

Seriously this was a 10-8 game with about a minute left in the first half. Turnovers destroyed us and once they made it 17-8 we just seemed to fold. Physically the team is getting beaten. Mentally they look out if it. After last week I thought if they could stabilize the oline a bit things would look up. But we just look way overmatched.

Wpg and Sask on the road are a tough way to start the season but I’m not sure we would match up much better with other teams.


"Kids played hard tonight. Did I ever tell you that story about ..."

He made numerous head coaching blunders but his offence was way more entertaining than this Condell snoozefest.


After two games, all teams in this league know that our O Line cannot run block or protect the QB, and our D Line cannot stop the run, or pressure the QB. Unless Ticat coaches fix those issues, I doubt we win a game this year (even against the Elks).

I watched the game against the Riders last night. On the sideline, Fajardo was laughing at our D with his backup QB. At one point on the broadcast he said something along the lines of “the only way they can stop us is…” (then the rest was inaudible). I think Fajardo was referring to the fact that the Ticats play a defence that (for some reason) consistently leaves no one to cover RB’s and slots who swing out into the flat (safety valve guys), and that also leaves big holes in zones 10 yards downfield. Fajardo was playing pitch and catch using these routes all night, unabated. I like our secondary and linebackers, but I see that dynamic as a weakness in our D that will be exploited by all teams going forward unless DC Washington fixes it.

Masoli looks off. I don’t really care why (that’s the coaches’ job to figure out). But he’s had two kicks at the can and hasn’t gotten the job done, so I would start Evans next game.

Reinbold seems to have a lot of faith in our new field goal kicker, re: long field goal attempts. But he missed two from 50+ last night. If his ability to consistently kick those was why he made the team, will last night’s misses now cost him his job?


I got really pissed off seeing Fajardo & Harker yukking it up on the sidelines.

My thoughts:

  1. O line play is our biggest problem. As I posted in the game day thread, we have mostly the same personnel & they played well last year, with Van Zeyl winning the lineman of the year award. I'm not adept enough at analyzing O line play to see if their protection schemes have changed from last year, but it seems to me that the only difference between last year & this is new O line coach Mike Gibson. I remember his last go-round with us as OC in 2009 & 2010, & we seemed poorly coached then too. Our personnel & other coaches now are superior to then, so we should not be playing this poorly.

  2. D is on the field a lot, & because of the injuries to our D line & secondary, we have backups in, some of whom are pretty green. This is hurting our run D, & the pass D seems to be in a shallow prevent/zone a lot of the time, which allows experienced qb's to find the soft spots & exploit them. Davis & Howsare were nearly invisible last night.

  3. Our receiving corps BADLY misses Bralon Addison, whose inside runs and seam routes aren't being run properly by the younger receivers we've slotted in there. Ungerer is more invisible than Mike Jones, which is saying something. You can't slot in guys who have never played the CFL game & expect them to play like vets. Speedy looks slower, is perhaps playing with a slight injury. I was not in favour of it when he got cut, but maybe bringing in someone like Naaman Roosevelt could help.

  4. ST play is atrocious. We have to look at the kicking, but we also haven't come remotely close to taking a kick back for a TD, or even flipping the field enough to win the field position battle.

  5. We might be able to muddle through if the issues on both lines of scrimmage were fixed, but at this point, I have no confidence in this team beating the Elks or the SILLYNAMES.

  6. I agree that Masoli looks off. He's made bad decisions in both games. I would start Evans against Montreal. Throwing him in with no practice reps can't give a fair assessment of how the team might react to his presence.

I think the part that makes me the most angry is that they don't look like they changed anything at all from week 1. These guys didn't just forget how to play & the coaches didn't just forget how to coach. There must be something else that we don't know about.


It almost seems like the team’s conditioning isn’t up to par? We seem to be getting physically beaten in all areas. Faded badly in the second halves of both games. At this point I’m not really sure what to think, but coaches need to get this figured out in a real hurry.

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What Coach O had to say

Backups or not... these guys need to perform as professional football players. I just see little desire in this team so far.

Biggest Problem is at Line of Scrimmage
We can't stop no one and well everyone can stop us
They can't pass block or open holes on the 0-line
Winnipeg show everyone the blue print how to beat us
and Now everyone else will use till they make major changes


I don't understand how anyone, looking at the Game 1 depth chart when it came out, would have thought the TiCats would win in WPG and, even less a week later, could I understand anyone thinking the team might win in Regina. The Cats have travelled to play 2 of what appear to be this season's 3 best teams and have lost the 2-game turnover stat 9-1. When the schedule came out, I didn't like having the first bye-week so early but now, considering what we've seen, I think it's a good thing before our team travels, once again, to play what I see as the other best team. I'll need to see some fundamentally better play, at most positions, on the field in Montreal, to keep the faith.


I think the main thing is all the top end talent we lost between 2019 and this year. Either from free agency or retirement.

Filer and Matthews off the O-line being gone might be the answer to that question. Courtney Stephen and Adrian Tracy retired. Patrick Levels who was our big FA for the 2020 season before it was wiped out, is back in Montreal having never played for us (why were 2020 rosters / contracts not honoured for this year?)

Other big names that are gone though im not sure the details: Breaux, Cariel Brooks, Hajrullahu, Mike Jones, Leonard, Rico Murray, Rolle, Shortill, Tasker.

I think that list is mostly accurate. But you can see the losses on the O-line, secondary, kicker, recivers and various depth positions.

Not to mention the current starters injured: Wynn, Addison and Frey. Frey is a player I think we don't even realize how much we're missing, he was incredible in the half season he played before he was injured. Also wonder what our offense looks like once Burt plays and we team him with Kalenic.

But ya, sheer talent loss along with some out shape players likely from a year away is my analysis as to what's wrong.

We have some the best coaches in the game - someone might want to do a comparison of the 2019 staff and 2021 staff - I know it’s tough since very few get to go to practice and see who is actually “coaching”, I know in 2019 there where at least 6 hands on guys on each side of the ball, I just find it hard to believe that is still the case since several left without being replaced.

Are we short handed? :thinking:
Are our coaches being spread to thin? :thinking:
Are we trying to save money? :thinking:
Did we (upper admin) think rolling the helmets out meant auto Grey Cup Champs? :thinking:
Should someone be asking these questions? :thinking:

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The positive after the first 2 games is the čats are only 2pts out of first.:blush:

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The CFL did introduce a salary cap on coaches/ front office staff last year. That's probably leaving a mark as I think we had one of the better staffs. Good call!

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There’s no way we can get by with 3 Offensive coaches - we need, AT MINIMUM, a QB coach, a RB coach (can help with Pass Pro), 2 OL coaches (the 5/6 hearts of the team) and 2 WR coaches (1 guy coaching 5/6 guys, 65 yards apart is impossible).

I have a feeling :face_with_hand_over_mouth: we’re trying to get by using the STs coach as stop gap for 2/3 of those missing guys - what’s that going to do to our Specials :thinking:

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You čant blame the šaláry cap on coaches. All Teams are in the samé boat. Their just nôt a good football team right nôw.