Burn the Refs, because they deserve it...

It may or may not have made a difference. We'll never know but it is just so typical of the complete incompetence or possibly bias that is consistently shown by the league officials.

CFL Refs are making the CFL look like a bush league. ORRIDGE... GET OFF YOUR DAMNED ASS AND FIX IT.

The announcement from the ref was "illegal kick out of bounds. Hamilton. Edmonton elects to take the ball where it went out of bounds"

And everybody went nuts.

Still trying to understand why anybody...fans or coaches... cared.

Once you don't get the onside kick, the rest didn't matter. Until we took the add on penalty.

The point was the flag should never have been thrown They do not know their own rules.

Article 2 — Legal Kickoff
The ball, unless touched by an opponent, must be kicked more than 10 yards towards the opponent's Goal Line before it may be legally touched by a member of Team A.

PENALTY: L5 kickoff repeated or Team B may take possession at the point the ball was first touched by Team A or option.

The ball, unless touched, shall not go Out of Bounds in the Field of Play.

PENALTY: Team B will take possession either 30 yards in advance of where the ball was kicked or at the point where the ball went out of bounds.

Should the ball be kicked Out of Bounds in the receiving team's Goal Area without being touched by a player of either team, there shall be no penalty and the ball shall next be put in play by the receiving team at its 25-yard line.

Should the kicked ball strike the goal post assembly in flight, it shall be declared dead immediately and awarded to the receiving team at its 25-yard line.

If the kicked ball is simultaneously recovered by players of both teams or is simultaneously touched by players of both teams before going Out of Bounds, the kickoff shall be repeated.

No it did not have a bearing in the game but it is the principal that they did not know the rules. If no one had touched the ball the flag definitely should have been thrown. It is a glowing example of the the incompetence or bias if you will of officiating in the league as a whole.

The messed up penalty most certainly did play into account what happened, down by three points with 1:09 left and holding two timeouts, even not recovering the kick, having the defence hold them to a two and out would have forced a field gold attempt - ball should have been placed at the 50 yard line- so holding them to a two and out- the closest field goal would have been 48 yards- and we would have been down by 3 (missed field goal), 4 (missed field goal- single point), or six points (successful field gold) the 10 yard penalty for objectionable conduct moved the ball to the 40, and I think everybody saw the sails let out of the defence as we felt the screw job happening again, the penalty should never have been called, had it not been called Edmonton would have started at the 50 and we had a chance- not a great chance but a chance-

Can't I argue that the Cats themselves and everyone that booed didn't know the rules either? Why on earth was the cats bench freaking out?
It's like freaking out over a pass interference all when the receiver catches it anyways. It makes no sense.

Yes, I agree, every week there are fans complaining about the refereeing and of course every time there is a loss let's blame the refs.
Again this week the coach throws a challenge on PI in the end zone and they overturn the refs decision and they get the ball on the 1 yard line, score and make the game close.
The challenges have to be stopped, let's go back to living with the refs decision and speed up the game. There will always be pushing and shoving on pass plays and unless it's blatant the refs may not see it. Of course when you play back a replay and slow it down you can pick out interference.
The refs see it in fast motion and decide that they were both going after the ball, live with that decision and stop the challenges.

There is huge impact. The call initially is wrong. Coach Austin and Reinbold ask for an explanation. The officials argue with them to a point that coaches lose it. At the time there may have been confusion as to where the ball was being spotted and cats losing valuable yardage. Coach Reinbold explodes and we lose yardage on unsportsmanlike then they get call and spot of ball correct. So if original explanation from official is wrong and he argues it to a point we get a misconduct then he is corrected we still lose the yardage. The coaches and team lose focus. Play calls change for Edmonton as they are in field goal range and the clock runs out.

Why not have a quick conversation as officials to ensure rule is clear for all.....then relay message to bench. At least if wrong you as a crew are all wrong.

I am all for Reinbold and Austin losing it in that situation, with the history this season of botched or strange calls and some missed roughing passer calls on collaros in the game and playing for 1st place of course they are going to get a little more verbal.

It another example of officiating crews not working together. Seems everyone wants to be the guy.....making calls at wrong time and incorrect. Sports official is probably the toughest job around and you can't always make the right call but especially in situations where it may finish a game you need to be sure you are 100 percent and find help if in question.

Of course this is pure speculation as to what happened as the full story and conversation isn't out there. And yes if explained by cats it comes with a fine I am sure

Agree 100%.

If the erroneous isnt thrown nobody looses their cool and we're talking about the Cats not executing the short kick and the other issues that lead to the loss.

Or just maybe were talking about a Edmonton 2 and out and another Ticat comeback however slim.

Point is the officals threw a flag AND announced the penalty that never was. It doesnt matter that after doing this someone realized the error and didn't apply the yards, the damage was done.

I have to disagree with you Crash, as THE INCORRECT CALL WAS MADE and the explanation to the bench was completely wrong. Seems to me that everyone in the stadium EXCEPT the officials (and possibly you) knew the rule...

What are you talking about? Of course i knew the rule, but immediately i said to my friend "wow they screwed that up but it really doesnt matter"
We're talking about 2 different things in this thread, and both sides can be right.

  1. The refs somehow managed to blow an obvious call, on something we see all the time. Its a disgrace that they could make such an obvious mistake, and the explanation to the bench was even more of a disgrace.

  2. The mistake that was made had absolutely ZERO impact on the game, not directly or indirectly. The coaching staff should know this when it happened, make their point to the ref that they screwed up the rule, but jump to the conclusion that it doesnt matter one bit. I looked at the bench and saw players jumping up and down, throwing towels, etc. Chants of "bull****" from the stands... all im asking is ... why? Yes, its wrong. Got it. But at that point of the game who really cares? I dont want to hear that the bad call is the reason the bench took the penalty and therefore moved them up 10 or 15 yards. Thats exactly my point. Shake your head, laugh about how much of a joke these officials are, and move on.

The real problem is that there have been SO many bad calls this year that every time one happens we jump all over the officials regardless of what the actual mistake was.

Again, you can agree that the refs screwed this one up big time, and also agree that our bench had no reason to react the way they did.

We can blame the refs for not knowing the rules, but apparently our coaches don't know the rules either. If they did, they wouldn't have lost their temper because they would have known the call wasn't going to make any difference anyway.
I suspect the real reason they lost their cool was they realized when we didn't recover the kick the game was over because there was no way our defence was going to come up with a big stop.


If it's an illegal kickoff, Edmonton gets the ball at either the spot it goes out of bounds, or 15 yards further back (30 yards from point of kickoff). Edmonton of course decides to take it at the spot it goes out of bounds.

If it's a legal kickoff, Edmonton gets the ball at the spot it goes out of bounds.

So why argue the call? As someone said earlier, it's like arguing a DPI call when the receiver caught the ball. What's the point?

The point is the FACT that the officials are PAID to make the correct call. It's called |being a professional". With the number of outright disgraceful calls against the team this year, do you have ANY question of why the coaches (and team), as human beings, are outraged by this nonsense?

That Referee should lose his job over this. It's harsh, but when a Referee doesn't even know the rule book, then he should be replaced. He's not the only one who should lose his job - Glen Johnson, the CFL VP and Director of Officiating NEEDS to be fired. If Orridge doesn't have the stones to do so, I feel that we may well be in need of another Commissioner before the start of the next season.

Look, in my profession, if I make a mistake like that, I would be held accountable. If I foul up on something ON WHICH I AM SUPPOSED TO BE AN EXPERT, there is the very real possibility that I could be dismissed (released with disgrace) or go to jail if the error was egregious enough. At the very least, I would be fined - possibly severely. The players, coaches, and fans are losing their confidence in the League's officials. It wouldn't surprise me if the General Managers, Team Presidents, and, ultimately, the Owners are losing their confidence too.

This garbage has been plaguing the CFL for far too long. I don't know how to fix it. Maybe make the "eye in the sky" have the authority to overturn ALL calls on the field. Imagine the outrage if/when a moronic call that cannot be overturned (or worse, the Kommand Kommissariate maked the WRONG call) affects a potential game-winning play in the Grey Cup...

Oops - it already happened...

I agree refs are paid to make the right calls, but coaches are paid too, and they should know the rules too.

Kent and Jeff..."freaked-out" because Bowman's feet never touched the ground
when he hit the ball out of bounds.
He jumped and was still in the air...
And like Kent said in the postgame..."this is a rule that needs to be fixed".
Allow me to add how very "proud" I was of our Team.
Even with a loss...
You could field a championship Team...with just our guys that are on the injured list.
Yet they give it their all, right to the end. :thup:
Hats off to every single one of them.

As far as the Post Title...
I think that Glen Johnson's days should be numbered...period.
Since taking over as head of the Zebra's...this "clown" has done nothing, and I mean NOTHING to improve what is happening on the field.
It is not improving, but rather getting worse...
The sh1t storm should always start at the top...not from the bottom up.
Since taking over and "promising to make things better".
Not happening.
Out the door with this "fool".

I missed that play so I PVRed the replay

I would like to know
Who threw the flag?
The 2 refs on the sideline didn't! They are there specifically to watch for that and they both signaled OOB but never threw the flag

On the replay where they drew the line 10 yards away.....you see 3 more refs running to the center of the field and they all have the flags in their pockets!

Who threw it?

I've been wondering the same thing. We only know that someone did throw one, based on the on-field announcement as well as Austin's post-game press conference.

I'm guessing from that evidence that the referee asked the two sideline officials whether the Eskimo player landed in bounds, and they incorrectly said he hadn't (the player actually got both feet down inbounds after hitting the ball), at which point the referee threw it based on his misunderstanding of the rule.

Now it's just a question of why the league comes out with their explanation of what happened. (Or did I miss the announcement?)

I sit in row one.Play was directly in front of me. There were two officials that looked at each other then both threw their flags in unison. They both turned and looked at each other and smiled as if to say "Wasn't that cool".I turned to my wife and said theres no way that's an illegal kick and these guys think it's a joke.I saw Bowman knock it out but he was inbounds too.One referee getting it wrong I can see but two.I give up.

I give you one name my friends.
Tom Higgins.
I believe he is still unemployed.
When Tom was in charge "he made changes" and tried to get this "mess" under
In his 2nd season Tom "fired" YES" fired 3 on field Ref's.
2 were let go for their "lack" of on field work "making incorrect calls".
The 3rd was let go over a betting issue.
Sadly Tom returned to Coaching...
Since his time we have seen horror show after horror show with people in that position.
In regards to how so called "improvements" have been made.
Then again this week Johnson has had to come out yet again..to the Media to say his people
have screwed up again. :oops:
That is simply not good enough...period.
That is simply "lip-service" and nothing more.
The curtain of "silence" needs to be lifted and this bullshit needs to be brought to the forefront.
Fining Coaches and Players that dare say anything "negative" about on field work by the Ref's is also total bullshit.
All that is..is covering up the problems what we all as fans have seen and had to endure for years.
Never mind what the Coaches and Players have endured as well.
Rather than bringing the problem out front...and starting to fix this mess.
Talk about it...examine it...work it..."openly" and make it better.
With the human element it will never be 100% perfect.
No one expects that...
This is Pro-Football...not High School.