Burn The Guelph Witches Thread, Vol. 5

Hi folks -- just thought I would tee this up. My thoughts will come later this weekend. I will say it was enjoyable to watch despite the loss. The Cats are definitely getting there.

Oski Wee Wee,


Never mind Burn the witches… burn the goddamn reffing team… they decided this game in the 1st Q with that BS horse collar penalty!!!

The play calling was horrendous.

Only handing the ball off five times. The refs may have missed a penalty on the interception, but that's what happens when you try to get cute on 2nd and 1.

A win next week and we're okay, though.

Not to mention one pass interference missed in the end zone and one against Deidrick by Banks in the 4th quarter that chewed time off the clock.

I can't stand it when the refs influence the wins again. :thdn:

Hopefully they (the refs) can pay us back when we need it most! :slight_smile:

Yeah, some bad calls/non-calls in this one.

That aside, slow start by the O and growing pains for the young secondary on D were tough to overcome by the Cats. Eliminate the big plays to Emanuel and Iannuzzi and the Cats win. Still a good game.

If you have not had a chance, check out Austin’s interview following the game.


I love it!

The call on Deidrick may have been missed but I think it was a terrible play call.
It was 2nd and 1, maybe even just a half yard.
If you're going to use that as a "free play", throw the ball downfield. Don't throw a 2 yard pass to the fullback. If you're going to do that, you might as well just sneak the ball for the first down instead.

I watched the game last night and came to the conclusion the team played fairly well for about 50 of the 60 minutes. My areas of concern are, run blocking is no existent, we have no big deep receiver to stretch the D. Special teams kick return blocking is horrid. Other than that, the guys played hard and remove a couple of big plays and the team was in position to win the game. One last thing, has the team considered a no huddle offence late in the game when all the marbles are on the table?

Really? Did you see the first quarter stats?

0 first downs, 17 total yards, 4 two and outs, 4:56 time of possession. Absolutely horrible. And they certainly did not play well for all of the the remainder of the 45 minutes

I think you're being generous.

I don't think I'm generous, just optimistic considering BC D is a veteran group and we have numerous rookies. The lack of the running game and O Line blocking is a major concern. The 5 sacks were from what I watched were from more players in the box than the Tiger Cats could block. One thing about Austin, he is genuinely concerned a I am sure he will fix the problems as they arise.

Officiating stinks all over the league this year but what I am still finding unbelievable was the refs giving the 1rst D to BC after it was more than clear DeMarco did not cross the line and was in fact pushed back. There was yet another questionable spot later on too.

Good question that about the no-huddle when time is short - Hank's been burned before and watching Austin going postal on the sidelines trying to get them to hurry it up though making for great entertainment, isn't the way to get the play off faster.

Would like to have seen CJ Gable get a few more hand-offs but he did well on returns. Also liked what Brendan Boudreaux brought to the game last night - he was all over the field and instrumental on several tackles. Considering how much time the Ti-Cat D spent on the field, they did a pretty good job all in all for a young D. Nice to see the team finish with the TD. All in all not a bad game for the Cats in BC's backyard. Hope to see them on the winning side in Guelph next weekend. Go, Cats, Go.

Agree 100%

We don't have that guy that can go deep down the field and put fear in a defense. Every team has a legitimate deep threat except for us and Winnipeg.

I was surprised they cut Gant.....thought he could be that guy.

Agree with what you are saying but have concerns that BC showed no respect to our D by going for it third and goal from the three. Looking at it though our DBs were back 3 yards in the end zone and back pedalling making the TD a forgone conclusion for BC. The defense need to consider where the ball is on that type of play and play a lot tighter.