Burn the Guelph Witches Thread , Vol. 2

A disappointing effort in all three phases as the Cats seemed stuck in neutral through most of the game. Both the offensive and defensive lines were outplayed – the pass blocking of the makeshift o-line was particularly bad with Ingersoll being more of a turnstile than anything. Lamar had problems holding on to punts as well, leading to lost momentum and a glaring turnover in the first half. Overall, the team was not ready to start the game. I hope others can weigh in as I will look over the PVR again during the week for more detailed observations.

Oski Wee Wee,


8) Don't waste your time looking over your PVR again Russ, the result will be all too familiar and frustrating once again. :lol:

Biggest "wet T-shirt" contest ever held at the University of Guelph, Russ.

As I posted elsewhere, the stadium staff were very polite and friendly, but the sound system for east bleachers is not loud enough. Didnt feel like a "home" game, but that may come with time.

Still reserving my opinion on the Austin era (till labour Day), but once again, the defence is the core problem.

See y'all next week.

Last week I said that I would wait 3 weeks before getting upset. I lied.

That first quarter was pathetic! The game was pretty much decided then and there.

The team looked totally unprepared.

Offense sucked.
Defense sucked.
Special teams sucked.

Where are all these newcomers coming from and how can they start so many of them with so little time here?

Well Mr. Austin, two losses before the Hamilton fanbase has descended into ravenous, frothing madmen who will complain and lash out at anything and everything, because clearly everyone in Hamilton has professional coaching experience and are all high level athletes. Normally that would only take one game, so that's a positive.

Seriously, the volume of complaining that goes on after a loss, it almost has become a sport unto itself, almost to the point I think the fanbase secretly wants to lose games so they can complain.

Anyways, I hope you had a good film day, I do sincerely hope you turn it around.

well If it is any consolation, DB Sears, SB Edwards, and DT Turner will not be playing this weekend due to various injuries.

Turner may be out for some time (possibly 9 game IR) as he suffered strained chest ligaments (ouch) which usually take a few months to recover.