Burn the EDSF witches...

The 4 missed points by Maher didn’t cost us the game, as EDM would almost certainly have scored a TD in the final seconds anyhow. We did a good job on covering the Esks receivers, but couldn’t make a tackle on White.

Now I’m going to talk about the Mastodon in the room - the CFL officials. Once again, Hamilton was denied a freakin’ CLEAR RTP penalty, not to mention a DPI cal in the end zone, by the Kommand Kommissariate. If the CFL issues an apology again, I will lose my sh!t. The officials are simply NOT good enough, and the Kommand Kommissariate is even worse. Glen Johnson deserves to be fired the second the Grey Cup ends - he has done NOTHING to improve the officiating in this league.

I guess it was too much to hope for a win with an entire starting lineup on the DL. Some of the positives I took from the game are: the play by Brian Tyms (we need him next year), Gable playing his guts out, Chick being the sack-master (we need him next year too), Zach is definitely our starting QB, and we were NOT out-coached this game.

All-in-all, we lost by 3-points to the defending Grey Cup Champions. We played them hard all season, even with the 3rd- and 4th-stringers we were forced to play due to injuries. IMHO, there isn’t a Head Coach in the League that could have managed the slew of missed games by injured players.

How late does a late hit have to be, here is a still pic

Derek TaylorVerified account
Still of hit on @ZCollaros7 vs. two others that WERE called Roughing this season. #Ticats #CFL

Derek Taylor ?@DTonSC 33m33 minutes ago
Note that Odell isn't even in the frame.

I think we played hard and well against the Grey Cup champions, with a makeshift roster much of the year. I don't blame the officials, or the coaches, or the players. We lost a close one to a team that was significantly better over the course of the season. I have no complaints.

Next year every team starts off 0-0. We have some good players, good coaches and capable management. I look forward to a competitive season. I hope it doesn't include quite so many big comebacks from early deficits, but I can't knock the entertainment.

Have a good winter everyone.

Not only was it obviously late -- but he didn't let up and actually laid into the hit. I've seen many this year where players let up and still get called. He gave it extra.

It was bull and cost us the game. It would have been up 5 yards after the iffy holding call was deducted, but an automatic first down with the roughing.

That was the play of the game. Everyone thought the flag was for RTP but the refs. Just terrible that the replay ref didn't call it. Do they not know the rules? Earlier this year we heard that the replay ref didn't know the rule (the catch and fumble). Maybe this replay ref doesn't know the rules either. It doesn't seem to be a job requirement.

I can't recall any of the 67 editions of the Hamilton Tiger-Cats which provided more hard-on-the-heart excitement, while losing regularly, than this 2016 team did most of the year. Finally a good day of coverage by the DBs, even while losing Stephen and Daly, and still a loss. :frowning: A pat on the back for Cleshawn Page and Chris Davis on the corners. :thup:
Now, rootin' for the RedBlacks and looking forward to next season -- the 50th anniversary of our best ever defensive team.

Looking at Grover's photos I don't know how the CFL can explain this one.

Grover should be the replay official.

OUCH!! Well those pics are REALLY telling! I thought that it should have been called just because of how late he hit Zach - not necessarily where he hit Collaros or what part of his body made contact. These pics just prove my point.

Replay especially on penalties is seriously flawed...the judgement in the booth is just as inconclusive as the judgement live...it just takes all the natural momentum out of a live game experience.

I might add the EE were SIGNIFICANTLY healthier too - and not just today but over the course of the season.
And yes we do have a very good team. Unfortunately many of those great players were on the sidelines for this game - in civvies. :frowning:

I agree with you on the entertainment value . Just when you think that they can't possibly win or even come close, they play with a vengeance and get back into the game - sometimes even winning it!

Here's to a MUCH HEALTHIER and more successful 2017. BTW I do believe that the Ticats have once again topped the league in player games missed due to injury. They had the most player games (I think that's the right term) lost due to injury and I believe that it's worse this year. Hard to be competitive AND win against teams that aren't missing any starters.

The only thing I can think of on the Collaros hit is that he had stepped up & was outside the pocket; as he approached the line of scrimmage, the official may have thought he was a threat to run.

Not sure if that's what they thought, just speculating. At the time, I thought it was roughing the passer. Duane Forde disagreed though.

Sorry, but I wouldn't accept any position less than Commissioner. :wink:

Looked late and high to me

We all know that RTP calls NEVER go our way this year when Collaros is in. On borderline calls we always come up on the wrong side.

I'm more curious about the holding that was called on the same play. I don't recall another holding penalty all game. What was so egregious about that one that it warranted a flag at such a crucial part of the game? They didn't show a clear replay, as the focus was on the challenge, but I certainly did let see a flagrant penalty from the views that we had.

Without the holding call we were positioned very nicely to move down the field for a potential game-winning field goal.

Don't worry the league will admit their mistake this week and all will be ok

Ya no kidding. CFL is always a day late and a dollar short

One of the Ticat linemen didn't release his defender when Collaros slipped through the line. Might have been able to grab Collaros if he hadn't been held back that split second.

Drew EdwardsVerified account ?@scratchingpost 35m35 minutes ago
#Ticats @ZCollaros7 on late INT: "Bad decision, bad throw, worst possible time. It's all on me and I'll own it."#CFL

Yes it was, is and you will. :frowning:

I didn’t see this game and I’m sure that some here will say I missed a rather ugly one. I remember there being concern over how the defence could do against Edmonton’s receivers. Instead it’s an RB who had a great game against our D. I see that Gable didn’t get us many rushing yards, and Tolliver didn’t get many receiving yards. It can be hard to win when you are missing some of your better players, including three of your starting receivers.

And I understand that the league owes this team another apology. Steve Milton seems to believe so, based on what he tweeted:

steve milton ?@miltonatthespec 7h7 hours ago

HOlding call, what a killer. #Ticats had big second down completion. Should be roughing the passer. #Esks. #CFL

[url=https://twitter.com/miltonatthespec/status/797904764449202176]https://twitter.com/miltonatthespec/sta ... 4449202176[/url]
steve milton ?@miltonatthespec 7h7 hours ago

Command centre? What are you seeing?. #CFL #Esks

[url=https://twitter.com/miltonatthespec/status/797904928454819840]https://twitter.com/miltonatthespec/sta ... 8454819840[/url]

Well, another long off-season begins. Time to try to fix what is wrong with this team. I expect 2017 to be better. Until then…

Go Bulldogs!

(They have been doing well so far this year, actually, and recently defeated the defending champions, which sure isn’t easy.)

To be completely fair to Maher - the missed extra point did a complete left turn with the wind - and the field goal attempt incredibly stayed completely straight and wide right. If it had hooked like the extra point it would have gone right through the middle of the uprights.

Plus Maher did a solid job punting. And the back spin he managed to put on both the onside punt we recovered and the game tying kick-off showed great skill on his part.

We simply were not very good all year long. I think there were only two or three games all season long that we played well for an entire game. Almost every other game at best we only played one good half. Our first halves were brutal much of the year - why was that?

TravelPat, I agree with you all the way, especially your question about the first half performance.