Burn the 2024 Witches v.I - Cow Patties in Cowtown

I agree with you. I would take any QB in the league over Bo, and probably any backup over Powell. Our QB room needs a jolt of youth and talent.
I was happy with BOs play in the second half and pleasantly surprised/shocked with his mobility.

He was moving around better than at any time last season.

The surprised/shocked with his mobility thing plus his lack of touch and accuracy on his passes is what has me worried .

Lots of room for improvement all over the field. Team sport. Would not give up on Powell.

Yea, now he’s as good as Crum.

I think Crum is a super dangerous scrambler.
Is Crum #2 or #3 in Ottawa?

Mr Masoli back yet?

He’s listed on their active roster, I guess we will see when they take the field.

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I think under Bo we can succeed but the team around him needs to be stellar and make the plays when they need to.

Receivers snagging everything, solid O-Line protection, Killer D-Line and Ball-Hawking DBs, as well as a great Return game on STs.

Did I miss anything? :smile:


All true
Bo at his current salary $$$ should allow this to happen.


With all that who needs a good quarterback.

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I think back to 1986 with Mike Kerrigan as our QB. Decent, game manager type QB but far from elite.

However he was surrounded by guys like Covington, Zambiasi and DiPietro that wanted to finally win it. Everybody bought in for that Grey Cup.


Did you watch the game last night? TSN did a nice segment on Grover and his son, Christian.


I always thought it would have been cool to have Christian in Black & Gold just like his Dad.


Agreed 100%. The QB gets too much credit when the team wins and too much blame when the team loses. No one guy, no matter how talented, is going to make up for subpar personnel around him and/or subpar coaching.

You need to have a well-rounded team. I’m not saying you need elite guys at every position (that’s impossible in the cap era) but your team should be solid in all three phases.

A good start would be:

  • receivers catching the balls thrown their way.
  • cutting down on self-inflicted wounds (too many men, UR, etc.).
  • stickier coverage from the back eight.
  • making just one big positive play at the right time, whether it’s a sack, a turnover, or a great catch.

If Hamilton addresses these issues, the wins will come.


Bo and Butler did what they needed in order for them to win. It’s the players around him and on D that let this team down.


Power Ranking after week 1.
Ticats dead last. Only one way to go.

Behind a team that has yet to play a game.
TBF, we looked like the worst team of the 8 that played, so…

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I side with the QB pretty much dictates the outcome of the game.

Obviously not fully but they get the big bux and are usually the difference.

Show me a good team and i will show you a good QB.


Show me a good team and I’ll show you a good team, including the QB.

I’m not saying you can dress any chump behind centre. I’m saying it takes more than a good QB to win games.


Masoli is still out and yes Crum is #2 in Ottawa currently…

Hopefully Moxey and Peters joint some experience into our secondary this week. Things wouldnt have been bad if we werent giving them 15-20 yards off the ball every play.


Jeremiah was actually cleared to practise, fully last week, but has come down with some ilness or, at least, that’s what they’re reporting, and he will not dress for the RBs season opener, tomorrow night vs. WPG.

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