Burn the 2023 Witches vol.X - Another Losing Season

In a “nothing game”, the results don’t matter.

That being said, a 9-9 season feels better than an 8-10 season. A .500 season feels better than a LOSING season.

BLM looked lost, no receiver could either get open or find the soft spot in Montreal’s Defence, he had LOTS of time to pass the ball, and most times ended up coming up short. There were too many dropped balls that hit the receiver in both hands, our backup American RB was a complete and total flop, and McAllister started the game with the inability to hang onto the ball.

When it came to “crunch time”, this team fell apart.

As I wrote, and then 5 minutes later Jim Barker repeated it, this team doesn’t give me the warm and fuzzies for next week’s game.

I know we didn’t play either Butler or White, but I’m not so certain they would have made a difference for BLM.

McAllister finally made-up for his fumble (that MTL scored a TD after in two plays - yay Mark Washington Defence) with a missed FG return TD, but those mental mistakes can and will lose you a playoff game.

Bayless and Smith, aside from a couple of plays, couldn’t catch a cold, never mind a football.

I will say, however, that Wynne had a pretty good game - the first one this season. I know he had a pretty devestating injury, and it’s good to see him in full health.


Just a more expensive 8 win season.

Maybe next week will be different than last year.

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Maybe next year will be different than this year.

I’m not shocked by the outcome even if this was a relatively meaningless game. We haven’t beaten Montreal all year, although the games have been close. Simply put, they’re a better team than us , top to bottom.

Sadly, I expect much of the same next week. After 18 games, we are what we are…

As an aside I was driving around during halftime and the shill broadcast had the owner on at halftime…The owner literally said, and I quote…“This is an astounding organization!!!”…

Take that level of delusion for what it is considering where it came from…

Is the big question facing the coaches, after what they saw today, who to start at QB next week? Or, is it which QB to sit out?

Unless there’s an injury we don’t know about, it’s pretty clear, to me, who one of the dressed QBs has to be. Beyond that, I want more time, to think about who I’d have as #1, #2 & #3, if the decision was mine.

Maybe he said that on his lawyer’s advise, you know, to lay the foundation of an insanity defense, if it’s ever needed.

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Personally I think today meant very little to the coaching staff and it will be Bo/Shiltz/Locks next week.



Possibly, but more likely it’s the ramblings of a huckster polishing a turd…

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This game was there for the taking because Montreal showed nothing. Instead the Cats found about a dozen ways to lose.

BLM only produces one 1st down in the entire first half.
Turnovers at the worst of times.
Drive killing penalties.
Special Teams coverage was poor.
I lost count of how many dropped balls.

Yes there were players like Butler and White resting but they needed to give Bo some legitimate reps. The expectation was that even though it was a meaningless game, the Cats would have came out with something to prove. Instead the lack of execution almost looked like a pre-season game.

Incredibly frustrating performance.

I think Bo gets one quarter in the ESF and if he looks that bad then Shiltz will be thrown in to try and salvage the season.


I guess he’s either quite cleaver, or quite clueless. six of one half a dozen of the other

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[quote=“Crash, post:7, topic:89161”]

Personally I think today meant very little to the coaching staff ...

This is why we are so fu^%$n mediocre!

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Alot of people were talking like a win next week was a foregone conclusion. Wonder if their opinions have changed based on tonight’s game

Mine sure has!

My main concern is this…

How did we do injury wise???

I wasn’t able to watch the game very closely, did we have guys kneeling on the turf during the game?

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I’d thought, moments before you posted, Garney_26, about using your word to describe someone’s performance, today, but those first half stats aren’t up to that level!


Was pretty clean from my recollection

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I don’t think the Cats ended up with any injuries but I do know that for the fans it was quite painful to watch. :smile:

It hurts to lose, but this game was MEANINGLESS with a capital “M”. Don’t believe any of the hype.
Our two best offensive players and our best DB were resting and we still almost pulled it off.
We can beat these guys.


Thats good news!

Now if only we could have Figueroa out there for the ESF…

Yup maybe we won’t spend as much money to once again finish at 8-10 as we did this year and last . As for next week being a different result ? Well only if BLM doesn’t start and play the game . Sorry for being so harsh but it is what it is .