Burn the 2023 Witches vol.VIII - Back to Life, Back to Reality

Soul II Soul said it best.

“How ever do you want me” - How about a team that looks both prepared and excited to play instead of coming out flat and down 10-points before we can blink?

“How ever do you need me” - How about NOT taking three (so far) Illegal Procedure penalties by the same guy? How about not committing a frickin’ FORMATION penalty too?

“Back to life, back to the present time. Back from a fantasy, yes” - It certainly seems like the victories against both BC and WPG were fantasy, and we’re back to the “present time”.

“Back to life, back to the day we have. Let’s end this foolish game” - This foolish game won’t end until El Presidente is no longer employed and outright wasting the Ownership’s money.

“Hear me out, don’t let it waste away. Make up your mind so I know where I stand” - Unfortunately, with theis ownership group and Front Office, we wil stand watching another team inhabit our locker room as the Eastern Division Champions. We certainly know where we stand.

It took Timmeh until the 2:15 mark of the third quarter to make a reception.

A ridiculous flea-flicker play was a sign of desperation. Serves them right it was intercepted.

A Grounding penalty from the end zone resulting in a Safety.

A first down negated by a holding penalty. Same with a great punt return.

An somewhat-average (at times) WR decided to act like a complete jackass after make=ing receptions when down by three scores. Put the ball down and get your ass back into the huddle.

It’s beyond obvious that Hamilton, under El Presidente’s “leadership” cannot compete with Toronto. He’s a failure as a team executive, and beyond a failure as a HC this year. And yes, I have no issues saying that directly to his smug face.

The elephants in the room have reproduced like rabbits. Maybe that’s the only thing Stein can oversee successfully.

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The Argos are the class of the league and The Ticats are a middle of the road team

We’ve seen it 4 times this year. They’re better in all 3 phases of the game

Thankfully they may have to beat us 5 times to get to the Grey Cup, and we may have to only beat them once

Looking back, the TCs were favoured at Toronto week 1. Seems laughable now.


If this game was a barometer of where we are after beating BC and Winnipeg recently, one would have to question how good those teams really are??? Because we are a mediocre team at best.

As for those claiming Mr. Powell was turning a corner, all I saw was a reversion to a JV level playbook that the Argo D had figured out by the 2nd series of the game…

We’re most likely going to the road to Montreal in 5 weeks for the East Semi Final with undoubtedly the same results as last year…


four phases if you want to include coaching


This is becoming vwey much like 2022…cats win a couple of games over good teams (BC & Winnipeg) …we’ll make the playoffs…only to lose in Montreal…baring a miracle

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Funny enough, if you take away two mistakes the pick six on the opening drive and the interception on the I do not what the heck they were thinking flea flicker. This is a very close game.


Trust me the only time this game was close was when they sang the national anthem . It kinda went downhill after that .


Is 2018 BLM almost ready to play?
Asking for a friend.


Agreed. There’s Toronto, and then there’s the rest of the league.

I don’t think there’s much to choose from between HAM, MTL, and OTT.


Our defense did not play that bad. The pick six and the almost pick 6 , were not the defences fault, nor were the half a dozen procedure penalties.
Powell looked like a 4th string QB tonight. On that botched flea flicker, who was he throwing to?
Let’s regroup and destroy Calgary next week.


Argos don’t suck this year.


Correct. We suck, they blow (every other CFL team off the field)

Yea, and by the they sang the Argo fight song it was over.

He’s now on the 6 month injury list, so maybe next year?? Or not😞

Many of us (me included) have, in the recent past, made fun of the Argos, and especially their coach (Dinwiddie) and QB (Kelly). Now, I wish we had some of their players and their coach here.

Coach D is smart, competitive, and he shows a lot of passion/energy during the game, some of the things that our Coach O appears to lack. There’s no doubt that QB Kelly is talented (likely to be the CFL MVP), but he comes across as immature and very ego-centric; I’d like to see someone knock that smirk off his face (perhaps it’s permanent?).

In 2023, Argos are the class of the CFL and they are almost a shoe-in to win another GC. I’ll admit that, in this season, it has been a pleasure to watch them play. Too bad about the lack of fans in the stands though. :expressionless:

Apparently he’s close to coming back. I think with him playing, this team might have won a couple of these games against the boatmen this season. I know that he didn’t look that great when he did play, but he was still getting used to a whole new offense and group of receivers.

Unfortunately for us, they don’t - especially since we’ve played them more than any other team. Half of our losses have been to one team - the top team in the league.
Montreal, meanwhile has four matchups with Ottawa! :roll_eyes:

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Agree - Calgary coming off a bye week at home used to be pretty much invincible but they looked awful against Montreal tonight.
Next week they’ll be on the road and playing in Hamilton. Let’s give them the kind of hospitality that we offered Winnipeg last week!

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Here’s an update of the 4 games vs Argos - lots of consistency!
NOTE: Asterisk is the Argo pick 6

Kiondre Smith had 9/13 receptions for 156 yds! (26 YAC)

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good to see the argos continue to be the class of the league.

must be those owners, MLSE, who is doing all the right things…not who they hired.

boy MLSE sure knows how to build a successful football team.


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He’ll be playing soon. September 30th or October 6th. Mark my words.