Burn the 2023 Witches vol.V - Lather, Rinse, Repeat

But thats not happening and was never going to happen.

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I would like to see Hamilton hire Danny Mac as our 1 and only GM. Let him run the team.

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Again, stuff like that doesnt happen mid season for anyone nevermind here.


Yeah, if a complete purge happens, it almost certainly happens after the season ends. Or in the final weeks of the season if the team in question is out of the playoff race.

I was not suggesting they do it now.


How does one make an inept owner understand the general discontent that I’m hearing on the 5th quarter???..

Hmm…Perhaps giving Mr. Young empty seats for the rest of the year???

You are most likely correct, but we can hope. It would be nice to think that the press/GM/coach O will look in the mirror and fire the guy looking back.

Fire stein immediately

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Get drunk, for the whole week…

For everyone that thinks Milanovich is in Florida and won’t come to Hamilton to take an assignment (either HC or OC), why is he Sr Assistant Coach? When you’re part of a football team and want to win, you do whatever necessary. Otherwise why is he here?


[quote="danman, post:38, topic:87438"After Labour Day, it is going to be really hard to show up at Tim Hortons field to watch.

The only thing that could possibly happen is them getting rid of El Presidente and promoting Milanovich - if he could be bothered to leave his home in Florida.

Sure, Condell or, more appropriately, Washington could be the sacrificial lamb, but that won’t “solve” anything mid-season.

The day the team is eliminated from the playoffs, Mitchell should finally show that he has a pair and relieves him of all duties. The three-headed GM monster should be the next to go, because they are batting under the Mendoza Line on player talent evaluation.

My “dream” would be to hire Jeff Barker as President of Football Operations, with Danny McMannus as General Manager. Barker can “mentor” Danny during his “rookie” year at the helm, and THEY would hire the next Head Coach.

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#FIRECONDELL train is getting full as everyone is now on board… You cant score more then 20 pts in how many games this year win or lose. His playbook is useless just as much as he is… I have been saying this for years and I will stick to it… Until Tommy Condell is done we are not scoring many touchdowns.

Tim White
June 18th @ TOR - 5 catches 41 yards
June 23rd vs. MTL 7 catches 143 yards
July 8th vs. OTT 1 catch 7 yards
July 13th 2 catches 71 yards
July 21st vs. TOR - BIG FAT 0 CATCHES 0 YARDS
July 28th @ OTT 4 catches 46 yards
August 5th 2 catches 2 yards

what a bloody waste of 125,000 not even 400 yards 7 games and hes supposed to be our top reciever what a joke

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Unfortunately they won’t be doing anything until at least the end of the year. We are going to have to put up with watching this crap and listening to the coach’s BS for the rest of the season. At the end of it all Stein and his sidekicks will be removed from their current positions. Since Stein had a rough childhood and all, they will probably not fire him but “convince” him to “pursue other opportunities” and then the rebuild with coaching and management can begin. What another wasted season. :weary:


Stein/Condell sealed tonight’s fate by breaking Bo’s leg last week. Tonight was a given when you trot our your 4th string QB. Bill Walsh wouldn’t have scored more.

Fire Condell for his role in last week’s malpractice, but tonight his hands were tied.


Exactly Crash.

They fubared our season last week. Mitchell might get back in the line up by the end of the year but it will be too late by then. A boneheaded decision.

While I agree with your reasoning, would BLM have fared better tonight, given his performance so far this season?


The offense was moving the ball better last week with Bo in charge.

True, but also struggling to score points and avoid interceptions.

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Yes. He would have.
The offense has more flow when he’s out there. He threw a ton of INTs last week but so did Danny McManus, he just keep throwing the ball.

The guy has played 2.5 games in this offense, after how many seasons in the same system? And 2 were against WPG and TOR. He didn’t get the cupcake Edmonton game Dane Evans got to feast on.

He’s our best (only) chance to win anything.

And I’m not convinced he’ll be back this year.