Burn the 2023 Witches vol.V - Lather, Rinse, Repeat

With Powell starting, I really didn’t expect much.

He played fairly well in the first half, with Condell calling high-efficiency plays and making liberal use of Butler both running and receiving.

Godwin was having a good game, until his injury.

Powell doesn’t seem to have any “touch” on his deep passes. He missed every single one.

The Defence didn’t allow a TD until the 4th quarter, but looked completely gassed by then.

It’s a sad state of affairs when you are regularily using your backup QB as a completely useless WR. The guy can’t catch a cold, and they continue to throw to him.

Timmeh might as well have been invisible again. The guy hasn’t shown up at all the past three games.

I counted at least four Procedure penalties, as well as Locksley going offside on a pass pattern. There was also a “No End” formation penalty on ST. These penalties are inexcusable, especially at home.

With Diallo getting injured in the 1st. Of course, TSN thought it would be a better idea to show BLM in the stands than the injury on the field - not even a replay.

Stanbeck had over 100-yards rushing.

We are now firmly entrenched in third place, and hae lost the season series (and therefore tie-breaker) to Montreal. I highly doubt we will win the series against Toronto too. This means that in order to make the playoffs, we have to win enough games to avoid yet another crossover, and I don’t see that happening with these players and, especially, this coaching staff and Front Office.


A good first half wasted by a second half full of key penalties and turnovers. The injuries didn’t help either.

Stick a fork in this team…This year is lost

They’re a bad organization, top to bottom and nothing changes until rotten head of this snake is gone. And I don’t mean Steinauer…


Milt and Barker are calling for a “change”.

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But dont say what or who. That wouldnt fly even in here nevermind by broadcast anaylists.

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Guess a bunch of deep balls wasn’t gonna work.

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Barker knows Stein is in over his head

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Ok, you’re Bob Young and running the show. What do you do this bye week?

Terminate the President of Football Operations/Head Coach.

But, he probably won’t.

He knew it when he was on the staff.

Its HSG. And they will do absolutely nothing. Too invested in Stein for a mid season firing.Coordinators dont get fired unless theres a player revolt.

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rewatch the 2019 season, so he can give the Viagra a rest.

Sell the rest of the team and go away…

I’m not even angry over this mess.

It’s sheer exhaustion and resignation that this is a terrible football team.

El Presidente looks completely lost. He’s in WAY over his head. He does not deserve the honour of being associated with this team in any manner.

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I see a lot of empty seats after Labour Day…

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Once they beat Edmonton everyone can be happy again for a week.

Here’s a question:
Were there any pass plays in the 7-12-yard range attempted tonight? My my recollection, most were checkdown passes, WR screens, etc. When Powell was “allowed” to air it out, he missed pretty badly.

Was there nothing open in that range? Were players open, but not seen?

Listened to the post game show on Ticats.ca and it was nothing but false hope and shoe shining…

5th Quarter on CHML is a bit more on point about this garbage…

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Vanilla playbook for a rookie QB…

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I honestly don’t have a problem with that. Protect the ball, eat up yards and time, etc.

Any actual answers to those questions?