Burn the 2023 Witches vol.IV - This is the song that really nerver ends

Godwin, Butler, McAllister, and Duke had decent games. They were the only ones.

I won’t blame Powell for this mess, he did better than I expected. The CFL game has evolved past the QBs being pylons in the pocket. He had a few opportunities to extend drives with his feet, and never did until the 4th quarter. And gee - look what happened when he did…

A Defence that cannot defend.

An Offence that is truly offensive.

An O-Line that’s as useful as wet toilet paper.

Tacklers that cannot tackle.

Receivers who cannot make receptions when the ball hits both hands.

Bad penalties to extend drives.

Predictable Offensive play calling.

A QB who seems incapable of running 5 yards.

A receiver, Smith, who got blown-up at least twice blocking.

Two Tackles beaten like govenment mules on the same play.

We get to 2nd and goal, and Revenberg takes a 15-yard Misconduct penalty. As @Count_Floyd1 said in the PBP thread, his worst game as a Ticat. He’s been rock-solid since we drafted him, so this is an anomaly.

Asinine holding penalties behind the returner.

Too many men penalty, JUST after Toronto did the same thing. Mark Washington failure there.

It took until the 4th quarter, but Powell finally ran the football for a FD and later a TD. Of course we miss the convert…

The entire Defence, aside from ONE hit by Edwards, hasn’t realized that in ofter to tackle Ouelette, you HAVE to take him out at his knees.

We score a TD, and allow Toronto to walk right down the field for a TD. No killer instinct, piss-poor coaching.

McAllister had a great return, and there was a VERY nifty on-side punt, but other than that, ST coverage and blocking was horrible.

There was very little pressure on Kelly by the D-line or LBs.

I have absolutely no hope for this team under current leadership. Everything from talent evaluation, to contract structure, to the coaching has been nothing but abject failure over the past three seasons. Aside from a few individuals, there seemed to be a total lack of effort by the majority of the team, no matter what the paid mouthpieces on the Ticats Audio Network say.

This team looks defeated. They looked defeated as soon as they stepped on the field. If that is not a reflection of their Head Coach, I don’t know what is. how many times have we seen the Tiger-Cats start a game totally flat under Orlondo’s tenure? I actually think that 2019 was the anomaly, because we have seen three years of sub-.500 football with this spineless LOSER of a human on the sidelines and in the President’s seat. The sooner the team rids itself of him the better.


Funny how Edwards is our best player on defense. Loving the play of Butler and Duke. Powell shows promise.


Butler plays hard Ticat football. One of few bright spots.


What, exactly, IS “Ticat Football” these days?

This team will go nowhere with the current regime. Orlando is the worst coach ive seen here, id rather Austin be back than continue with this useless coaching staff. They are zero idea of how to utilize the skill set of play makers. The defence is Swiss cheese. Disgusting


A lot to agree with except the statement about three years of sub 500 football. There has been one season of sub 500 football since 2019 (2022) and we’re off to a rather ugly 2-4 start that feels hopeless but is still 6 losses away from being a sub 500 season.


The entire organizations is horrible. In 2022; instead of building the team; they cheapened out and lost the season; In 2023, they thought they could throw some money at the team and magically all would be great.
It took Argos 3 years to build the team and even after their QB quit on them; they haven’t skipped a beat.
Ticats brass needs to learn something…maybe hire pinball.


2021 - 8-6.
2022 - 8-10.
2023 - 2-4.
That’s a total of 18-22, which is sub-.500 football to MY math…

The only “Ticat brass” who can actually DO anything is Scott Mitchell or the rest of the ownership group - ever since Orlondo conned them into giving him authority over all things Football.


This Oline wont give him anything against good defenses so catch and run has to be utilized far more,

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In Year 20 of the “5 Year Plan” the Hamilton Tiger-Cats are:

139 wins 186 losses 1 tie

Trust the plan…


Duke Williams. Almost single handedly stopping this rec corps being even more ridiculously easy to defend against on second and long than last year.


Did Timmeh get any more touches/targets than that ill-advised play in the backfield and the two incompletions in the end zone?

One would think that a 1000-yd receiver could, I don’t know, GET OPEN once in a while? If anyone was at the game could report, did ANY of our receivers look open on any plays? It may not have mattered, since Powell didn’t seem to have much time in the pocket, but there were times he held on a little too long.

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Cats did do fairly well the second half… until the last 3 minutes. Perhaps start the games at halftime?

Anyone else notice the officiating team was one official short, at least part of the game?

I don’t know if it was the whole game or just the second half but I noticed early in the third quarter there was a missing deep sideline official. The deep official that was on the field occasionally changed sides but they were definitely missed an official.

I thought games usually had one replacement official available in the event of an injury… not that it mattered as there were many non-calls by officials who were on the field :slightly_frowning_face:


Not sure he conned them. They seemed to willfully hand it out.

But…we have the BEST All-Star injury list in the league! Heck, we would win the Most Outstanding Injured Player Award easily.


[quote=“DisplacedCatsFan, post:1, topic:87146”] how many times have we seen the Tiger-Cats start a game totally flat under Orlondo’s tenure? I actually think that 2019 was the anomaly, because we have seen three years of sub-.500 football with this spineless LOSER of a human on the sidelines and in the President’s seat. The sooner the team rids itself of him the better.

Don’t worry my friend. Good 'ol Stein, Washington and Condell won’t be coaching here next year. Can’t wait 'til the day that they announce their firings. :clap:

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What a novel concept: put the $$ towards new coaches instead of new players.

Stein fooled just about everybody. Old CFL argument : Recycling experienced head coaches vs “bright young football minds”. We lost this round.


I was not expecting much tonite. I was hoping they would be competitive and show some toughness. I thought they did a bit of both. Penalties did not help.

Playing with a 3rd string rookie QB starting his first pro game - not exactly an ideal situation for any CFL team.

Godwin, Butler, Duke and McCalister had good games. Defence played pretty good for 90% of Toronto’s snaps. They just let a few big passes and some long runs get past them.

It is what it is. We are not good. Hope BLM comes back soon and shows he still has something to show us. Otherwise it’s going to be a struggle this year.