Burn the 2023 Witches vol.IV - Embarrassing

Bye week.
Offensive Coordinator change.
Playing an 0-9 team with them on a short week.
Lose by 14 points.

The wrong coach was fired. The Defence couldn’t get themselves off the field, yet the OC was canned.

Hannibal of Carthage had 39 Elephants with him to cross the Alps. El Presidente must have every single one of them in the room.

His decision to kick a FG with 9 seconds left in the half is the most, absolutely, embarrassingly gutless call I have seen with this team.

Liegghio was, frankly, crap tonight. Yes, he had a new holder, but still. He left 9 points on the field, but the team lost by 14.

The team has to travel to BC next week, so I’m not holding out any hope for a win out there. At least it won’t be at 10:30pm in the Eastern time zone.

This was a disgusting display of football. The sooner El Presidente is kicked out the door the better.


It was inevitable. This team is complete trash. O has to be fired. He’s a terrible HC and have proven over the last 2 seasons he sucks and will never get better.


Not surprised at all we lost. No chance with the pitiful game planning this joke of a staff comes up with.


There’s really no point in pretending this is going turn around this year.

Stick a fork in the 2023 Hamilton Tiger-Cats because they’re done.

Frankly, the entire coaching staff should be fired right now and use the rest of this year as a talent evaluation session for next year. Of course, they’ve proven to be totally incompetent at that for years.

When is the trade deadline because we can start dumping salary ASAP.

For the fanbase, time to make the huckster owner we have pay for the disaster he seems to be the “caretaker” of. Make Tim Hortons Field empty for the rest of the year. Maybe then he’ll get the message and either commit to winning or sell his portion of the team and leave. I’m OK with either outcome…


I’ve been against mid season coaching changes.

It’s time.

Stein shouldn’t get the privilege of being the HC of the Ticats for one more game.


Early in the first half when we were down, I noticed Taylor Powell off to the side stretching. Why is he not talking to coaches or looking at I-pads etc. just on his own off to the side…wtf


But who do you bring in as interim head coach? Washington should be gone too. Milanovich is already trying to revamp the offense – too much on his plate midseason. And no one’s going to make Jeff Reinebold even an interim HC.


We shouldn’t we this bad with the talent we have.

The Dline should be dominating.

The linebackers should be filling the gaps.

Our secondary shouldn’t be this bad.

Why are you asking the defensive halfbacks to drop deep in the endzone?

Why are recievers dropping easy balls?


It really doesn’t matter at this point. There’s no salvaging this train wreck. As I said, clean house now and use the rest of the year as a talent evaluation session…


Being a HC and OC is not too much. The season is over. The answer is to make Milo HC/OC and Washington can stay to coach the D. He might as well see what we have if he’s interested in staying on without the cloud of Stein around.

I don’t even know if that’s the long term answer but I know Stein isn’t.

Many HC call plays.


Or should one of the defensive position coaches take over as DC?

Honestly, who cares. Washington won’t be here next year. He can be a warm body and lead this joke of a D

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Just an embarrasing organization from top to bottom . I am done.


He should’ve been let go years ago but there is no defending that end of first half call.

If hes not gone tomorrow, then its painfully obvious that bob young doesn’t give a damn about this team.


Bob Young does not give a crap about whether the Tiger-Cats win or lose…

He’s interested in taking peoples money from them…

Don’t let him do that to you…


Washington has proven himself to be absolute garbage . He was absolute garbage when we hired him from BC and he is still garbage now . I honestly would not trust this guy to coach a Pee-Wee team defense to be honest .


Listening to Steinauer polish this turd on the shill network right now…


Our two O-Line Tackles are completely useless. On almost every play they got beat and Powell was either sacked our flushed out of the pocket.

Liegghio needs to be cut tomorrow.


I’d love to see a fresh face as a HC, bring in a guy like Corey Mace who’s running a solid defense in Toronto. Let him hire one of his defensive staff to be the DC.

Have Milanovich stick around as the OC if he’s so inclined.

Bring Jim Barker back into the fold.


Washington’s Defence is and has always been pathetic. He needs to go.

Condell needed to go…and thankfully is gone.

Now…Orlondo has to go. Now.

We have good players. They are poorly coached. Period.