Burn the 2023 Witches vol.III - Groundhog Day

We were destroyed in all three phases of the football game - Offence, Defence, and Special Teams.
With @ExPat suggestion, I made hashtages for all of them:

Here are my game thoughts:

Bomb to White - looking promising on the opening play.
Overthrow on TD attempt.
Bomb #2 to White.
Drop by Sindani forces another FG.
Sartor playing like a rookie.
George being picked-on.
Intereior D-line being pushed around in 1st q.
Zero blocking on punt/kick returns, but no penalties so far. even trade? #ReineboldSpecialTeams
Rookie/backup o-line issues.
MTL punt return TD to end the 1st #ReineboldSpecialTeams
2nd and 20 - 23-yd completion over the middle for MTL from their own 10… #WashingtonDefence
Our DBs are horrible. Can’t cover, can’t tackle. #WashingtonDefence
2nd-and-9 and he scores from midfield. #WashingtonDefence
Can’t convert on 2nd down. O-line terrible, Shiltz getting hammered.
No pressure on Fajardo.
The D simply cannot tackle.
BAD interception inside 3 minutes.
My wife is seeing a lack of effort by the players - for all games this year.
ST kick/punt coverage sucked ass. #ReineboldSpecialTeams
Down 21-9 at the half. MTL scoring TDs while we score FGs. #CondellOffence
Trading FGs for TDs is not a way to win games.
28-12 after 3 quarters.
A failed challenge on a potential RTP call, and then a failed TD attempt on third down. Pathetic. A corner fade with no receiver within 20 yards.
Having your primary returner also being your starting DHB seems to be a poor idea.
Terrible pass on 3rd down for a Pick-6.
Stanback running roughshod in the 4th quarter. Not surprising at all.
This team is completely incompetent and pathetic, and it’s all on Orlondo.s head.


And then Edwards being a complete prick at the end of the game too.
I hope he gets suspended for that garbage.


Same old, Same old. Management is the issue, until there is a major fix nothing will change. It now has become comical and predictable.


This team is lost.


Start Cross next game and sit Edwards.


I predict we lose next week, and we’re on a bye…


There’s really nothing to add here. This team is simply nowhere near ready or anything resembling a championship run let alone a playoff spot. Dunigan just said James Butler had 30 yards on 6 carries. What’s the point of even lining u a running back if that’s all your going to do with him??? Condell’s Offensive “philosophy” is objectively terrible…


I pointed out the Butler signing in the off season why not keep hills? And I got flak for stating that!


Suspended ?!?!? He should be Will Hilled after that absolute BS .
Send his ass packing after that nonsense . No need for that …PERIOD !!!



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The only thing worse than sitting through that game was the rain. Or maybe it was a good diversion. Anyway, I hope they use the bye week wisely.

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Agree. Condell IS offensive.

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Remember our coaching staff thought Edwards would be a good hire.

This is our coach.



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Our coach and pres is 100% lost.

A complete gonner.


-QB: BLM and Shiltz… doesn’t matter. We don’t have a QB

-O Line: Always hurt, constant turnstile, overpaid, overrated

-Receivers: Pretty good. Making some nice grabs on bad passes. Getting open and not being hit by aforementioned crap QBs

-D Line: Athletic and big. Should be doing better damage but the schemes are junk. Almost always a bull rush. No stunts, no variants. Tough to judge.

-D Secondary: A joke. An absolute joke. Playing so far off the ball it looks like a constant prevent. Never seen a worse secondary in my life. No hyperbole. WORST SECONDARY OF ALL TIME.

-Special teams: Meh. Probably sub-meh. But the rest of the team is so bad that the below average special teams appears average.

-Coaching: The worst in the CFL, bar none. The team is never prepared. The schemes are vanilla and predictable. The coach won’t challenge when he should and challenges when when he shouldn’t. Casual fans know the game better than the coaches.

-The owner: COMPLETELY AT FAULT. It starts at the top. Bob has let cancer infest this franchise and now it’s too late. Orlondo is in full control. You fire him, you need 3 people to replace him (AND FOR THE RECORD I AM OKAY WITH THAT). But Bob is A COWARD. He will let this team sink to the bottom provided kids show up to get their faces painted and rich Ancaster people buy season tickets.

This franchise is in trouble. I will not watch another game while this regime is in place. This team could very easily go 0-18. What a joke. Wake up, Bob. REBUILD FROM SCOTT AND ORLONDO DOWN. Grow a pair. Or sell the team.


I don’t know about that. I don’t think there is anything worse than sitting through that. They have not even been close to being competitive in any of the 3 games. The comeback against Winnipeg was mostly a result of the Bomber’s turnovers - the final result flattered us.

Not only is this team quite possibly the worst in CFL history, but we also have to endure horrendous officiating. FOUR missed roughing the passer calls. And even WORSE THAN WORSE is that our head coach didn’t challenge, but challenges an un-winnable call later.

I can’t and I WON’T watch anymore. This team has drained me and this league can f**k off. Good luck to the cities that have owners that try to win. I’ll be waiting for NFL. I will come back if Hamilton purges from Scott Mitchell down. Until then, buh-bye CFL and TSN. Saves me $20 a month.


Had some of the passes connected the game woulda been closer. Shiltz doesn’t get enough 1st team reps, or live game playing time, so I’m not gonna beat him up here. Of course the 2 picks to the same spot costing 2tds, and punt return td (that shoulda been called back on illegal block) were killers. While ALL the coaches game plans were bad, poor execution made it all worse. I suspect the missing starters woulda made a big difference, but thems the breaks. Then again, the healthy team played badly before tonight, didn’t they, which points more to the game plans being ineffective (and lack of halftime adjustments) - ahem, coaching issues.

0-3 is a clue that the team pretty much stinks, and won’t win enough games to even finish with a playoff spot in a cup hosting year. :pleading_face:

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The troubling part is that no matter what cover package they were in, they couldn’t get the job done. Man press, soft zone, combo coverage, they just weren’t up to it. I think Orlondo has to go get help in the secondary now. Through three games, they just aren’t getting it done. As much as I like Austin Mack (as an Als fan), there is no way he should have been able to bounce off that Hamilton defender and sprint into the end zone for his first TD. Good form tackling at the point of the catch and that’s a first down, not a major.

This is part of why I have some difficulty pinning the blame solely on Mark Washington. I just don’t think Hamilton’s DBs are good enough.