Burn the 2023 Witches vol. II - Scratched Record

From my opening post in the PBP thread:
"If Hamilton plays the way they did last week, I predict another loss.

If BLM plays the same way he did last week, he deserves to be banched for the game. The question is, will Stein have the stones to do so.

Our primary returner and DB is out with an undisclosed condition.
We are starting two raw rookies at CB - something ANY team will exploit.
Our placekicker has disappeared into the ether and is on the suspended list with no explanation.
We are dressing only 6 O-linemen. One would think that is a bad decision since we lost TWO of them last week to injury.

Frankly, with what we saw last week, I’m not too hopeful for a win, despite the turnover in personnel in Toronto.

Maybe one of these decades the team might actually start the season prepared to win football games…"

Let’s parse this, shall we?

Line 1 - correct.
Line 2 - correct, but he had to leave due to injury, not Orlondo rightfully benching him.
Line 3 - DBs needed help, because they were horrible. Gallimore can be our permanant returner.
Line 4 - yup, cost us BIG time.
Line 5 - Legghio never saw the field as of the 4th quarter - until he screwed-up an onside kickoff.
Line 6 - We had 2 O-linemen go down. Bit us in the ass again.
Line 7 - yup.
Line 8 - still waiting…

The $1.5M man BLM is worse than Arbuckle and Cornelius at this point. I have yet to see ANY evidence of his so-called “leadership” or “back to 2018” abilities.

I’m now calling him “Jason Maas 2.0”, or JM20 for short. Broken goods, and now it looks as if he might have a major injury.

We’re in Year infinity of the Mark Washington Defence Era. It has been at least four years too long. The man is incapable of putting together a capable squad.

There’s a saying in Major League Baseball: “You can’t win a Pennant in April, but you sure can LOSE one”. Same thing in the CFL. Two points at the beginning of the season are the same as tow points at the end of the season. We have lost out on four points so far.

Again, there were too many boneheaded major penalties. Speaks to team “culture”.

This “team” is looking like another double-digit losing team that won’t make the playoffs - IN A YEAR WE ARE HOSTING THE GREY CUP!!!

Seriously - was there ANYTHING to praise this game?


Well…We’re an average 8win/10 loss team in the Bob Young era.

Looks like we’re right on schedule.

Isn’t this Year 20 of the “5 Year Plan”???


Condells got to go!


Reinebold‘s face palm said it all tonight.


Could we just have one year without a QB controversy? I’ll be quite happy to see Schiltz start this week. No chemistry issues there.


Coaching aside for the moment…This regime is incapable of building an above average roster. Time to start accepting some hard truths.


And they seem incapable of finding suitable replacements or knowing when players are past their prime.


TOR scored 14 points off of BLM interceptions in the end zone.
That’s two 80-yd drives.
Add a 95-yard drive for a TD as well.
This team has neither an offence nor a Defence.

Remind me again who “built” this team? Or at least who is RESPONSIBLE for it?

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How about signing/extending players the KNOW will start the season on the 6-game?

I was getting the same Maas vibes from BLM. Shades of the aughts Hamilton teams that threw desperate money at over-the-hill “name” QBs instead of building the right way.


Yep. Condell needs to go. He’s such a bad coordinator his offense gave up 74 points in 2 games.


The bold part especially. The core of the team has aged since that 15-3 season. Either they’re too loyal to some of the longtime vets or they have trouble knowing when to move on from a player.


Except Maas looked great in the playoffs with Edmonton the year before. There have been questions about BLM.

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Orlondo had NO qualms for benching Dane Evans for poor play. He obviously doesn’t have the spine to do that to his $1.5M man. He’s a complete joke of a coach and an even worse President.


I don’t know that he’s the problem - Schiltz certainly looked good in his offense. There is definitely a management problem, just not sure Condell is it.

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Only in two playoff games, though He was Ray’s backup for the rest of that year and he didn’t win the actual Cup. Coming off the bench isn’t the same as leading the team.

I do agree that there have been questions about BLM. Dave Dickenson is a smart guy. If he moved on from his franchise QB in the middle of last season, it was for a good reason.

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My guess is Schiltz gets the start this week. The injury to BLM is a convenient excuse.


I think you missed the sarcasm…

Washington’s defence is what @Crash was referring to.


Ha, now I see that! Time for me to go to bed.


Sorry - one last point - Toronto is an excellent team. They look better than they did last year. Even if the Cats improve they will be hard pressed to beat the Argos.