Burn the 2023 Witches vol. I - Same As It Ever Was

Could it possibly be coaching :thinking:…hmmmmmm?


If we don’t fix our secondary and pass rush , it won’t matter. We’ll lose every game 56-49.
Hopefully we will be OK.
My 3-3 after 6 game prediction, doesn’t look so crazy any more.


You can’t fake like you are going down to give up the single because the defense backs off. I do understand that call.
As for bad officiating? they had to call that body belly flop, the refs should’ve thrown him out of the game.
The offensive interference call wasn’t even close, he threw the defender to the ground to stop the int.
The defensive pass interference was blatant.
Don’t really see how the officiating was comical.

But I do think the CFL refs should be more like NFL refs, back off and let them play. Far too many interference and holding calls that are questionable, grabbing and clutching should be allowed, but grabbing a shirt to stop a receiver or defender should be called.


WPG was outstanding in every phase
They are a powerhouse seasoned veteran team
We were
out offenced
out defenced
and out special teamed (to many penalties)
There is much work to do
The final score was flattering to say the least
Get to work and get a win in TO next week





Evertime our Coaching " breaks the norm" last night ( or last year for that matter) it never seems to work.
Last night for example:
1- That early lost PI challenge
2- Throwing deep on second and short
3- Going for it on 3rd and 10 in the 4th when we need a field goal anyways.
Dear Ticat coaches,
Just play solid and logical football. Stop trying to force it or " suprise" the other team. Pretend you’re coaching a high school team for a minute and just play the game.


The FG was puzzling. You need both. WPG likely takes it on the 35 with about 3 mins left. If you come down and score a TD you’re likely now In onside kick territory. Very weird decision.

with Small skipping camp maybe he felt he didn’t have it in him, however O’Shea had no issue sending out Castillo for a 51 yarder to make it a 2 score game.


The bombers have what, 44, 47 returning players? Collards has well established chemistry with his receivers and it showed.

Horrible first half! The lack of chemistry between BLM and White was laughable. It’s like they’d never met before kick off.

The fourth quarter showed what this team is capable of and did they actually made half time adjustments? I think they did.

I’d grade the performance this way:

Special teams: A+

good returns out to the 50, a blocked punt for a TD and that great forced fumble in the fourth. There was the almost fumble in the fourth

O-Line: B-

The pass blocking was good, and they held up well against the best D Line in the league. Figueroa looked good with the glaring exception of the sack on 3rd and 10. They need some time to gell, but I think they’ll get there. Woodsmansy’s two procedure calls stand out. Hopefully Saxelid isn’t injured.

Running Game: B-

Butler looks good. A better back than we’ve had in a while. Needs to hold onto the ball.

Receivers: C-

Duke lost out on two jump balls. He needs to get most of those. Smith looked good as did Ternowski. White and BLM need to get on the same page. That was wildly frustrating to watch all the missed passes.

D Line: B

They looked better in the second half, Teddy looks healthy and fit and J’Gared looked fit as well and was dropping back into coverage like the old days.

Linebackers: C

No sacks, little pressure. But overshadowed in my mind by the DBs poor play in the first half.

DBs: D

Picked apart in the first half at will. Adeleke had what felt like his worst game as a ticat. They need to be better.


Again the lack of chemistry with White and Williams was frustrating. Let’s hope it is chemistry and not BLM having lost his touch on the deep ball. He was able to connect on the short passes to the secondary receivers. The timing was repeatedly off on the deep ball. He looked composed throughout the game, confident and focused. No panic.


You’re being way too kind. We got rid of the last 2 QBs for silly INTs and fumbles. If that’s Masoli or Evans we’re losing our minds with panic. It’s ok to play the chemistry card and I still have confidence BLM will be fine, but that’s not a B… It’s a D-


Hopefully Figueroa doesn’t have lingering injury issues because if we have to go with two unproven tackles things could get uglier real fast.

Not the first time a guy playing his first game at corner gets torched. George Jr. might settle out but maybe we could dress one extra db if these guys are having a rough night? Not to mention the possibility of Woods getting injured doing double duty as a returner.


Oh I’ll take BLM even after last night over Evans or Masoli. I think we got rid of Evans for silly INTs, Fumbles and a complete lack of confidence. I say B because because some of the blame has to be on the receivers, no?


It’s not about who we would rather have, it’s about evaluating his performance. The INT was 100% his fault, and the fumble was 100% his fault. (The sack wasn’t, but it’s his job to protect the football).

I can blame receivers when it’s clear they’re not on the same page, but we had 4 (by my count) wide open guys running down the field and he flat out missed them. That can’t be on the WR.

So he turned the ball over twice and missed easy throws (by his standard).

If that nameplate said Adams, Cornelius or Fajardo would you give it a B?


Yeah those were the types of plays I was excited to see him making and part of the reason they signed him. He was in position on a couple of those throws in the second half (one was the 2-Pointer) and Holm made nice plays getting his arm in and breaking them up. Regardless, Duke needs to come up with those. Only caught the 2nd half but Godwin looked good to me - he might be our prime target next week if White and Bayless are out. Won’t matter though if Bo
Can’t put the ball on target.


Maybe my grade is inflated because of a decade of terrible brain cramps from Masoli and Evans, for example, the sacks for 20 yard losses. At one point when BLM was throwing from his own end zone I thought to myself “at least I know he’s not going to hit the upright”.

It is a fair comparison to look at the other QBs who are with new teams and didn’t have the chemistry issue.


A memory just popped into my head. I know it was Proulx, and I think it was HAM @ OTT 2021.

OTT was pinned deep and their punter was standing in his own end zone. Perfect time for a safety.

Proulx had left his mic on, and said to the punter right before the snap: “Are you going to punt it?”

For whatever reason, in that one situation, he wants to know in advance what is going to happen.

When Adeleke surprised him he wouldn’t stand for it and shut the whole thing down.

That wasn’t the only time he was run through and left checking for his athletic supporter. I recall, at least, one other time, in the first series of the second half, when Mitchell fumbled, when hit, turning the ball over in HAM territory.

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Well I noticed Adeleke there so once he saw #2 he should have realized it. Having said that, Adeleke should also know to walk over to Proulx (who is 5 yards away) and say “I’m gonna kill some time”. It only helps him

Not that it matters, but I had a bad feeling about this game. I’ve gotten this vibe before and it came to pass many times. So, I didn’t watch it. I tuned in a couple of times to get the score and seeing that didn’t encourage me to stay.

Over this past winter and spring, I tried but just can’t get excited about the CFL this season.

I usually make a couple of home games and even the playoffs, didn’t get to one.

This game isn’t helping…

TSN is replaying it today. Knowing what happened, I just can’t punish myself to see it.

Imagine if you didnt know a thing about either team then watched the game then were asked which team had 3 GMs.

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